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  1. Science

    Doesn't a diploid cell has 46 chromatids and duplicate in to 92 chromotids? why do people say 46 chromosomes in a deploid cell?
  2. Science

    When a wire of 5m and radius 0.5mm is stretched by a load of 49N, the Elongation produced in the wire is 0.1cm.find the energy stored per unit volume of the wire.
  3. science

    many animal foods like meat and fat are high in energy content. Where did this energy originate. explain by referring to food chains.
  4. Science

    What are carbon sources and sinks for (a)The Water cycle (b) The Citrogen cycle (c) The Carbon Cycle
  5. Angela

    What kind of air is above water during land breeze (high pressure or low pressure) What kind of air is above land during land breeze? (high pressure or low pressure)
  6. Chemestry

    Prove basics radical?
  7. science

    some have more than a 100 some hav none
  8. Mali

    Scientists are often eager to learn more about the world around them. What is this attitude called? A. curiosity B. honesty C. creativity D. ethics A?
  9. Science help pleaseeeee?!?!

    A gas has a volume of 4.25 m3 at a temperature of 95.0°C and a pressure of 1.05 atm. What temperature will the gas have at a pressure of 1.58 atm and a volume of 2.46 m3? A. 356°C B. 82.7°C C. 47.5°C D. 321°C
  10. Science

    Which of the following is not a postulate of the kinetic molecular theory? A. The collisions between gas molecules are elastic. B. The energy of a gas molecule is determined by quantum mechanics. C. Gas molecules travel in random, straight paths. D. The
  11. Biology

    If one of your skin cells divides, how many chromosomes will be found in the daughter cells? Number of chromosomes a human cell has before and after mitosis?
  12. Chemistry

    H2S+Is >2HI+S
  13. Chemistry

    I have a gr 10 chemistry unit test coming up can someone please refresh my mind on this unit? and tell me what things i should practice for the test? Tyy
  14. CICI

    How do light microscopes work? Light microscopes use an electron beam to create an image of a specimen. Light microscopes use a combination of light and lenses to magnify a specimen.*** Light microscopes use a tiny tip that traces a specimen, enlarging it.
  15. science

    Should designers of Olympic medals use oxygen (O) to make an Olympic medal?
  16. Science and maybe re

    This isn't really homework, but I thought someone could really help me with this. Did time exist before the Big Bang? I believe in God; if time always existed, why did he make it wait? Looking for a really scientific explanation. Thanks!
  17. Karen Myer

    Which cells identify as the ones most likely to hold the key to increased human longevity and vitality and how might this work? Describe one alternative to cloning that the authors mention
  18. Linda

    What are some arguments against extending human life? Please describe at least 1 concern and 1 objection from your experience.
  19. physics

    define pendulum bob amplitude oscillation
  20. Neuroscience

    Which pattern best reflects the neural basis of memory that occurs during a delayed response task? 1 Neural activity is triggered by the sensory stimulus, persists at a diminished level after the stimulus is turned off, and lasts until the response occurs
  21. Science

    make a paragraph about your favorite thing about winter? someone please help
  22. Science

    Artificial Selection leads to loss of Genetic Variation? or Genetic Equilibrium?
  23. Science

    There is a theoretical protein called largeX that helps to stimulate growth of the body during adolescence. The promoter on the lrgX gene that codes for it is normally able to have a protein bind to it that promotes transcription called largene. Largene,
  24. nature of science

    four forces are being applied to move an object to the left. Force 1 is pushing to the right at 200N. Force 2 is pushing to the left at 500N. Force 3 is pushing to the right at 100N. Force 4 is pushing to the left at 50N. What's the net force acting on
  25. nature of science

    which of the following is Not part of testing a hypothesis? A. reasoning B. modeling D. gathering evidence
  26. nature of science

    which of the following best explains velocity? A.the speed & direction of an object in motion C.only the change of direction of an object in motion D.the direction of an object in motion
  27. nature of science

