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  1. ELA

    which of the following elements should be included in an argumentative essay select all that apply a clear thesis statement opinions from various sources evidence and support to address counter arguments a clear orgenazation story telling elements cause
  2. LA

    Witch sectence uses italicized word corrrectly? A. The dismal news was welcomed by everyone B. the judges deem her poems to be the best C. the oysters beseech the walrus to stop D.i sympathize with the lost child italicized words for 1 dismal for 2 deem
  3. ela

    Bart's class is studying a unit on nutrition. Each student has chosen a topic on which to write a short essay. Bart wants to write about the benefits of eating certain types of chocolate. Which of these would make the best thesis statement for his paper?
  4. ELA

    While browsing the local library's bulletin board, Sophia read the following announcement: You must be fond of Narnia, hobbits, and Harry Potter. If you pore over Dr. Seuss, then you need not bother. Please come to Weldon Hall on Saturday morning. There
  5. ELA

    Jackie was asked to present to the members of the Outdoors Club about the impact that Theodore Roosevelt had on U.S. National Parks. While doing research on her topic, she found a few sources to help her to get started on her presentation. Which source is


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  1. Art

    you have to be in connexus to know the picture he is talking about
  2. English

    1,2,5 are correct not sure about other's
  3. math

    i'll try d Evelyn and is that the real ms sue?
  4. @mr.e

    ok sorry won't do it anymore
  5. ELA

    there are only three answers