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  1. math

    60% chocolates in a CADY chocolate box are round shaped and rest are square shaped.30% of the chocolates are in that box are both round shaped and has a peanut inside.Ryan bought a round shaped chocolate of CADY chocolate box from a shop.Then what is the
  2. Chemistry

    Take a look at the following uses of the term entropy by several historical figures: Anton Chekhov considered by some as being one of the greatest short story writers said, "Only entropy comes easy." Vaclav Havel, playwright and the first president of the
  3. Chemistry

    Which of the following is a correct statement about collision theory? A. All collisions lead to chemical reactions. B. Most collisions lead to chemical reactions. C. Very few reactions involve particle collisions. D. Effective collisions lead to chemical
  4. Algebra

    How high is a tree that casts a 22 from shadow at the same time that a 4 ft fence post casts a 4 ft shadow the trees height is
  5. Physics

    a 4,500 kg roller coaster starts from the top of a 45 m hill with a velocity of 3m/s. The car travels to the bottom through a loop and continues up the next hill. The end of the roller coaster has a level surface that is 4m off the ground. Assume that


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  1. English

    so are these right or no...
  2. Stats

  3. Statistics

  4. More math

    They are all right good job
  5. Physics

    i keep getting the incorrect answer.