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  1. math

    Daniel sees a lighthouse in the harbor. He estimates the angle of elevation is 70°. If the lighthouse is 120 feet tall, what is the approximate distance between Daniel and the top of the lighthouse? (Assume the lighthouse meets the ground at a right
  2. physics

    You throw a ball downward from a window at a speed of 2.0 m/s. How fast (in m/s) will it be moving when it hits the sidewalk 2.5 m below?
  3. Science

    3. How does the study of science benefit society? A. Non scientists in society often use the same experiments conducted by scientists in the laboratory. B. The study of science helps slow down a fast paced society. C. The study of science keeps more people
  4. history

    Describe the emergence of capitalism as a dominant economic pattern in the United States and the responses to it, including nationalism, socialism, and anarchism.
  5. Social studies

    Between 1753 and 1783, what are the reasons why Native Americans lost their influence in North America?
  6. English

    Fame shall sound thy praise from sea to sea which figure of speech
  7. Math

    Which number is irrational? 3/17 √25 0.6.....( the dots mean it go on forever) √33*** Which numbers are rational? Select all that apply. 3.14**** √50 2.3**** √144 Which of the following is a possible measure of the area of a square rug whose
  8. Math Repost

    Suzanne wants to put a fence around her square garden. If the garden covers an area of 100 ft, how many feet of fencing does she need? 20 ft*** 40 ft 10 ft 400 ft Which number is an irrational number? 0.12 0.1257486 0.1212121212........ (my answer is this
  9. Math

    Suzanne wants to put a fence around her square garden. If the garden covers an area of 100 ft, how many feet of fencing does she need? 20 ft*** 40 ft 10 ft 400 ft Which number is an irrational number? 0.12 0.1257486 0.1212121212........ (my answer is this
  10. Math

    Silas is going to use 5 ounces of glue and 2 ounces of detergent. What percent of his slime is detergent? A 5%** B 40% C 71.4% D 28.6% E 42.9% F 60% G 250% A bank charges 18.12% interest per year on a credit card account. Jose' closed his account and has a
  11. Math

    When the first Harry Potter movie came out, "The Sorcerer's Stone," a local book store marked all the Harry Potter books up by 12.5%. If "The Sorcerer's Stone" paperback cost $7.37 before the movie came out, how much did it cost after the mark up? My
  12. SS

    Customers cannot purchase every product. How does this fact affect companies that make products? A. They increase costs to make up for low sales. B. They decrease quality to make up for low sales. C. They provide better value so that customers choose their
  13. History

    What was the primary goal of the Dawes Act? A. to provide farms for Native American families B. to preserve reservations for Native Americans C. to protect Native American cultures D. to encourage Native Americans to become farmers
  14. Social Studies

    Why was Henry Ford able to produce an affordable car? A. He only hired immigrants who would work for low pay. B. He used cheap parts made overseas. C. He developed a less expensive method of production. D. He allowed people to purchase new cars on credit.
  15. Math

    what are the perimeter and area of a rectangle with a length of 20in and a width of 50in
  16. Chemistry

    If a chemist titrates 300.0 mL of H2SO4 with a 3.0 M solution of NaOH and requires only 3.4 mL of the base to reach the endpoint, what is the concentration of the sulfuric acid?
  17. Social Studies

    Which statement best describes the role of muckrakers? A.) They encouraged the growth of railroads B.) They reported favorably about the lives of the rich C.) They increase the power of trust D.) They exposed corrupt businesses and political practices
  18. math

    when adding square root of 9 and -7 which type of number is the sum? irrational whole number radical integer
  19. Physics

    A force of 20.0 N gives an object an acceleration of 12.5 m/s2. What is the mass of the object?
  20. Social studies

    How did the Indian removal act of 1830 go against the war Chester versus Georgia ruling A. It extended a military campaign against Native American peoples who had farmland B. It notified all previous treaties that protected the interests of Georgians
  21. math

    list all the factors of the number 30
  22. math help

  23. Math

    Make this sentence true 50/10+10/2=5
  24. More SS help!!

