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  1. Maths lit , science, tourism, Speedo,geography

    Can I do nursing with those subject?
  2. maths

    Sipho is 6 years older than betty.In 3 year's time sipho will be twice as old as betty.How old is sipho now
  3. life orientation

    5 demographic structures of south Africa and their roles
  4. math

    Jason is considering purchasing a new machine to make plastic silverware. The machine produces 1,000 pieces of silverware in two hours. One box contains 50 pieces of silverware and sells for $3.00. If the machine costs $9,000, and runs for 24 hours a day,
  5. life orientation

    identify your 3 human rights violation or discriminations and explain in an introduction paragraphy why you chose the specific human rights violation or discrimintion My rights are: The right for privacy . The right for security and safety . The right to


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  1. History,geography,maths literacy,english,life orientation,life sciences,and setswana

    Which career path must i study if i was doing the following subjects in grade 12 : Tshwana,Maths Literacy, Life Orientation, History, Life Science and Geography

    inefficiency -markets may fail to produce and allocate scarce resources in the most efficient way incomplete markets -markets may fail to produce enough merit goods such as education and health care
  3. Setswana

    kopa le nkwalleng tlhamo ka motho ga itsiwe ESE naga
  4. Geo, Math lit, Life science, history

    I can advise you go study for Law I bet you can become wealth after finishing your studies
  5. History ,life science,Geography,Lo,Maths lite,English and Setswana

    You can do a Law via history and English both need at least level 5 each subject that's what I know... Life science, Geography and English you can study for scientist and engineering.