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  1. mathhhhh

    which pair of ratios does NOT form a proportion? A.3/ 5 24/40 B.30/10 15/3 C.9/14 3/4 D.7/12 14/24****
  2. lange arts

    The seven wonders of the world is mostly about which of the following. A.The pyramids of Egypt. B.Architecture around the world. C.Incredible ancient structures. D.Respected building techniques. I think its's B or C
  3. science

    which of the following would decrease the human ecological footprint? 1) using bottled water instead of tap water 2) using public transportation instead of riding in a car 3) buying books instead of borrowing from the library 4) using hot water instead of
  4. Lesson 9: Energy and the Environment Unit Test

    Science 6 A Unit 3: Energy and the Environment test I need help on it all