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  1. accounting

    Replenished the $200.00 petty cash fund. Receipts were submitted for the following:office supplies, $35.00, store supplies, $50.00, and miscellaneous, $42.00. A cash count shows $72.00 in the petty cash box. Do you start with 200.00 , then subtract total
  2. English

    21. identify the sentence in which the underlined verb does notagree with its subject A. Both Sarah and Eleana are playing this Saturday (Are playing is underlined) B. Either of the girls are a good choice for a leader (Are is underlined) C. Everyone in
  3. math

    having an issue with this word problem. Jordan travels 3/4 of a mile longer to school each day than Harrison does. Combined,they travel 5 1/4 miles to school. How far does each travel? Let n stand for the distance jordan travels.
  4. phoniex

    there were 18,017 Aids deaths in 2003, or 34.5 percent of the 1995 aids deaths. determine the number of aids in 1995


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  1. English

    thank you
  2. math

    had equation correct, but I thought you divided 4 2/4 by 2 and I got 2 1/2. It didn't add up.