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  1. chemistry

    When a piece of copper weighing 250 grams is placed n a cup with 450ml of H2O at 21C and the Cp of te cupis 47J/K, how many grams of gasolne would it tae to heat the system to 110C?
  2. chemistry

    How many grams of gasoline would you need to burn if you started with 275 gram piece of ice that started at -25C and by the end of the expirement had 100 grams of steam and the rest liquid water?
  3. chemistry

    If compound x has a first-order half-life of 24 seconds, how long would you have to wait for only 33% of the original material to be left?
  4. chemistry

    For a given reaction, the rate constant doubles when the temperature is increasd from 27C to 49C What ite activation energy? Explain. a).347 KJ/mole b)25.5 KJ/mole c)31.5 KJ/mole d)52.7 KJ/mole
  5. chemistry

    A 25 gram sample of H2O at 37.3C is mixed with 45 grams of H2O at 72.9C. What is the Temperature final of the mixture.