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  1. algebra

    Please help with this problem: An ellipse and a hyperbola have the same foci, $A$ and $B$, and intersect at four points. The ellipse has major axis 50, and minor axis 40. The hyperbola has conjugate axis of length 20. Let $P$ be a point on both the
  2. Math

    Roberto's puppy weighs 4.5 pounds at the end of May. During June and July the puppy weighed 18.63 pounds. How much did Roberto's puppy weigh at the end of July? I thought about about dividing 18.63 by 2 and hopefully subtract to get 4.5
  3. ELA 9

    about how many editors work at a newspaper?
  4. math

    A trucker hauls citrus fruit from Florida to Montreal. Each crate of oranges is 4 ft3 in volume and weighs 60 lb. Each crate of grapefruit has a volume of 6 ft3 and weighs 75 lb. His truck has a maximum capacity of 300 ft3 and can carry no more than 4200
  5. genetics

    Given the gene sequence ABCDE, crossing over should occur most frequently between_____. a. A-B b.) B-C c.) A-E d.) A-D e.) A-C PLEASE explain how you got the answer thanks!


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  1. Civics

    really you should just tell him the answer!
  2. civics

    what was it?
  3. Mathematics

    I estimated 4. Hopefully I am correct as of you might find my theory incorrect.
  4. Math

  5. English

    Select all that apply. Which of the following are characteristics of parenthetical citation? immediately after the last page of the text immediately after the information or quotation to be documented enclosed in parentheses very brief complete information