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  1. physics

    the movement of a couple of 100N but 2.5m apart is
  2. Computer C++ Programing

    Using the if… else if, write a menu-driven program that permits the user to select one of the metric conversions: Lengths Weights Volumes Areas Use the following conversions: For Length: Inches to centimeter (1 inch = 2.54 cm) Yards to meters (1 yard =
  3. Programing

    Using the if… else if, write a menu-driven program that permits the user to select one of the metric conversions: Lengths Weights Volumes Areas Use the following conversions: For Length: Inches to centimeter (1 inch = 2.54 cm) Yards to meters (1 yard =
  4. math

    the minute hand of a clock is 6cm far does the end of the hand travel is 35minute
  5. Math

    What is the height of an equilateral triangle with a side length of 6
  6. science

    A 40W bulb is switched on. It burns out brighter when it was switched on than a short time later.What account for this change in brightness
  7. science

    Two charged particles are 8.5cm apart .They moved and the force on each of them is found to be tripled .How far apart are they now
  8. math

    Using the vertices: B(-9,1), E(2,3), F(12, -2), G(1,-4). Determine whether BEFG is a rhombus, a rectangle, or a square. List all that apply and show the steps
  9. math

    Determine whether the figure with vertices R (-2, 5); O( 1,3); M(-3, -4); Y(-6,-2) is a parallelogram. Use the Distance and Slope Formulas.
  10. math

    For the following regular polygons, find the following, round to the nearest tenth, if necessary. 1. 24-gon 2. 30-gon 3. Polygon with 40 sides
  11. Science

    How is the equator similar to the prime meridian?
  12. math

    Find the perimeter of the given triangle. Round your answer to the nearest tenth if necessary. ∆BCH, if ∆CBH ∼ ∆FEH, ADEG is a parallelogram, BH = 4, HE = 7, EF = 25, and HF = 24.
  13. math

    Find the equation of the line that passes through (-2,-4), (1,-3) is it y=1/3x + -2 or y=1/3x+-10/3
  14. math

    A=P+Prt solve for t I don't know if it is either t= (a-p)/pr or t=-(1/r)+(A/Pr) or is it a completely different answer? Thank you in advance!!!
  15. Algebra

    a. For the first company, express in words the amount the cab company charges per ride and per mile. Charge per ride: $3 per mile $0.50 b. Write an equation in slope-intercept, point-slope, or standard form. Explain why you chose the form you did.
  16. Math

    You write 5 1⁄2 pages of a report in 2 1/3 hours. What is the average number of pages you write per hour?
  17. Science

    The two variables of interest in this lab are: "percent change in mass" of bag and "sucrose molarity" in the bag solution. On a graph of these two variables, which would be the independent variable, and which would be the dependent variable?
  18. Math

    Show that if the diagonals of a quadrilateral are perpendicular, then its area is half the product of the diagonals. What kind of drawing do I do? And how doI solve this? Thank you!
  19. Arithmetic

    A geometric series has a positive common ratio of r. The series has a sum to infinity of 9 and the sum of the first two terms is 5. Find the first four terms of the series.
  20. Arithmetic

    The sum of three consecutive terms of a geometric progression is 42, and their product is 512. Find the three terms.
  21. math

    Simplify each expression so that no negative exponents appear in the final result. Assume that all variables represent nonzero real numbers. 1. (12k^-2(k^-3)^-4)/(6k^5) 2. (3rs^-2)/(3^2r^2s^-4)
  22. math

    In a random sample of 200 students who were asked their favorite color, it was found that twenty more students liked blue than purple and eight fewer liked green than blue. Find the number of students who chose each color as their favorite. I posted this
  23. math

    Write a system of equations, three equations/three unknowns, that has (1, 2, 3) as the solution. for this can I just write any random coefficient and then put that as equal to 1,2 or 3? or if not what type of math would I use?
  24. math

    In a random sample of 200 students who were asked their favorite color, it was found that twenty more students liked blue than purple and eight fewer liked green than blue. Find the number of students who chose each color as their favorite.
  25. Math

