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  1. math

    determine the product 800.5*(2*10^6)
  2. math

    a lab has two bacteria cultures. culture a contains 8*10^4 bacteria, and culture B contains 4*10^6 bacteria. how do the two cultures compare in size?
  3. msth

    the mass of earth is 5.97*10^24 kilograms the mass of the moon is 7.34 *^22 kilograms what is the combines mass of earth ad the moon. express your answer in scientific notation
  4. math

    NEED HELP the combines volume of all the tanks at an aquarium is 1.25*10^6 gallons. the aquarium plans to install a new dolphin tank with a volume of 250,000 gallons. what will be the total volume of all the tanks at the aquarium after the new dolphin tank
  5. Chemistry

    A calorimeter, with calorimeter constant 7.31 J K–1, was used to measure the heat of reaction for mixing 100.0 mL of 0.100 M Ag+ with 100.0 mL of 0.100 M Cl–. The temperature change was +0.770 K for the 200.0 g of solution (specific heat capacity =
  6. Chemistry

    At 20.0°C the vapour pressure of pure methanol is 11.8 kPa and that of pure ethanol is 5.93 kPa. A gaseous mixture of methanol and ethanol is cooled and compressed until the first drops of liquid form at 20.0°C and a total pressure of 10.0 kPa. Assuming
  7. chemistry

    Air consists of 21 % oxygen, 78 % nitrogen and 1 % argon by volume. Calculate: * (a)  the partial pressures in Pa, if total pressure is 1 atm, 
 * (b)  the concentration in mol m–3, of each gas at 273 K, 
 * (c)  the average molar mass of air, 

  8. Chemistry

    High quality coal (anthracite) is almost pure carbon. The combustion of carbon to carbon dioxide releases 393 kJ per mol of carbon burnt. If 1.000 kg of anthracite is burnt: (i) How much heat is released? (ii) How much ice (in kg) at 273 K could be melted
  9. CS/Programming

    Hi,I'm an absolute beginner in this field and this may be a dumb idea.But as mind came up with this,I simply doesn't feel like neelcting the idea asking for some advice.So here it is. If I want my phone to play a song when it's fully charged, can I use
  10. Maths

    A sum of rs400 amounts to rs480 in 4years. What will it amount to if the rate of interest is increased by 2% p.a
  11. Physics

    In an 8.00 km race, one runner runs at a steady 12.0 km/h and another runs at 14.6 km/h
  12. Physics

    Excellent human jumpers can leap straight up to a height of 100 cm off the ground. To reach this height, with what speed would a person need to leave the ground?
  13. Physics

    In a 5.00 km race, one runner runs at a steady 11.3 km/h and another runs at 14.9 km/h . How long does the faster runner have to wait at the finish line to see the slower runner cross?
  14. Physics

    A rocket, initially at rest on the ground, accelerates straight upward from rest with constant acceleration 58.8 m/s2 . The acceleration period lasts for time 5.00 s until the fuel is exhausted. After that, the rocket is in free fall. Max height
  15. Physics

    A rocket, initially at rest on the ground, accelerates straight upward from rest with constant acceleration 58.8 m/s2 . The acceleration period lasts for time 5.00 s until the fuel is exhausted. After that, the rocket is in free fall.
  16. Physics

    When striking, the pike, a predatory fish, can accelerate from rest to a speed of 3.6 m/s in 0.11 s . Distance?
  17. Physical Chemistry

    15.The Rydberg constant for the Be3+ ion is 109731 cm–1. Calculate the ionization energy of a ground-state Be3+ ion. 22.How many electrons can occupy the following subshells: (a) 2s, (b) 4d, (c) 6f, (d) 6g, (e) 6h?
  18. Math

    on a map 1/2 inch represents 50 miles. How long would a line need to be to represent 750 miles. so I thought I should divide 750 by 50 than multiply 15 { the answer I got } by 1/2 but I have a feeling its wrong
  19. English Writing

    I'm not a native speaker. Can you please teach me? Is this sounds weird? I was worrying to stay in English class. However, she made me feel comfortable and fun to stay her class through every class.
  20. MATH

    During halftime of a football​game, a sling shot launches​ T-shirts at the crowd. A​ T-shirt is launched from a height of 33 feet with an initial upward velocity of 64 feet per second. The​ T-shirt is caught 48 feet above the field. How long will
  21. Math

