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  1. Math

    In an episode of the Andy Griffith Show, Mayberry resident Frank Myers almost lost his home to taxes owed. Luckily, Sheriff Andy Taylor found an old town bond that belonged to Frank. The bond's original value was $100 paying 8.5% interest compounded
  2. math

    a car was purchased for $12,329 this year. Each year the value decreases 8%. write the exponential equation to model the situation
  3. math

    a technician charges $75.00 for consult plus $35.00 per hour. write an equation for the function. what are the variables represent and find the number of hours if he charged you $285.
  4. college math

    the half life of Uranium -238 is 4.5 billion years and the age of earth is 4.5 X 109 years. What fraction of Uranium-238 that was present when earth was formed still remains?
  5. college math

    a medical institution request 1 gram of bismuth-214 which has a half life of 20 min. How many grams of bismuth-214 must be prepared if the shipping time is 2 hours.


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  1. math HELP!!!!!!

    which ones are wrong?
  2. Math (fractions)

    Did someone find the answer to this problem?
  3. Language Arts 7

    I GOT ALL THEM WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS A LOT!!!!!!! The actual answers for Lesson 5: Second Read: Two Kinds from The Joy Luck Club are 1A 2A 3C 4D 5C
  4. science help PLS

  5. Math

    How did you get Alan's score?