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  1. Maths

    Parina spends 45% of her money on a dress and 15% on a bag.she had rs2400 left. how much she had at first?
  2. Maths

    Harry has 0.6 of his marbles to his younger bro and 0.5 of the remainder to his cousin. Harry has 36 marbles left. How many marbles did harry have at first ?
  3. Math

    A picture is 42 cm long and 32 cm wide. It has a 5 cm frame around it.all around the picture, 1 cm of the picture sticks into the frame so that the frame can hold it. What is the area of the frame? Plz help
  4. Economics

    In recent years, the governments of the industrially advanced countries have A. discouraged skilled developing countries' workers from emigrating to the industrially advanced countries. B. substantially reduced foreign aid to the developing countries. C.
  5. math

    Find the standard form of the equation of the parabola with the given characteristics. Vertex: (-9, 8); directrix: x = -16


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  1. Math-PLEASE check my answers

    yes i agree
  2. Biology

    a.)Major differences were discovered in the structure and operation of the different species of Monera.
  3. Latin I

    sum= I am
  4. english

    D is the best answer
  5. English

    Each course difference has different answer. There is Standard, Honors and AP English. Therefore, each different set of answers is a different course variation.