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  1. Geography

    What happens when we move vertically upwards from the Earth ?
  2. Maths

    If the area of rhombus is 240sq m and perineter is 68m find the length of diagonal.
  3. Science

    A boy travels a distance of 10 m towards south and then he runs towards east and travels 12 m in that direction. Calculate (i) the total distance travelled by the boy and (ii) the displacement from his initial position
  4. Math Calculus

    A cylindrical tank with axis horizontal has a diameter d and a length L. It holds oil to depth d ( d<D ) when a leak starts to drain off the oil at a constant rate k. How fast is the level falling
  5. Tourism

    A person personality stay the same throughout life


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  1. math

    X+y=25 4x-12=2y+16 4x-2y=28 2x+2y=50 6x=78 X=13 Y=12
  2. maths

  3. Science

    Car have more speed because car have less Mass
  4. maths

    but how to find you i don t know please try to find practical
  5. maths

    1Rs 100 paisa 7.50*100 750/400 15:8 answer