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  1. Math

    I have that 29/35 is painted and 6/35 is left to paint. I also know that 3 5/12qts were used to paint the 29/35. But I do not know how to do the work on how much paint will be needed to finish the 6/35 that is left to paint
  2. english

    true or false: william shakespeare followed the elizabethan structure of a four act play
  3. Statistics

    A coin is tossed 7 times. What is the probability that the number of heads obtained will be between 2 and 4 inclusive? Express your answer as a fraction or a decimal number rounded to four decimal places.
  4. Chemistry

    For the reaction CS2+3Cl2=CCl4+S2Cl2, calculate the percent yield if 719 g of CCl4 are produced when 410 g of CS2 react w/ an excess of chlorine. I have absolutely no clue on how to do this!! If I could get some help that would be great!!
  5. Chemistry 20

    Lab: Determining the Quantity of Vitamin C in Fruit Juice Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, is commonly found in commercial fruit juices and drinks. In this activity you will analyze data collected from a titration analysis of a fruit juice. The


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  1. math

  2. Math

    I got 140.
  3. math help plz?

    Yeah thanks.
  4. math help plz?

    Ok so A? And the difference is 9.
  5. math help plz?

    I "think" that's what he meant. @Katie