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  1. Science

    What is the likability of a earthquake and volcanic eruption happening in Minnesota
  2. geometry

    ABC is a triangle with AC=139 and BC=178. Points D and E are the midpoints of BC and ACrespectively. Given that AD and BE are perpendicular to each other, what is the length of AB?
  3. statics

    A bag contains 4 balls, each of which have a positive integer written on it. Let X be the random variable of the value written on a single ball drawn from the bucket. If E[X]=8, what is the maximum possible value of E[X^2]?
  4. geometry (help steve)

    A circle of radius 1 is drawn in the plane. Four non-overlapping circles each of radius 1, are drawn (externally) tangential to the original circle. An angle γis chosen uniformly at random in the interval [0,2π). The probability that a half ray
  5. physics

    An airplane of a certain density and shape flies at a constant speed. To do so, it must fly with a certain velocity v0. If the size of the airplane is scaled up in length, width, and height by a factor of two, it can only fly above a new velocity v1.


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  1. Social Studies

  2. Science

  3. connections Academy sucks

    same I turned in a portfolio and did everything they told me too do and turned it in and then I couldent do my lesson for the next day cause they said I did not do it, I turned in my work and they said "oh it was not good enough do it again" and I had to
  4. Math

    1 because she only has 1 pair of jeans
  5. math

    Nothing is helpful I got 1 13/20