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  1. Calculus

    The rate of change of the population of a small town is dP/dt=kP, where P is the population, t is time in years and k is the growth rate. If P=20000 when t=3 and P=30000 when t=5, what is the population when t=10? Round your answer to the nearest integer.
  2. Spanish

    Describe one similarity and one difference between the musical styles cumbia and vallenato. If somebody could give me some links or anything that would be useful, thanks! :)
  3. Art History

    Which of the following best characterizes the new kingdom? A. Political strength and cultural change in Egypt. B. It represents the period when Egyptian culture began to decline. C. It was a period during which the arts thrived despite the political
  4. Algebra

    A driver drove at a speed of 42 mph for m hours how far did the driver go
  5. chemistry

    1. The first order rate constant for the reaction, SO2Cl2(g) → SO2(g) + Cl2(g), is 2.20 x 10-5 s-1 at 593 K. What percent of a sample of SO2Cl2 would be decomposed by heating at 593 K for (a) 1 hr, (b) 3 hr. How long will it take for half of the SO2Cl2


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  1. Math

    My House was worth 58,000 in 1976 can you tell me what it was worth ten years later.
  2. anatomy

    1. muscles 2. speed 3. inserts 4. joints
  3. Art

    um the last unit in the first semester. read the questions & if they're the same then...
  4. Art

    If you still need this its A B B A C A A B B A
  5. Art History

    and thanks :)