    If u scored 85,89,89,91 on a test but u need an average mean of 90 what will u have to score on ur last test to get 90?
  22. Physics

    A horizontal forces of magnitude 500N pulls two blocks of masses m1=10 kg and m2=20 kg which are connected by the light inextensible string and lying on the horizontal frictionless surface. Find the tension in the strings and acceleration of each mass when

    Who attacked first on the Battle of Little Bighorn??? The natives or the army?
  24. Culture

    As an ABC (Australian Born Chinese), Who is an avid watcher of korean entertainment ( dramas, variety, movies etc), listener of k-pop, watch anime from japan, listen to j-pop, watch chinese tv shows and movies. Having studied German , French . It perplexes
  25. math

    A sum of money Lent at simple interest amount to
  26. Calc

    find the equation of the line that is tangent to the curve 𝙛(𝑥)= 5 +3x² -x⁵ at the point (1,7)
  27. Chemistry

    Static charge can interfere with the production of plastic products by attracting dust and dirt. to reduce it, manufacturers expose the area to polonium-210, which has a half-life of 138 days. How much of a 25.0-g sample will remain after one year (365
  28. chemistry

    Write the oxidation and reduction half-reactions for a silver-chromium voltaic cell. Identify the anode, cathode, and the direction of electron flow. Ag+ + e-  Ag Cr  Cr2+ + 2e- or Cr  Cr3+ + 3e- ????? Which is the correct equation
  29. Stat

    Mean of 10 observations is 100. One of the observations is dropped from the data. The mean of the remaining observations is 9. What is the value of the dropped observation?
  30. chemistry

    the solubility of CaF in water is 7*10^-2 gm/l. find its solubility in 0.5m CaCl2 soln
  31. Pre calc

    Give an example of an exponential function that has a range (3,infinity)
  32. Physics

    a box of mass 7 kg is pulled up a frictionless 30 degree incline by a force of 381 N which acts parallel to the incline surface. the box has an initial speed of 5m/s and is pulled 9m. what is the speed of the box at the end of the 9m.
  33. Physics

    a mass, m = 2.1 kg, is ejected horizontally from a compressed coil with a force constant, k = 5.2 N/m and compression, x = 25 cm, onto a rough ramp that is 1.5 cm long with one end raised to a height, h= 120 cm. the speed at the bottom of the rough ramp is
  34. Physics

    old faithful geyser in yellowstone park shoots water hourly to a height of 44.8m. with what velocity does the water move when it is at 24.4m above the ground (on its way up)?
  35. Physics

    a block of mass 2kg moves on a frictionless inline (none of the forces on the block are shown). its initial velocity is v initial=3m/s, and it slides a vertical distance h=10m up the slope and its final velocity is v final=2m/s. find the external work done
  36. Physics

    a skier, mass 61 kg is at the top of a hill and starts down with an initial speed of 5m/s. he does no work on the way down, assume that the hill surface is frictionless. find his speed at the bottom of the hill which is 10m below the top.
  37. Physics

    determine the point of zero gravitation force, as measured from the centre of earth (mass 5.97 x 10^24 kg) to the sun ( mass 1.99 x 10^30 kg) if the earth-sun distance is 150 x 10^6 km.
  38. Physics

    a 1.2 kg magnet is capable of holding up a 0.5 kg mass. the magnet is placed on a vertical refrigerator door and given an initial push so that it slides up the door with an initial velocity of 0.11 m/s. if the coefficient of kinetic friction between the
  39. Physics

    a 35 kg child slides down a 26 degree incline. the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.33. what is her speed after sliding for 2.5 seconds starting from rest?
  40. Physics

    A 2kg mass, m1 and a 10 kg mass, m2 are in contact on a horizontal frictionless surface. a constant horizontal force 13.7 N in the positive X direction is applied to m1 and a constant horizontal force 10.7 N in the negative X direction is applied to m2.
  41. Physics

    a 61.6 kg person on a diet stand on a bathroom scale in an elevator. to their great pleasure the scale reads 46.8 kg. what is the acceleration of the elevator? (up is positive)
  42. Physics

    A 2 635-kg sailboat experiences an eastward force of 2 710 N by the ocean tide and a wind force against its sails with magnitude of 5 748 N directed toward the northwest (45° N of W). What is the direction of the resultant acceleration?
  43. Physics

    a stone is thrown at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal from the top edge of a cliff with an initial speed of 12m/s. a stop watch measures the stone's trajectory time from top of cliff to bottom to be 8s. how far out from the cliff's edge does the
  44. Physics

    an airplane has a velocity of 499 km/h relative to the moving air. at the same time, a wind blows northward with a speed of 87 km/h relative to the earth. the airplane is moving in an easterly direction relative to the earth. find speed of airplane to
  45. Physics

