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  1. Math

    If the days of the year were numbered backward using consecutive numbers (so that December 31 is day number 1), in what month would day number 123 occur? A. August B. July C. March D. September I got September but I’m not sure if that’s the correct
  2. math

    2^99 - (-2)^99 = a. 0^99 b. 2^99 c. 2^198 d. 4^99 is the answer a?
  3. Algebra

    Select Yes or No to state whether each data set is likely to be normally distributed. Please help! the number of coupons used at a supermarket. --> I believe YES. the weights of the pumpkins that are delivered to a supermarket. --> I believe NO. the
  4. AP English

    Plato, Symposium ’He who has been instructed thus far in the things of love, and who has learned to see the beautiful in due order and succession, when he comes toward the end will suddenly perceive a nature of wondrous beauty (and this, Socrates, is the
  5. AP English

    The author uses the indefinite pronoun something in the first sentence because: a. he wants to hook the reader with the ambiguity b. he's imprecise in his thinking c. his style is academic and purposefully obscure d. he does not know yet what the


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  1. Math-age problem

    60 an d 48
  2. math

    sorry its 2^99 + (-2)^99
  3. math

    It is 9/32
  4. triangles quadrilaterals

    The acute angles of the right isosceles triangle are congruent. You rotate the triangle 65∘ counterclockwise about the origin.
  5. english

    i think is d.