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  1. world geography

    the great barrier consists of thousands of small: a. continental islands b. lichen reefs c. coral reefs d. volcanic reefs my answer is c
  2. world geography

    new zealand and papua new guinea have: a. huge manufacturing b. lush, tropical climates that produce many kinds of tropical fruit c. valuable timber resources d. very limited timber resources" is pending help i cant find the answer
  3. world geography

    why are commercial farms and subsistence farms both important in the south east? a. rich soil is an abundant resource b. local people need money to buy grocercies c. people need available food; the economy needs money from exports d. rural area have
  4. world geography

    which of the following are cash crops grown in southeast asia? a. pigs, vegetables, and rice b. rubber, sugarcane, coconuts, and coffee c. timber, rice, and sugarcane d. rice and palm oil my answer was b
  5. world geography

    east timor's violent fight for independence developed primarily from: a. ethnic differences and conflict between christians and muslims b. u.s involvement in indonesian affairs c. the activities of french colonists in indonesia in the 1700s d. the rise of
  6. world geography

    the population in east asia is concentrated in: a. urban areas, river valleys, and coastal b. japan, korea, and mongolia c. the southern and western regions of china d. urban areas only my answer b.
  7. world geography

    which religion is found in japan only? a. confucianism b. buddhism c. catholism d. shintoism my answer is b
  8. world geography

    the three gorges dam project is china's attempt: a. to control flooding b. to create irrigation systems c. to divert water from the city of wuhan d. to relocate 2 million people my answer is a
  9. world geography

    about what percent of southeast asian countries are islands? a. 50% b. 10% c. 70% d. 80% i picked d. even though it said 95% in the book.
  10. world geography

    southeast asia's climates include tropical rain forest, a. tropical savanna, humid subtropical, and highlands b. tropical savanna, highlands, and marine west coast c. tropical savanna, steppe, and humid subtropical d. tropical savanna, marine, and humid
  11. world geography

    throughout india cottage industries make: a fine silk material and silk clothing b. computer software c. jewelry, woodcarving, and cloth d. ships i picked a im not sure
  12. world geography

    farming in south asia consists of a. mostly huge plantations b. mechanized farms c. subsistance farming and cash crops d. subsistence farming my answer is c
  13. world geography

    most of the ganges plain is: a. ebony rain forest with orchids and lush vines b. desert irrigated by the indus river c. farmed for rice, sesame, sugarcane and jute d. sprawling suburbs and cities i picked c
  14. world geography

    northern indian rivers are fed by: a. a year-round snowmelt from the himalaya b. monsoons c. waters from a 400,000-square-mile basin d. all of the above my answer is a
  15. world geography

    the primary type of farming in the region is__________farming. a. commercial b. conservation c. subsistence d. communal africa south of the sahara is the region. i picked c.
  16. world geography

    the main transportation routes in this region are: c. roads my answer
  17. world geography

    in kazakhstan,________led to radiation pollution. d.weapons transport systems this is my answer
  18. world geography

    _______in north africa, southwest asia, central asia. a. early people domesticated animals b. many muslims today live c. many ancient culturals arose d. all of the above
  19. world geography

    the infrastructures of many in the region: a. are strained by the rapid increase in population b. add to disease and poverty c. do not adequently support the people who live there d. all of the above
  20. world geography

    deserts cover almost_______percent of north africa, southwest asia, and central asia. a. 6 b. 10 c. 50 d. 70 i picked b
  21. world geography

    a_____climate receives an average of 10 inches of rain less per year. a. steppe b. highlands c. desert d. mediterrnean I chose c
  22. world geography

    the economy of saudi arabia suffers when oil prices drop? a. saudi arabia b. libya c. kuwait d. all of tha above my answer is a
  23. world geography

    which statement about fishing in russia is true? a. russia's salmon catch is decreasing b. all of the fishing industry depends on surgeon c. fishing is important to the economy despite polluted waterways d. russia's fishing exports double every year
  24. world geography

    the russian revolution in 1917 established: c. a representive government, but the revolution continued
  25. world geography

    russia's majormtrading partners include: a. brazil, france, and iraq b. japan, the european union, and the united states c. isreal, syria, and jordan d. all of the above
  26. world geography

    which part of europe has advanced communications and transportation systems? a. eastern europe b. western europe c. all of europe d. southern europe
  27. world geography

    in which fields do europeans work today? a. heavy industry and mining b.farming and heavy industry c. shipping and transportation d. manufacturing, service and technology industries, and agriculture
  28. world geography

    state farms in communist europe were run by: a. small independent collectives b. individuals c. the government d. specialists in enviromental science
  29. world gegraphy

    since the fall of communism, some eastern europeans have: a. taken steps to return to a communist system of goverment b. had difficulty adapting to a free market system c. cleaned up their environment problems d. all of the above
  30. world geography

    a system in which monarchs or lords gave land to obbles in return for pledges of loyalty was known as: d. feuldalism
  31. world geography

    since the 1970s, european government have tried to limit: c. economic growth?
  32. world geography

    beginning in the late_____, the industrial revolution transformed europe into a land of cities.
  33. world geography

    the netherlands protects its lowland area: a. with dikes to hold back the sea
  34. world geography

    the north european plain is rich in: a. coal, oil, copper, and petroleum b. coal and oil c. agricultural lands and petroleum deposits d. agricultral lands, iron ore, and coal
  35. world geography

    the europeans who claimed parts of the americas for spain wer called: d. conquistadors
  36. world geography

    when did most latin american countries gain their independance? a. the 1600s b. the mid-1700s c. the 1800s d. the early 1900s
  37. world geography

    some latin america countries need debt relief: a. from other countries to carry out economic programs b. because such a large segment of their population is poor c. because their economies are doing so well d. but have too good credit rating with
  38. world geography

    _______ in brazil's interior has led to the clearing of the rain forests. a. building roads b. building settlements c. mining for iron, copper, and tin d. all of the above
  39. world geography

    when ranchers plant grass on burned rain forest lands, the grass: _a. thrives and provide feeds for decades _b. gives way to new rain forests within five years _c. dries up within four years _d. surivives for only one season
  40. world geography

    the moutains on the western edge of south america are the: a. seirra madre b. rocky mountains c. andes d. western highlands
  41. world geography

    the grand banks is located in: _a. canada _b. alaska _c. maine _d. florida
  42. world geography

    in forming the great lakes, glaciers: _a. melted in upstream rivers and streams. _b. forced the earh's crust upward _c. carved basins out of bedrock _d. froze the topsoil
  43. world geography

    since the 1970s the united states and canada have reduced ________around lake Erie. a. unregulated boat traffic b. overgrowth of destructive algae c. noise pollution d. illegal immigration
  44. world geography

    water pollution in the united states and canada is caused by: _a. acid rain _b. runoff agricultural chemicals _c. industrial wastes _d. ALL OF THE ABOVE
  45. world geography

    clear-cutting causes flooding and: _a.smog _b.acid rain _c.thermal pollution _d.erosion
  46. world geography

    the united states is a leading exporter of: _a. oil and natural gas _b. rice products _c. beef and grain _d. cranberries and raspberries
  47. world geograghy

    canda and the united states are______largest trading partners. __a. europe's __b. gemany's __c. each other __d. japan's