    A tennis player strikes a ball when it is 2.20m above the ground, with a velocity 18.7 m/s at 20 degrees above the horizontal. The net is 5m away horizontally and it is 0.90m high. after 0.37 seconds, what is the direction of the ball with respect to the
  46. Physics

    the distance of a planet from its sun is 19000000 miles. if there are 29400000 seconds in one orbit, find the speed of the planet in its orbit about the sun. (assume a circular orbit)
  47. Biology

    Which of the following is true for the nucleus? A) It has no definite structure B) It is surrounded by membrane C) It is the eukaryotic cell's energy-producing organelle D) It is closely associated with the Golgi apparatus. E) It is always bluish purple in
  48. statistics help

    Tests on a Chevy Cobalt incdicate a population mean of 32 mpg and a population standard deviation of 3.5 mpg. You take an SRS (sample random sample) of 10 cars to get a sample mean. What is the probability that your sample mean is greater than 34 mpg? I am
  49. Chemistry

    3. Choose the hybridization schemes for the following species. (a) AsBr6− sp sp2 sp3 sp3d sp3d2 (b) CSe2 sp sp2 sp3 sp3d sp3d2 (c) PbCl4 sp sp2 sp3 sp3d sp3d2 (d) SeO32− sp sp3 sp2 sp3d sp3d2 (e) BiF5 sp sp2 sp3 sp3d sp3d2
  50. Chemistry

    2. Which of the following molecules is/are trigonal pyramidal? N2O NH3 C2H2 SiF4 HN3 HCN SO3 H2S CF4 PF3 H2O BF3 COS O3 SO2 CS2 AsH3
  51. Chemistry

    1. [ PF4 ]+ (a) What is the electron-group geometry, according to VSEPR theory? (b) What is the molecular geometry? (c) Is this species polar or nonpolar?
  52. statistics help

    The National Association of Realtors estimates that 23% of all homes purchased in 2004 were considered investment properties. If a sample of 800 homes sold in 2004 is obtained what is the probability that AT LEAST 175 home are going to be used as
  53. statistics help??

    Someone flips a coin 50 times and gets 50 heads in a row. You suspect it is a 2 headed coin. Write the null and alternative hypotheses. Use the binomial theorem to get a p-value of getting exactly 50 hears in 50 trials.
  54. statistics

    A manufacturer claims that the mean lifetime of its lithium batteries is 1400 hours. A homeowner selects 25 of these batteries and finds the mean lifetime to be 1380 hours with a standard deviation of 80 hours. Test the manufacturers claim. Use alpha =
  55. stat

    Construct a 90% confidence interval for the population mean. Assume the population has a normal distribution. A same of 15 randomly selected math majors has a grade point average of 2.86 with a standard deviation of 0.78. Round to the nearest hundredth.
  56. statistics

    A university dean is interested in determining the proportion of students who receive some sort of financial aid. Rather than examine the records for all students, the dean randomly selects 200 students and finds that 118 of them are receiving financial
  57. physics

    A 189.4 kg uniform, horizontal beam is hinged at one end and at the other is supported by a cable that is at 37 degrees to the vertical. The beam is 3.85 m long. Calculate the magnitude of the force at the hinge.
  58. math

    verify sin0/sin0+cos0=tan0/1+tan0
  59. Chemistry

    For a Sc atom in ground electronic state: 1. how many electrons are there in 4s orbitals? 2. how many electrons are there in 3d orbitals? 3. how many electrons are there in 4p orbitals? 4. how many unpaired electrons are there? 5. to what block does Sc
  60. Chemistry

    Consider the 5p orbital of a hydrogen atom. 1. how many different 5p orbitals are there? 2. how many radial nodes are there? 3. how many angular nodes are there? (i.e. how many nodal planes or surfaces, not including radial nodes)
  61. Chemistry

    For each of the following experimental conditions determine whether molar mass would be: 1) too high, B) too low or C) unaffected. In each case, /explain/ how this result occurs a) after removing the flask from the water bath, the experimenter cools the
  62. Science