    Of the students in a certain classroom, 9 are in the school play, 12 are in the orchestra, and 15 are in the choral group. If 5 students participate in exactly 2 of the 3 activities and all other students participate in only 1 activity. How many students
  26. Math

    I am 10years old my sister is 4years,in how many years shall i be twice as old as she will be?
  27. Social Studies

    Victory at which Battle convinced the British to help the Americans? I'm thinking its the Battle of Saratoga
  28. Math

    In a circle whose center is O, arc AB contaisn 100 degrees. Find the number of degrees i angle ABO?

  30. maths

    From point AandB on level ground,the angle of elevation of the top of a building are 25degree and 37degree respectively.if |AB|〓57m,calculate,to the nearest metre,the distances of the top of the building from AandB if they are both on thesame side of the
  31. statistics

    a survey from teeneage research unlimited found that 30% of teenage consumers receive their spending money from parttime jobs. If 5 teenagers are selected at random, find the probability that at least 3 of them have part time jobs
  32. Algebra

    1/3 of a number is added to 5. the result is one and half times the original number.find the number.
  33. further maths

    given that p=i+j-2k and q=2i-j+2k.find two vectors m and n satisfying that m is perpendicular to p,n is parallel to p and m+n=q
  34. Surds

    Write (2+3^1/2)^1/2 in the form root a plus root b ..and find a and b
  35. Math

    Austin pays $1.50 per day for high speed internet after paying the equipment fee of $35.00. Identify the constant of proportionality that relates his internet charges (y) to the number of days (x) he has internet.
  36. physics

    (1) a car travelling at a constant speed of 20ms-1 overcomes a constant frictional resistance of 300N. What is the horse power of the engine? ( take 1h.p = 3/4 kw)
  37. Physics

    A tennis ball is thrown with a velocity of 30m/s at an angle of 60^ of the horizontal calculate the time,m/s,and the range
  38. English Beowulf

    How did the culture of Beowulf view pride? Why?
  39. Physics

    The density of copper is 9.8 kilograms per meter cube and the density of gold is 1.9 kilograms per meter cube. When two wires of these metals are held under the same tension, the wave speed in the gold is found to be half that in the copper wire. What is
  40. maths sir-reiny help calculus

    solve the differential equation (x^2-xy+y^2)dy-xydx=0 plz show me working
  41. calculus help me pllllllllllz

    Find out what kind of improper integral is given below §dx/{x^4+4}....?,hence evaluate the integral with upper boundary=infinity lower boundary =0 i need help plz show me full work
  42. maths need help

    the transverse of the conic:3x^2-y^2+2y-1=0 is ???
  43. science

    A concave lens or focal lens 10cm produce an erect image 40cm from the lens .Determine the object distance and magnification.
  44. Probability

    Find the probability that a committee of 10 people chosen from an organization consisting of 40 doctors and 35 dentists will include 3 doctors and 7 dentist. 40c10 + 35c10 not sure what to do after setting it up. Need help
  45. Chemistry

    In the zinc-copper cell, Zn(s) | Zn^+2(1M) || Cu^+2(1M) | Cu(s), which electrode is negative? Cu^+2 Cu(s) Zn(s)*** Zn^+2
  46. Chemistry

    What is the oxidation half reaction for the following equation: Cr2O7^-2 +Fe+2 - - > Cr^+3 + Fe^+3 Cr^+3 - - > Cr2O7^-2 Fe^+2 - - > Fe^+3 Fe^+3 - - > Fe^+2 Cr2O7^-2 - -> Cr^+3***
  47. Chemistry

    What is the reducing agent in the following reaction? 2K + S - - > K2S K*** S K2S None of these
  48. physics

