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  1. discrete mathematics with applications

    A logical equivalance is derived from Theorem,supply a reason for each step; (pv~q)^(~pvq) ß(~q v p)^(~q v ~p) by_________ ß ~q v(p ^ ~p) by_________ ß ~q v c by_________ ß ~q by_________ Therefore,(p v~q)^ (~p v ~q)ß ~q.
  2. discrete mathematics with applications

    Determine which of the following pairs of statements forms are logically equivalent. Justify your answer using truth tables and include a few words of explanation. Read "t" to be a tautology and "c" to be a contradiction: 26. (p^q)v(p^r)and(pvq)^r 28.
  3. Finance

    Nancy Tai recently opened a revolving charge account with Mastercard. Her limit is $1000, but she has not charge that much since opening the account. Nancy hasn't had the time to review her monthly statements as promptly as she should, but over the