    For each of the following experimental conditions determine whether molar mass would be: 1) too high, B) too low or C) unaffected. In each case, explain how this result occurs a) after removing the flask from the water bath, the experimenter cools the
  63. Chemistry

    For each of the following experimental conditions determine whether molar mass would be: 1) too high, B) too low or C) unaffected. In each case, /explain/ how this result occurs a) after removing the flask from the water bath, the experimenter cools the
  64. Chemistry

    For each of the following experimental conditions determine whether molar mass would be: 1) too high, B) too low or C) unaffected. In each case, /explain/ how this result occurs a) after removing the flask from the water bath, the experimenter cools the
  65. Chemistry

    For each of the following experimental conditions determine whether molar mass would be: 1) too high, B) too low or C) unaffected. In each case, /explain/ how this result occurs a) after removing the flask from the water bath, the experimenter cools the
  66. History

    What was Harriet Tubman rebelling against?
  67. Physics

    Consider a road over a hill where the top is shaped like a circular bump. This circular arc has its center in the hill below. As a 1200 kg car rounds the top of a hill at a speed of 20.0 m/s, it very breifly loses contact with the pavement. What is the
  68. english

    Which of the following options best demonstrates sentence fluency? a. The city looked beautiful in that it was lit by the sun while I was walking down the street. b. Walking down the street in the sunshine, the city looked beautiful. c. The city looked
  69. Pre-Calculus

    how to make a xy table for the following greatest integer equation when using -1,-2,0,1,2 to plug into x f(x)=2[x], g(x)=[2x], f(x)=-[[x]], and g(x)=[[-x]]
  70. Physical Chemistry

    Calculate the difference between H and U when 1 mole of water is boiled at 373 K and 1 atm. The volume of 1 mole of perfect gas at 373 K is 0.03 m3 and the volume of liquid water may be neglected. (1 atm = 105 N m-2) what equations should

    In a power plant the high pressure turbine trips due to an unauthorised valve shutdown. What are a) what is the angular acceleration of the turbine blade? b) what is the distance travelled by a point on the rim of the turbine blade during the acceleration?

    A dock worker is loading a 25 kg solid cylindrical barrel to a ship by rolling it up a 9 meter long and 1.5 meter high ramp. At the top of the ramp the dock worker stop to go around the barrel but he loses the grip and the barrel starts to roll down the
  73. chemisty

    The initial concentration of NO2 in a closed container is 0.750M. At equilibrium the concentration of O2 is 0.125M. What are the concentrations of NO2 and NO at equilibrium? 2NO2 (aq) ==== 2NO (aq) + O2 (aq)
  74. chemistry

    The equilibrium concentration of NOCl = {0.0610}, NO = [0.0151, and Cl= [0.0142, what is the value of the equilibrium constant? Don't really get how to figure this out..anyone know? Thanks!!
  75. chemistry

    The density of acetonitrile, CH3CN, is 0.786 g/mL, and the density of methanol, CH3OH, is 0.791 g/mL. A solution is made by dissolving 15.0 g of methanol in 250.0 mL of acetonitrile. Assuming that the volumes of the solute and solvent are additive, what is
  76. chemistry

    The Henry's law constant for CO2 is 3.1 x 10-2 mol/L-atm at 25°C. What pressure would be necessary in order to have a .25 M solution?
  77. chemistry

    The Henry’s Law constant for N2 in water at 30 oC is 6.0 x 10-4 M/atm, calculate the solubility of nitrogen gas in water at a partial pressure of 2.5 atm
  78. physics

    One particle has a mass of 2.86 x 10-3 kg and a charge of +7.32 μC. A second particle has a mass of 6.41 x 10-3 kg and the same charge. The two particles are initially held in place and then released. The particles fly apart, and when the separation
  79. physics

    A particle of charge +18.1C and mass 7.06 × 10-5 kg is released from rest in a region where there is a constant electric field of +414 N/C. What is the displacement of the particle after a time of 3.06 × 10-2 s? Please explain the steps, thank you.
  80. physics

    Two geological field teams are working in a remote area. A global positioning system (GPS) tracker at their base camp shows the location of the first team as 43 km away, 23° north of west, and the second team as 29 km away, 33° east of north. When the
  81. lauric acid

    what happens to the calculated molar has if the lauric acid is spilled before determining the freezing point?
  82. Algebra 2

    3.4e^2-2n - 9 = -4
  83. physics

    Due to a tune-up, the efficiency of an automobile engine increases by 4.00%. For an input heat of 1530 J, how much more work does the engine produce after the tune-up than before?
  84. physics