    How Did Europeans Affect Africans during the 1800’s.? How did Africans respond in the 19000’s?
  25. Social Studies

    What influence did Egypt have on North African Culture?
  26. history

    More than 100 years after Akbar's death, the Mughal Empire began to fall apart. What were two of the reasons that caused this to happen?
  27. math

    (-1.15) x 3.2 = Please help me I have to use steps also.
  28. science

    Which of the following is the best reason for the smaller number of drone bees compared to the number of worker bees in a beehive? a. the drones are always away from the hive pollinating flowers. B. because worker bees are smaller than drone bees, more
  29. Literature

    WHAT IS MAMA'S STRATEGY? MAMA: There is someone who wants to marry Trina. JENNY: Who'd want to marry Trina? MAMA: Mr. Thorkelson SIGRID: Peter Thorkelson? Little Peter? (She gestures a midget.) (5)MAMA: So he is hardly bigger than your Arne. Does every
  30. Math

    A rectangle or garden bed is 3 2/3' x 4.5'. Bricks that are half a foot wide are being laid inside the perimeter of the garden. what is the area of the garden bed inside the brick edging?
  31. English

    6. The _______ of an introduction to an essay establishes how you feel about your topic and the relationship with your readers. A. topic B. tone C. point of view IS NOT COORECT D. focus
  32. Math

    Spinner has 8 equal sides with 1, yellow, 3 red, 2 green and 2 blue...what is the probability of landing on yellow? What is the probability of NOT landing on yellow?
  33. language arts

    this question is from "The Watsons go to Birmingham- 1963" Read the following quote from Byron to Kenny from Chapter 15. “Today is the day you check out of the World-Famous Watson Pet Hospital. Don’t let me catch you back there no more. You ain’t got
  34. Math

    On Monday the temp was 50 degrees. On Tuesday the temp increased by 22% what was the temp on Tuesday? Please help!
  35. Algebra

    Bob is making sandwiches for a school picnic. He is making these types: ham, cheese, and turkey. So far, he has made 12 ham sandwiches, 20 turkey, and 4 cheese. What combination can he make so that exactly 1/5 of the sandwiches are cheese?
  36. Algebra

    Two number cubes have sides numbered 1-6. If both cubes are rolled at the same time, what is the probability that the numbers on both cubes will be greater than 3?
  37. Math

    How do you find the missing number? 4/5 > 2/x
  38. math

    Is your refrigerator running then you better go catch it
  39. American government

    Name the two factors that give federal courts jurisdiction over a case?
  40. phy

    A 1200 kg car traveling north at 10 m/s is rear-ended by a 2000 kg truck traveling at 27 m/s. What is the total momentum before and after the collision? before collision after collision
  41. American government

    Explain why a president might make an executive agreement rather than negotiate a formal treaty.
  42. American government

    Why did the office of Vice President become more important with the more responsibility as the twentieth century progressed?
  43. History/HELP

    Which power did merchants and artisans eventually gain in the Roman Republic? The ability to elect officials who could veto laws harmful to plebeians The ability to select patrician consuls The right to help Etruscan authorities in governing Rome The right
  44. English

    What are the answers to unit 3 lesson 2 quick check
  45. Chemistry

    In a titration 100 mL of 3.65 g HCl is added to 200 mL of BA(oh)2 solution of an unknown concentration until the equivalent point find molarity of ba(oh)2
  46. Statistics

    Consider the following data set: 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 9, 11. Identify a number you could add to the set to keep the mean equal to the median. Please help me out. I have no idea how to find this and my lesson doesn't explain how to do it either. I already know
  47. Physics

    Q.A ballon is asending at the rate of 5m/s at height of 98m above the ground, when a packet is dropped from the ballon. After how much time and with what velocity it will reach the ground.
  48. math

  49. chemistry

    How many g of H2 is formed from 2.4 g H20 according to the following reaction. 2H2O--->2H2O+O2 I believe the answer is .27g However, I can't understand how to work the problem completely out or one like it, if someone could please explain the formula it
  50. geography

    what is better offshoring or outsourcing?
  51. algebra 1

    PLEASE HELP Come up with and describe two scenarios: one that models a direct variation situation and one that models an inverse variation situation. Do not state explicitly which scenario is which, but provide at least four data pairs for each situation.
  52. social studies

    Omar's experiences in the Andes most reflect the struggles faced by many Bolivians as a result of a)Scarcity of natural resources b)Undemocratic forms of governance c)Economic emphasis on mining d)Nationalization of industry I think it is "b" please tell
  53. Languge arts

    which of the following word pairs best shows the differences between the American town and the tang town? select all that apply? Speedy vs. proud Dingy vs. colorful disorderly vs.calm prosperous vs. impoverished my answers are b and c
  54. algebra

    Can tell me if I am solving this right? Simplify the radical expression √100/27 √100/√27 10/√27
  55. Math

    1. A bag contains 9 tiles numbered 1 to 9. P(4) = (1 point) experimental; the result is found by repeating an experiment. experimental; the result is based on the number of possible outcomes. theoretical; the result is found by repeating an experiment.
  56. Chemistry

    A 40.0 g sample of zinc is allowed to react with excess hydrochloric acid. How many liters of dry hydrogen gas are produced if the gas is collected over water at 23.0 degrees celsius and 1.234 atm of pressure? (Vapor pressure of water at 23.0 degrees
  57. Math

