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  1. social studies

    What is the order in which the caste system has changed in India? Place the first development at the top and the most recent developments at the bottom. 1. Castes are rigid and inflexible; people are born into a caste and cannot leave it. 2. Discrimination
  2. Math

    Determine whether the following individual events are overlapping or​ non-overlapping. Then find the probability of the combined event. Getting a sum of either 4​, 9​, or 10 on a roll of two dice
  3. Social Studies

    How did the location of Constantinople help it grow wealthy and prosperous?
  4. ELA

    What is the BEST description and explanation for the underlined word in this sentence? The barking dog woke the entire neighborhood with his incessant noise. A) Barking is an adjective form being used to modify the dog. B) Barking is a verb form being used
  5. chemistry

    The density of Al is 2.7g/cm3. Express the density of Al in Kg/m cubed
  6. Accounting

    Based on the current economic situation, what economic factors should the company analyse to improve its sustainability in the marketplace?
  7. math - factoring

    I'm having some trouble factoring a problem. It's 75x^2 - 27 I know I can first factor out a GCF of 3 which leaves me with 3(25x^2 - 9) This seems to me to be a differences of squares but I cannot figure out what to do next. Thank you.
  8. math

    Could you please explain how to scale up? I have something that is worth 110 points that needs to be scaled up to 200 points but I'm not sure how to do it. Thank you.
  9. math

    Write 523,582,900,000 in scientific form Is it 5.235829 x 10^-11? Thank you.
  10. math

    If a scientists is looking at a circle of 1.15 millimeters in diameter, how much of the circle can he see in centimeters?
  11. math

    I'm a little confused about the different kinds of equations - what is the difference between exponential and quadratic, and exponential, quadratic, and linear?
  12. english

    23. The gerund phrase in the sentence below is used as a ___ Everyone enjoys watching a dolphin show. a. subject. b. direct object. c. predicate nominative. d. predicate adjective. struggling with this one
  13. History

    For my project we have to make a claim based off of how our country (mine is Libya) has been impacted by religion. Is this a solid claim: Because of Libya’s transitional government, Mummer al Qaddafi came into power, leading the Libyan people in a
  14. Economics

    Why did John Mayard Keynes decide to become an economist/ financial guru, apart from his interest?
  15. History

    What are 2 possible economic theorists/ financial gurus I can compare with opposing views? One favouring fiscal policy while other favouring laissez faire?
  16. math

    Lee has a 1 1/2 pound supply of Kitty Biscuit Treats. Each day he gives his kitten 1/8 pound of the biscuits. For how many day will his supply last?
  17. Grammar

    What part of speech is love in this sentence " I love playing in the rain"
  18. Islam

    why is religion considered a source of political belief in the Middle East
  19. Legislation

    fact that compares and contrasts the 50 state legislatures. We know that no two legislatures are the same, so they differ in many ways. The information you bring can be in a chart, in text or any format that shows the distinctions. Examples could include
  20. History

    Objectives of the Camp David Accord. Did the US improve its relationship with the Arab World?
  21. english

    In what mood (or case) are the following sentences? 82. Zach wishes that he didn’t live in a small apartment. A: indicative mood B: imperative mood C: subjunctive mood D: none of the above 83. He uses headphones when he practices at home. A: indicative
  22. Multivariable calculus

    Hello, I have the next exercise about chain rule in multivariable calculus: I have to show that the differential equation: y(dz/dx)-x(dz/dy) = (y-x)z can be change to the equation: (dw/dv) = 0 using the new variables: u= (x^2)+(y^2) v = (1/x)+(1/y) w =
  23. Math

    Depreciation on a 2014 25 ft boat bought for $70,000 in latrine November 2014?
  24. science

    what measures the quantity of matter
  25. government

    Which event from The Odyssey best highlights the idea that the ancient Greeks greatly disliked greediness?
  26. algebra

    A custom tshirt company charges a 200.00 set up fee and 5.00 per tshirt. Approximately how many tshirts must be produced so that the total cost per tshirt is 5.33?
  27. Physical Science

