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  1. math

    to play the nickel game a player tosses two coins at the same time if both coins land tails then the player wins $1 if both coins land heads up then they win $2 suppose you play this game 12 times and it costs $1 to play how much money could a player win
  2. Physics

    If s=at^2+bt+c where is distance and is time, what will be the correct unit of a, b, and c
  3. Further mathematics

    Find the common ratio in the following G.P.1,-1/2,1/4,-1/8
  4. Further mathematics

    If 8,x,y,z and 20 are in A.P.find x,y,z
  5. math

    A pair of hiking boots is marked 3/8 off the regular price. If the discount is $16.95, find the sale price.


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  1. Physical science

    anybody know a website where i can find the the rate of evaporation of methylated spirits, distilled water, acetone and glycerine ??? please * cries*
  2. Algebra

  3. science (check!)

    thnx thay're all right
  4. Social Studies (Check Answers)

    Crank, that was an awful thing to say, do you know Anonymous? Do u know her situation? No, u don't so leave her alone and deal with ur own situations!
  5. Social studies

    Ms. Sue is so rude, she doesn't wanna help anyone.