    A piece of copper of mass 40 grams at 20 degrees Celsius is placed in a copper calorimeter of mass 60 grams containing 50 grams of water at 10 degrees Celsius .ignoring heat losses,what will be the final steady temperature after stirring?(specific heat
  49. calculus-help.. .Me

    if y=e^(-kt)[Acosh(qt)+Bsinh(qt)] where A,B,q and k are constant show that d^2y/dt^2+2kdy/dt+(k^2-q^2)y=0 step plz thanks
  50. expansion help

    find the series of the expansion (1+(1/x^3)) help!!!!
  51. physic

    Two forces of magnitude 4.ON ans 7.0N act on a small object b. The angle btw the direction along which the force is 50 degree.determine the magnitude *nd direction of d resultant force on d body b.
  52. physic

    Two forces 5N and 10N act on a body in the direction due North and east respectively at an angle 75 degree. Calculate the resultant force of the inclined angle.
  53. chemistry

    what will haprn if ammonium chloride solution is used to standardize potassium tetraoxamaganate VII solution instead of ammonium iron II sulphate
  54. calculus help

    integrate:dx/(3x^3-5)^3 help plz show step
  55. calculus plz help me

    integrate:dx/((x-1)sqrt(x^2-2) plz show solution i plead
  56. Economics!

    Suppose a chemical company is in a perfectly competitive industry and has a short run total cost curve of TC = q3 + 5q2 + 10q + 10 and a short run marginal cost of SMC = q2 + 10q + 10. At the price of 49, how many will be produced?
  57. math

    calculate the volume of the solid when the composite of a cube of edge is 28cm and the square -based pyramid of it height is 16cm
  58. math

    p=5x3^n can you answer this
  59. math

    make a table and graph each quadratic function. use integers from -3 to 3 inputs 1. y=-x^2 2. y=2x^2 3. y=-8x^2 4. x^2 + 2
  60. Probability

    The letters in the word MATHEMATICS are arranged randomly. What is the probability that the first letter is E? Preview What is the probability that the first letter is M?
  61. Probability

    A computer password is required to be 9 characters long. How many passwords are possible if the password requires 2 letter(s) followed by 7 digits (numbers 0-9), where no repetition of any letter or digit is allowed?
  62. english,maths,chem,phy,bio,agric,civic,etc

    What are the equations of motion.
  63. life orientation

    indetify three courses are interested after grade 12
  64. Math

    How do i solve for b. 5=2pi/b
  65. Math

    How do i find out the sin and cos equation of a sinusoidal graph?
  66. Math

    How do i find "d" and "c" values in y=cos(x+(pi/2)) Base equation is y= A cos B (x +- C) +- D
  67. Math

    How do i find the asymptotes of: y=(1/x-4)+3
  68. Math

    How do i find asymptotes without graphing?
  69. Physics

    How much heat is absorved when a temparature of a piece of iron of mass 0.1kg and specific heat capacity 2*10 rest to power of 2 J/kg/k is rise from 25degree celcius to 75degree celcius
  70. physics

    A stone of mass 0.7kg is projected vertically upward with a speed of 5m/s.calculate the maximum height reached. [Take g=10m/s^2 and neglect air resistance]. "

  72. Science

    A compound on analysis as 87:8% c,12:2%h determine its empirical formular&molecular formular given mass=56gmol
  73. Chemistry

    A compound on analysis as 87:8% c,12:2%h determine its empirical formular&molecular formular given mass=56gmol
  74. calculus

    Find the minimum distance between the curves y=e^x and y=lnx. Hint: Use the fact that e^x and lnx are inverse relationships. I have no idea where to start. Thanks!
  75. math

    The perimeter of a rectangular concrete patio is 38 meters. The area is 90 square meters. What are the dimensions of the patio?
  76. math

    the horizontal,vertical and diagonal columns and rows of a magic square all add to the same sum.use the digits 1-16 one time each to make a magic square
  77. physics

    a car which weight is 1000N is travelling at 90kmn/hr and come to rest in a distance of 50m after applying the brakes. assume uniform acceleration, calculate how large its stopping force was exerted by the friction between the wheel and the road.
  78. Math

    a 6.5 ounce can of tuna for $1.39 or a 3 ounce can of tuna for $0.65. the 6.5 ounce can of tuna costs ________ the 3 ounce can of tuna costs __________ the ______ ounce can of tuna is the better buy
  79. logics in programming

    for A=1 to 30
  80. Elective maths

    A particle P of mass 7kg is suspended by two inextensible strings AP,BP of lengths 40cm and 75cm respectively. The ends, AP of the strings are attached to two point at the same level, whose distance apart is 85cm. Find angle APB and the magnitude of the
  81. physics sl

