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  1. math

    approximately how many times as much money does the smith family spend on miscellaneous item as it spends on utilities? 1] 4 2] 5 3] 9 4] 15 5] 50 please help me please
  2. math

    marie purchased a 2-pound of dog food with a 75-cents-off coupon.she also mailed in the box top to receive a company rebate for $1.00.if p represents the original cost,what did she pay for the dog food after receiving all rebates? 1]p-$1.00-$0.75 2] p+
  3. math

    which of the following expressions shows the equation to use in finding the dimensions of a cube n by n by n with a volume of 125? 1]n3=125 2]n2=125 3]3n=125 4]n=125-3 5] not enough information is given.
  4. math

    in the figure above,about how much did the sales of the product increase from 1979 to 1980? 1] 900 2] 2,500 3] 90,000 4]160,000 5] 250,000 please help me