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  1. geometry please help!

    1:Which of the following equations represent nonlinear functions? y=5-2/3x y=5x^2+7 y=1.5x-0.25 y=3 y=10/x+20
  2. geometry please help!

    what would the graph of y=x^2+1 look like? A: a straight line B: a parabola C: a dotted line D: none of the above I think b plz help!
  3. Math HELP

    use the function rule f(X) =3x-2 find the output f(1.5). A: 2.5 B: -2.5 C: 6.5 D: - 6.5 I Guess A. Please help!
  4. science help

    What is a genetic mutation? A:the process of decreasing chromosomes numbers to half of what the parent cell has. B:the copying of DNA to form identical daughter cells. C:a permanent change in an organisms genetic code. D: a fusion of egg and sperm cell to
  5. Science HELP!

    2:What is the genetic code? A:The order of amino acids in proteins makes up the genetic code. B:The order of amino acids in mRNA makes up the genetic code. C:The order of nitrogen bases in tRNA makes up the genetic code. D:The order of nitrogen bases in
  6. algebra help!

    8) While eating in the cafeteria at school, 65%, or 26, of the students in the class ate pizza. find the number of students in the entire class. My guess is 17 students?? PlZ Help!
  7. Art help!

    8. In the painting Zues by David H. what did this artist experiment with to create the drawing of Zues? 1. Materials 2.critique guidelines styles 4.politicaal cartoons
  8. social studies

    under the principle of separation of powers, each of the following is a branch of the U.S. government EXCEPT What? 1)legislative 2)federal 3)executive 4)judicial
  9. math

    Top player's scoring average changes from 20 points per game to 24 points per game. What is the percentage of increase. 1:20% 2:16.7% I think 2??