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  1. physics

    is it possible for the heat to flow even if the internal energies of the two objects are the same? explain. i said yes because the flow of heat depends on an object's temperature and two objects can have the same internal energy but different temperatures.
  2. physics

    so when a hot object warms a cooler object, temperature does not flow between them. but are the temperature changes of the two objects equal?
  3. physics

    when a hot object warms a cooler object, does temperature flow between them
  4. history

    In 1961, President Kennedy backed an invasion of the island by Cuban refugees in the US; it failed. what does it mean to back an incasion
  5. anatomy

    what's the area behind your knees called
  6. history

    until germany's invasion of poland the democratic nations which had been victorious in world war I had observed all these separate aggressions and done little. the league of nations had all but collapsed in the wake of italy's invasion of ethipia. britain
  7. physics

    a ship sends a snoar pulse of frequency 30kHz and duration 1.0 ms towards a submarine and receives a reflection of the pulse 3.2 s later. the speed of sound in water is 1500 ms-1. find the distance of the submarine from the wavelength of the pulse and the
  8. physics

    a sound wave of frequency 500 hz travels from air into water. the speed of sound in air is 330 m s-1 and in water 1490 m s-1. what is the wavelength of the wave in a)air; b)water
  9. science

    the free-fall acceleration on the surface of the moon is appromimately 1/6 of the free-fall acceleration on the surface of earth. compare the period of a pendumlum on earth with that of an identical pendulum set in motion on the moon