    If Argon is 39.948, calculate average at kc mass of argon
  28. math

    Nico invests some money @ 5%, and $2400 less @4%. Investments total $165.00 in intrest in 1 yr. How much did he invest at each rate?
  29. Math

    How to solve | x + 1 |
  30. Just checking Math-Absolute Value

    The equation for "the distance from x to -4 is less than 12" is |x-4|
  31. Trig/PreCalc

    An airplane is flying on a compass heading of 160 degrees at 425 mph. A wind is blowing with the bearing 200 degrees at 75 mph. Find the actual speed and direction of the airplane.
  32. math

    Randy finished the race in 28 minutes and 11.00 seconds. Julie finished 0.08 seconds faster than randy. Pat finished 0.1 seconds faster than Julie. How long did it take Pat to finish the race?
  33. Physics

    You build a loop-the-loop in your backyard. It has a diameter of 3.10 m. a) How fast will you have to be moving at the top of the loop to avoid falling off? The answer I got was 3.90 m/s. Is this correct? b)If you'll be coasting from the time you get to
  34. precalculus

    Use Demoivre's theorem to find the indicated power of the complex number. Write the result in standard form. 1.(3(cos5pi/4+i sin 5pi/4))^8 2.(3-3i)^6
  35. writing

    what is a good grabber for hammurabi law DBQ
  36. Math

    Explain how to do 2/7 + 12/35 ?
  37. Math, Precalc

    (3^x)+(5^{x+3})=(3^{x+4})-(1/3)*( 5^{x+2}). Solve
  38. Math

    4) The sum of an infinite geometric series is 100. The second term of the series is 24. Find two possibilities for a (the first term) and r (the common ratio). b. Given, 5 2 4 a a a    159 and 4 1 3 a a a    265 , find the terms of the
  39. PreCalculus

    A tree grows vertically on a slope which has an incline of 27 degrees. When the sun is at an elevation of 78 degrees, the tree casts a shadow of 48 feet directly down the slope.
  40. Math

    24tenths - 1one 3 tenths
  41. math

    You roll a die. If an odd number comes up, you lose. If you get a 6, you win $54. If it is an even number other than 6, you get to roll again. If you get a 6 the second time, you win $18. If not, you lose. (a) Construct a probability model for the amount
  42. math

    A true-false test consists of 15 items. (a) If Chris does not study at all and guesses each and every item in the test, describe the probability model for the number of correct guesses. each individual question has a probability of 1/2 of being correct so
  43. math

    A true-false test consists of 15 items. (a) If Chris does not study at all and guesses each and every item in the test, describe the probability model for the number of correct guesses. (b) What is the probability that Chris gets 80% or more for the test?
  44. math

    A true-false test consists of 15 items. (b) What is the probability that Chris gets 80% or more for the test? (c) If it is a 25 item true-false test, would you think it is easier or more difficulty for Chris to get 80% or more? (Hint: please calculate the
  45. Math

    1 1/5 a ------ = ----- -6 3/7 4 1/6
  46. Algebra

    A woman can bicycle 66 miles in the same time as it takes her to walk 24 miles. She can ride 7 mph faster than she can walk. How fast can she walk? Using r as your variable to represent the rate at which she walks, write an equation using the information
  47. alg

    in the function f(x)=4(x^2-6x+ )+20 what number will complete the square
  48. help !! chemistry

    H2O(g) + Cl2(g) 2 HCl(g) + ½ O2(g) Heat of Reaction is WebAssign will check your answer for the correct number of significant figures. kJ Changed: Your submitted answer was incorrect. Your current answer has not been submitted. Information: COCl2(g) +
  49. chemistry

    How many joules of heat are removed to completely covert 80.0 grams of water to ice at zero Celcius? For water: c = 4.179 J/g °C Hfusion = 333.528J/g Hvap = 2258.601 J/g
  50. math

    The U-Drive Rent-A-Truck company plans to spend $8 million on 280 vehicles. Each commercial van will cost $25,000, each small truck $30,000, and each large truck $40,000. Past experience shows that they need twice as many vans as small trucks. How many of
  51. chemistry

    Fluorine-20 has a half-life of 11.0 s. If a sample initially contains 49.0 μg of this isotope, how much remains after 66.0 s ?
  52. Technology in the classroom

