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  1. maths~log

    2logxbase5+3logybase3=8 and 6logxbase5+2logybase3=2 solve silmultaneously
  2. maths trig

    A flag in the form of an equilateral triangle is connected to the tops of 2 vertical poles. One of the pole has a length of 4 and the other pole has a length of 3. You also know that the third vertex touches the ground perfectly. Calculate the length of a
  3. calculus help

    if y^3=6xy-x^3-1 show that the maximum value of y occurs where x^3=8+2sqrt(14)
  4. physics sir damon help

    a uniform disk of moment of inertia 75kgm^2 and radius of gyration 3m rotates with an angular velocity of 2rad/s. determine d : mass , radius , angular momentum . . and . . kinetic energy of d disk . . . .
  5. Maths

    A gymnasium is 50m long and 30m broad. A running track 2. 5m wide runs all around it on the inside. Find the area of the track?
  6. Math

    If (3-x)+(6)+(7+5x) is a G.P.Find two possible values for x,common ratio,sum of the g.p.
  7. pchs mankon

    A man make 20 deposit into an account which is set to be in an arithmetic progression if the 11 term is twice the 15 term and the first term is 10000frs a) fine the common difference b) the 11 term
  8. math

    Each side of an equilateral triangle is increasing at a rate of √3 cm/min. find the rate at which its area increasing when its edge is 12 cm long
  9. math

    A square + b square
  10. math

    Log[u/v] × log [s/t]
  11. science

    calculate the number of moles inside a soap bubble 1cm in diameter and 1atm pressure at a temperature of 25 degree celsius.
  12. phy

    A body hangs from a spring balance supported from the roof of an elevator. If the elevator has an upward acceleration of 3ms−2 and the balance reads 50 N, what is the true weight of the body?
  13. phy

    A 150-kg ladder leans against a smooth wall, making an angle of 30 degrees with the floor. The centre of gravity of the ladder is one-third the way up from the bottom. How large a horizontal force must the floor provide if the ladder is not to slip?
  14. phy

    A rope suspended from a ceiling supports an object of weight W at its opposite end. Another rope tied to the first at the middle is pulled horizontally with a force of 30N. The junction P of the ropes is in equilibrium. Calculate the weight W and the tens
  15. phy

    A 50kg boy suspends himself from a point on a rope tied horizontally between two vertical poles. The two segments of the rope are then inclined at angles 30 degrees and 60 degrees respectively to the horizontal.The tensions in the segments of the rope in
  16. phy

    Given three vectors a⃗ =−i⃗ −4j⃗ +2k⃗ , b⃗ =3i⃗ +2j⃗ −2k⃗ , c⃗ =2i⃗ −3j⃗ +k⃗ , calculate a⃗ ⋅(b⃗ ×c⃗ )
  17. phy111

    A truck is moving at a speed of 70km/h. The exhaust pipe above the truck cab sends out a trail of smoke that makes an angle of 20o east of south behind the truck. If the wind is blowing directly toward the east, what is the wind speed at that location?
  18. phy111

    A man leaves the garrage in his house and drives to a neighbouring town which is twenty kilometres away from his house on sight-seeing. He returns home to his garrage two hours after. What is his average velocity from home in km/h?
  19. physics

    A man in a boat moving at constant speed of 60km/h relative to the shore throws an object in the forward direction with a speed of 30km/h. What is the speed of the object as measured by an observer at rest at the shore?
  20. physics

    Find modulus,Direction cosines,Unit vectors of (1)4a-2b+c,(2)a-7b+5c,(3)4a-3b+c.
  21. physics

    Find modulus,Direction cosines,Unit vectors of (1)4a-2b+c,(2)a-7b+5c,(3)4a-3b+c.
  22. Physics

    Three point charges are placed at the following points on the x- axis;+2uc at x=0,-3uc at x=40cm,-5uc at x=120cm.find the force on the -5uc charge.
  23. managerial economics

    Explain why the cost structure associated with many kinds of information goods and services might imply a market supplied by a small number of large firms. (At the same time, some internet businesses such as grocery home deliveries have continually
  24. Chemistry

    A student needs 1.0L of buffer solution with a PH =10.0 .She selects the HCO3^- >CO3^2- buffer system. The K(HCO3^-) =5.6x10^-11 . what is the [HCO3^-]/[CO3^2-]ratio for the buffer?
  25. social studies

    how did the Mediterranean sea affect the people living there? i searched almost all sites and only found stuff about merchants is there any other stuff?
  26. social studies

    for the mount tai part, i have the info already. is there any other reasons? it is in the ancient china ms.sue is the one that answered the ? i need 2-3 more reasons
  27. social studies

    How did mount taishan affect the people living there? what are the three levels at which a geographer might study the world?