    A dead dog of mass 2.2 kg and an initial speed of 5.5 m.s-1 slides along a rough horizontal surface and stops after travelling 4.2 m. calculate the frictional force between the dog and the surface (Think of the work the friction has to do to stop the dog
  82. math

    What are the steps to show the quotient in simplest form? 0.000027/0.000009
  83. math

    A certain computer can perform 10^5 calculations per second. how many calculations can it perform in 10 seconds
  84. Chemistry

    If an aquarium tank holds 100 litres of water, calculate how much heat energy would be required to heat the tank from 18.2 Degrees(C) to 32 Degrees(C)
  85. Chemistry

    The solubility of potassium nitrate at 20¡ãC is 340g/litre. How many grams of KNO3 can dissolve in 185ml of water?
  86. mathematics

    A man takes a 500km trip in his car, He rotates his tyres (four on the car and one spare) so that in the end of the trip each tyre has been used for the same number of kilometres. How many kilometres did each tyre cover?
  87. English

    In Fahrenheit 451, what pages are these words found on? I really need help just with this. It would be nice to help me out. Here are the words. Part 1: Abruptly, intact Part 2: certitude, darkling, dispersing, linguists, moor, televisors Part 3: scuttling
  88. Science

    4g of an organic compound gave 2.34g of carbon 0.16g of hydrogen 0.46g of nitrogen 1.04g of oxygen.what is the empirical formula
  89. math

    During the summer holidays,your brother earns extra money mowing lawns.He mows 6 lawns an hour and has 21 lawns to mow.How long will it take him?
  90. math

    A diver on a platform 40 feet in height jumps upward with an initial velocity of 5ft/s. His height in h feet after t seconds is given by the function h=-16t^2+5t+50. a. What is his maximum height? I got 50.39 b. How long will it take him to reach the
  91. Math

    I have the same problem as Marita. Can someone tell us what equation to use. Horizon has a cell phone plan for $28.00 per month plus $.30 per minute with unlimited anytime network minutes and a free flip phone for new customers. How do I put this in an
  92. physics

    isolate for f 1/di = 1/f - 1/do show all the steps pls
  93. physics

    isolate for t s = ut + 1/2at^2 please show all ur steps  
  94. physicss

    state the precision of the measured quantities 1. 0.07 m 2. 908 s 3. 7.60 L 4. 0.005 0 mm answers: 1. 0.01 m 2. 1 s 3. 0.01 L 4. 0.0001 mm i do not understand this , please explain it to me
  95. physics

    state the precision of the measured quantities 1. 353g 2. 6.00cm please explain
  96. algebra 1

    a heavy freight train made a trip of 360 miles, running part of the distance at 54 miles an hour and the rest at 48 miles an hour. if the entire trip took 7 hours, find the distance traveled at each rate
  97. physics

    a force of 1600N is used to push a crate of brick at a rate of 40m/s squard. If the crate weights 150kg, how much do the bricks weight?
  98. math

    Camp Oaks gets 32 boxes of orange juice and 56 boxes o apple juice.Each shelf in the cupboard can hold 8 boxes of juice. What is the least number o shelves needed for all the juice boxes?
  99. math

    There are 6 muffins in a package.How many packages will be needed to feed 48 people if each person has 2 muffins? A.4 B.8 C.16 D.24
  100. math

    If the wheel of a bicycle has a diameter of 60cm, calculate how far a cyclist will have travelled after the wheel has rotated 100 times.


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