    What is the ideal computer arrangement to use when you want to integrate computers directly into the classroom curriculum? A. One computer located in each classroom B. One computer that's shared among several classes C. A central computer lab, with one
  53. Math

    Write an expression for this statement: Double 5, then add 63. I don't understand double 5. Does it mean 5 to the 2nd power or 5 +5?
  54. Math

    Can you help with a math word problem on rates and ratios
  55. stats

    It is a multiple choice exam with 12 problems, each problem has 5 options. You need to answer 10 correctly to pass, what is the probability that by guessing you will answer at least 10 problems correctly?
  56. plz check on math 6th grade

    The wheel of a unicycle has a radius of 14 inches how many minutes many rotations does it take for a will to travel 440 inches A.3 B.5*** C.8 D.10
  57. math 5th grade

    Samantha is making some floral arrangements. The table shows the prices for one-half dozen of each type of flower. Price for 1/2 dozen flowers rose : $5.29 Carnation : $3.59 Tulip $ 4.79 part A: Samantha wants to buy 6 roses, 4 carnations, and 8 tulips.
  58. Math

    Four friends share 1/2 of a pan of brownies. If each friend eats an equal portion, what fraction of the pan of brownies will each friend eat? Is the answer 1/4?
  59. psychology

    When researchers find similarities in development between very different cultures, what implications might such findings have for the nature-nurture issue?
  60. Chemistry

    How do I determine the value of the reaction 2HI(g) + 2.4 kcal --> H2(g) + i2(g) delta H = a) 2.4 kcal b) -2.4 kcal c) 0.00024 kcal d) -0.00024 kcal
  61. Chemistry

    How do I determine the value of the reaction 2HI(g) + 2.4 kcal --> H2(g) + i2(g) delta H = a) 2.4 kcal b) -2.4 kcal c) 0.00024 kcal d) -0.00024 kcal
  62. Physics

    Sara dragged a 45N canoe for 36 seconds down the boardwalk. If Sara used 120 Watts of power, how long was the boardwalk?
  63. Eco

    How do you think a nation’s output should be distributed according to income or according to some other standard (such as basic human need)?
  64. help

  65. Math

    I need to create a picture on the computer and plot points using the x-axis and the y-axis. What program would I use to make this?
  66. music

    WHat is the second step in the process of composing a musical soundtrack?
  67. algebra

    I am the middle of 3 numbers whose total is 31. The largest is 3 more than 5 times the smallest. What # am I? 1st number I put as x 2nd number I put as y as long as y> x 3rd number is 3+5x=z X+y+z=31 so when I plug it in I get X+y+3+5x=31. Y=28-6x Now is
  68. Medievalism

    Hi, I need help finding a medieval object that still exist in the modern world.
  69. History

    I need a campaign poster for populist party
  70. Pre-Calc

    The CN Tower in Toronto, Canada, is the tallest free-standing structure in North America. A woman on the observation deck, 1150 ft above the ground, wants to determine the distance between two landmarks on the ground below. She observes that the angle
  71. Math

    Parking in a student lot cost $2.00 for the first half hour and $1.75 for each hour thereafter. A partial hour is charged the same as a full hour. What is the longest time that a student can park in this lot for $8.00.
  72. math

    Bridget ungrouped 5,000 as shown. 5,000-2896=. Use your understanding of place value to explain how the ungrouped number is equal to 5,000.
  73. Phyics

    A particle, which starts from rest, covers a distance of 19.94 cm in the first 8.6 seconds. Find the acceleration (in m/s2) of the particle at the end of 8.6 seconds.
  74. stats

    If a student scored 75 points on a test where the mean score was 83.5 and the standard deviation was 3.1. The student's z score is ________.
  75. Math

    Write each number is scientific notation. 291.7 0.0960 is it 2.917 x 10^ 3 and 9.60 x 10^-2? help!! thanks!!
  76. PHI103

    All Whales are mammals. All mammals have hair or fur. Therefore, all whales have hair or fur. True or False: There is no conclusion in these propositions. True False Don’t worry, when I come back from my trip we’ll be more in love than ever. After all,
  77. algebra (check my work)