    The internal energy of a system changes because the system gains 180 J of heat and performs 338 J of work. In returning to its initial state, the system loses 111 J of heat. During this return process, what work is involved? If the work is done by the
  85. physics Pls help

    A piece of glass has a temperature of 87.0 °C. Liquid that has a temperature of 32.0 °C is poured over the glass, completely covering it, and the temperature at equilibrium is 57.0 °C. The mass of the glass and the liquid is the same. Ignoring the
  86. physics

    A 70.3-kg person puts on a life jacket, jumps into the water, and floats. The jacket has a volume of 3.07 x 10-2 m3 and is completely submerged under the water. The volume of the person's body that is underwater is 6.49 x 10-2 m3. What is the density of
  87. physics

    A copper (Young's modulus 1.1 x 1011 N/m2) cylinder and a brass (Young's modulus 9.0 x 1010 N/m2) cylinder are stacked end to end, as in the drawing. Each cylinder has a radius of 0.38 cm. A compressive force of F = 6100 N is applied to the right end of
  88. physics

    The drawing shows a 156-kg crate hanging from the end of a steel bar (S = 8.1 x 1010 N/m2). The length of the bar is 0.117 m, and its cross-sectional area is 7.44 x 10-4 m2. Neglect the weight of the bar itself and determine (a) the shear stress on the bar
  89. Physics

    A dynamics cart with a mass of 1.70kg on a horizontal table is attached to a suspended mass of 0.40kg and released from rest. If a frictional of 2.0N opposes the motion of the cart how far does the cart travel in 1.5s
  90. physics

    A cylindrically shaped space station is rotating about the axis of the cylinder to create artificial gravity. The radius of the cylinder is 159 m. The moment of inertia of the station without people is 4.23 x 109 kg·m2. Suppose 299 people, with an average
  91. Physics

    A bowling ball encounters a 0.760-m vertical rise on the way back to the ball rack, as the drawing illustrates. Ignore frictional losses and assume that the mass of the ball is distributed uniformly. The translational speed of the ball is 7.83 m/s at the
  92. physics

    A man holds a 185-N ball in his hand, with the forearm horizontal (see the figure). He can support the ball in this position because of the flexor muscle force , which is applied perpendicular to the forearm. The forearm weighs 24.3 N and has a center of
  93. Physics

    The wheels, axle, and handles of a wheelbarrow weigh W = 57 N. The load chamber and its contents weigh WL = 674 N. The drawing shows these two forces in two different wheelbarrow designs. To support the wheelbarrow in equilibrium, the man’s hands apply a
  94. Physics

    A beam of particles is directed at a 0.017-kg tumor. There are 2.4 x 1010 particles per second reaching the tumor, and the energy of each particle is 5.2 MeV. The RBE for the radiation is 14. Find the biologically equivalent dose given to the tumor in 27
  95. Physics , Pls help

    A space station consists of two donut-shaped living chambers, A and B, that have the radii shown in the figure. As the station rotates, an astronaut in chamber A is moved 2.06 x 102 m along a circular arc. How far along a circular arc is an astronaut in
  96. physcs

    Two newly discovered planets follow circular orbits around a star in a distant part of the galaxy. The orbital speeds of the planets are determined to be 41.8 km/s and 64.6 km/s. The slower planet's orbital period is 8.84 years. (a) What is the mass of the
  97. Physics

    Suppose the surface (radius = r) of a cylindrical space station is rotating at 29.1 m/s to provide artificial gravity. What must be the value of r for the astronauts to weigh 1/3 of their earth weight? Don't know how to start please help.
  98. physics

    Curve A is banked at 11.2 °, and curve B is banked at an angle of 15.2 °. A car can travel around curve A without relying on friction at a speed of 14.5 m/s. At what speed can this car travel around curve B without relying on friction? Do I need to find
  99. physics

    Car A uses tires for which the coefficient of static friction is 0.333 on a particular unbanked curve. The maximum speed at which the car can negotiate this curve is 13.8 m/s. Car B uses tires for which the coefficient of static friction is 0.843 on the
  100. physics

    A ball is dropped from rest at the top of a 5.89-m-tall building, falls straight downward, collides inelastically with the ground, and bounces back. The ball loses 5.34% of its kinetic energy every time it collides with the ground. How many bounces can the


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