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  1. Physics

    a 24kg metal ring with 24cm diameter rolls without stopping down a 30 degree incline from a height of 3.4 m 1) according to the law of conservation of energy what should be the linear speed of the ring at the bottom of the ramp (I'm guessing that i solve
  2. Math (please help)

    In a blueprint, each square has a side length of ΒΌ inch. 1 in. : 6 ft Bathroom - 6 squares Bedroom - 20 squares Living Room - 28 squares a. Ceramic tile costs $5 per square foot. How much would it cost to tile the bathroom? $ b. Carpet costs $18 per
  3. Physics

    A diver thinks that if a typical snorkel tube of 0.13 m length works, then a tube of length 6.2 m should also work. When trying to use such a tube, what is the pressure difference between the external pressure on the diver's chest and the air pressure in
  4. Physics

    Calculate the height of the brain above the heart for an animal with an additional blood pressure of 222 mmHg in the heart. Use ρ = 1.055 g/cm3 for the density of blood.
  5. polution

    Water Pollution


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  1. math

    i dont know
  2. chemistry

    100,000 joules
  3. math

    June 15,2017
  4. 3rd grade

    May 18,2017
  5. 10th

    how are hypotheses and theories related?