    60% of what number is 24? a/w = p/100 24/w = 60/100 24 * 100 = 60* w 2400 / 60 = 60w / 60 w = 40 am i correct?
  78. math

    tell what whole number you can substitute for x in each list so the numbers are ordered from least to greatest. a. 2/x, x/22, 33% b. 1/x, x/8, 33%
  79. Math

    A rectangle has an area of 48 square yards. For what whole number values of length & width will the rectangle have the smallest perimeter?
  80. Math

    The areas of the rectangular faces of the box are shown( 90 in.², 60 in.², & 54 in.²). What is the volume of the box?
  81. Math

    The area of each unshaded rectangle is given (the areas given are ( 30 in.², 45 in.², 72 in.²)). What is the area of the shaded rectangle?
  82. Math

    For what whole number values of length and width will the rectangle have an area of 60 square yards and I'm perimeter of 38 yards?
  83. Math

    An airplane is at an altitude of 10 km. You spot the airplane at an angle of 55 degrees . How far away Is the airplane directly from you? Give your answer to the nearest kilometre.
  84. Math

    If a grasshopper jumped a vertical distance of 1.5 cm and horizontal distance of 8.0 cm,at what angle did it rise from the ground?
  85. Math

    A 6 m ladder is leaning against the wall of a house. The angle between the ladder and the ground is 68 degrees. How far away is the ladder from the wall.? How high up the house does the ladder reach ? Give your answers accurate to two decimal places.
  86. Math

    A 6 m ladder is leaning against the wall of a house The angle between the ladder and the ground Is 60 degrees . How far away is the ladder from the wall? How high up the house does the ladder reach? Give your answers accurate to two decimal places
  87. math

    Terry, Corey, and Chris together made 20 baskets in a basketball game. Terry made 5 more than Corey. Chris made 3 times as many as Corey. How many baskets did they all have?
  88. science

    If I fire three arrows at 20 degrees, 40 degrees and 60 degrees, which arrow will go the farthest?
  89. math

    Find three mixed numbers so that the sum is 18 and the difference between the greatest number and the least number is 5 1/5.
  90. sociology

    what are subtopics for education
  91. sociology

    Talcott Parsons has suggested that with increasing institutional role specialization in modern societies, the family has taken on fewer functions” Based on your experience, apply this functionalist perspective to evaluate the main functions of a
  92. Chemistry

    What volume of .225 M aluminum chloride solution contains 5.0 g solute?
  93. chemistry

    a mixture of NaCl and sucrose that has a combined mass of 10.20g is dissolved in enough water to make up to a 250mL solution. osmotic presdure of solution is 7.32atm at 23℃. calculate the mass percent of NaCl
  94. Statistics

    The time to fly between New York City and Chicago is normally distributed with a mean of 180 minutes and a standard deviation of 17 minutes. What is the probability that a flight is more than 200 minutes?
  95. STATS

    . The time to fly between New York City and Chicago is normally distributed with a mean of 180 minutes and a standard deviation of 17 minutes. What is the z-score that corresponds to a random variable X outcome of 190 minutes?
  96. math

    Eric Rose wants to buy a Ford Explorer that costs $26,000 with an interest charge of $3,000. If there are 50 equal payments required, what will Eric's monthly payment be?
  97. Math

    What are the domain and range for 2(y-1)= - the square root of 1/3x-6
  98. Geometry

    The surface of a cube is painted red and blue, 3 sides of each. The cube is cut into 27 equal sized smaller cubes. Find both answers to the question, "How many cubes have at least 2 sides painted blue?" and "How many cubes have at least 1 side painted
  99. Maths

    Suppose that the reliability of a HIV test is specified as follows: Of people having HIV, 90% of the test detect the disease but 10% go undetected. Of people free of HIV, 99% of the test are judged HIV–ive but 1% are diagnosed as showing HIV+ive. From a
  100. Math

    If the probability of landing on a certain color is p, write an expression for the probability of not landing on that color or the complement. Suppose the probability of p is 1/4. Solve the expression and explain their relationship. The wheel has 4 colors:


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