    Two objects or 5kg to 10kg respectively and they're 10m apart. If the distance between them is increased to 20m, what happens to the gravitational force? A. it decreases B. it is doubled C. it increases slightly
  28. nature of science

    which of the following would increase friction. A.Soap B.water C. sand
  29. science

    Describe three potential extraneous variables in your experiment on whether prayer causes healing
  30. physics

    A 16 lb block rests on a horizontal frictionless surface. A cord attached to the block, running horizontally, passes over a pulley whose diameter is 1 in, to a hanging block weighing 16 lb. The system is released from rest, and the blocks are observed to
  31. physics

    A solid sphere rolls up an inclined plane of inclination angle 35 degrees. At the bottom of the incline, the center of mass of the sphere has a translational speed of 13 ft/s. How far (in feet) does the sphere roll up the plane (distance along the plane)?
  32. physics

    A 13 N force with a fixed orientation does work on a particle as the particle moves through displacement . What is the angle between the force and the displacement if the change in the particle's kinetic energy is (a) +9.19 J and (b) -9.19 J?
  33. CrissyXD

    Question: Name some plant or animal tissues in which mitosis can be observed. I need to name about five but all I know is in meristematic tissues in plants.. please help me to name more! Thanks...
  34. science

    fill in the blanks with these worsd: galaxies gunpppowder guns hubble space telescope mummy sealed tomb the invention of 1990 of the led to the 1996 discovery of new .
  35. chem

    How much energy is required to raise the temperature of 217 g of solid mercury at its freezing point to mercury vapor at its boiling point.
  36. chem

    How much energy is required to raise the temperature of 217 g of solid mercury at its freezing point to mercury vapor at its boiling point.
  37. science

    How much energy is required to raise the temperature of 22.8 g of copper from 30°C to 1250°C?
  38. Science

    What Temperature would you get after the First 5 Minutes of Putting 4 Ices into a 99 degree warm water? After The Second 5 MInutes? YOu Might need to do this experiment at home. But May anyone Please Help and tell me it in Farenheit so i can confirm my
  39. chemistry

    balanced equation: HC2H3O2 + NaOH -> What is the mole ratio of these two substances?
  40. Science

    Name some free Atoms?
  41. Science

    What is the role can play integrated science in primary schools?
  42. Clowney

    A shallow pan and a deep bowl hold equal amounts of salt water. If you left both containers in the sun for a day and then measured the salinity of the water in each, which would be saltier? Why?
  43. karan

    What's in the coke that stops an egg from bouncing ? is it caffeine
  44. science experiment (bouncing egg)

    What's in the coke that stops an egg from bouncing ? is it caffeine
  45. grade5

    5 devices of energy in your home. please tell me. whats the largest source of power in the whole toronto. please help me i`m confused. i cant find good websites.
  46. Science

    Is there anyway I can create something similar to acid rain for my experiments? Thanks ( I was thinking of mixing water with vinegar and leaving it there for few day)
  47. 9th grade

    is electric current shared in a series circuit?
  48. 12th grade

    which of the following contributed most to the fish population dying during the 1970's
  49. 275 science

    Due Date: Day 7 [Individual forum]  Review the following Energy Resource Plan outline: I. Introduction: Provide information about why conserving energy is important. II. Renewable vs. Nonrenewable: Briefly distinguish between these two types of energy.
  50. Population Size

    200- to 300-word response to the following: Explain the four factors that produce changes in population size. Which factors are affecting the population size in the video? What do you predict will happen to the nutria population after all the land is
  51. bob Joe

    38. A box slides down a 30.0 degree ramp with an acceleration of 1.20 m/s^2. Determine the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the ramp. I have no idea how to do this with only knowing the aceleration and the angle. Please tell me how to do
  52. science

    is chloringe flammable is chlorine flammable with a metal?
  53. Amanda

    For Francisco Redi's Spontaneous Generation. Which would be considered the control group of the experiment and which would be the variable group? The jars that were sealed shut and the jars that were left open. which is which? Thanks
  54. science

    Why does the temperature of boiling water remain the same as long as the heating and boiling continue?
  55. kg

    How is wildlife extinction impacting the world? Check these sites.