    4 people share 7 feet of ribbon equally. How much will each get.(write a division expression that matches the situation). I said (7 divided by 4), my sister disagreed . She says it is 4 divided by 7
  58. hhisttorry

    Which "act of Mexico herself," referred to by President Polk in this passage, was the cause of war between the United States and Mexico? (1 point) Mexico’s refusal to discuss the U.S. offer to buy California and New Mexico Mexico’s massacre of the
  59. Math

    Scores from the same benchmark test are collected from two algebra classes, each with 30 students enrolled. One class had a mean score of 79 with a mean absolute deviation of 5, and on the other hand a mean score of 81 with the mean absolute deviation of
  60. la

    what kind of poem is this? ONOMATOPOEIA by: EVE MERRIAM The rusty spigot sputters, utters a splutter, 5 spatters a smattering of drops, gashes wider; slash, splatters, scatters, 10 spurts, finally stops sputtering and plash! gushes rushes splashes clear
  61. English

    5. Which of the following words has a negative connotation? A. Splendor B. Vibrate C. Murky D. Fringed
  62. English

    Which sentence contains a predicate pronoun as a subject complement? A. The best person for the job is she. B. The ground is sloping and uneven. C. We wondered what happened to him. D. Amy is employee of the week. I think it is either A or D
  63. L.A

    Onomatopoeia: The rusty spigot sputters, utters a splutter,spatters a smattering of drops, gashes wider, slash, spatters, scatters,spurts, finally stops sputtering and plash! gushes rushes splashes clear water dashes. What is happening in ''onomatopoeia''?
  64. algebra

    If mark put 1/3 of his pay aside for July and spends the rest which was $90.00, what was the total amount of his pay for July?
  65. Art

    Movie proffesionals such as prop designers and graphic designers wor together to create a believable film. Which method of creating a believable screenplay is unique to the job of screenwriter
  66. Math

    $52 sweater on sale for $31.20 What is the percent of discount or markup ?
  67. Business

    Your sister wants to purchase Microsoft Office 2013 for her new laptop. She doesn’t want to pay for a subscription and she wants to pay the least amount of money possible. The applications she plans on using are Word, Excel, and Outlook. Which version of
  68. Algebra

    The total cost of renting a banquet hall is a function of the number of hours the hall is rented. The owner of the banquet hall charges $85 per half hour up to a maximum of 4 hours plus a $50 cleaning fee. What is the greatest value in the range for this
  69. Health

    How many pounds are in a quart? -1.5 -2.3 -9.4 - Less than 1**
  70. spanish

    what is the correct way to say i want chicken in spanish (1 point)
  71. maths

    If the lawn is 20xY metres and the path around the garden is 2 metres wide, what is the expression for the area of the path?
  72. Algebra 1

    Order the numbers in each exercise from LEAST to GREATEST 1.) -1 2/3, 1.6, -1 4/5 My answer: -1 4/5, -1 2/3, 1.6 2.) 7/9, -0.8, The square root of 3 My answer: -0.8, 7/9, The square root of 3 Am I right? I'm not so sure about 1.) Thanks!
  73. algebra

  74. algebra

    Chenlee is as old as Kenneth was four years ago. In two years, chenlee’s age will be eleven more than half of kenneth’s age. How old is chenlee now?
  75. math

    A messenger traveling 65 miles per hour pursues a truck which has a start of 2 hours and overtakes it in 3 hours. Find the trucks’ speed?
  76. Chemistry

    How much heat is absorbed when 60.0h of ammonia is vaporized ?
  77. Quant Reasoning

    Stereo Inc. sells a stereo system for $300 down and monthly payments of $80 for the next 3 years. If the interest rate is 4.25% per year, find: a) The cost of the stereo. Answer = $ b) The total amount of interest paid. Answer = $
  78. SOC 120

    How long was Terri Schiavo in a persistent vegetative state before the decision was made by her husband to remove her feeding tube?
  79. Criminal Justice

    legally, the modus operandi data can be used only for what purpose? A. Physical evidence in court B. An investigative lead C. Crime lab analysis D. Establish a suspect's guilt
  80. Criminal Justice

    Which one of the below is an explosive accessory bombers use: A. Can Opener B. Detonation Cord C. Ballpoint Pen D. Copy Paper
  81. chem

    Baking powder consists of 4 ingredients – CaHPO4, NaAl(SO4)2, NaHCO3 and cornstarch. Using the guidelines below, determine the masses of each ingredient in a sample of baking powder using the following specifications:. (Tip: Parts i, ii v and vi below
  82. chemistry

    For the equilibrium below at 400 K, Kc = 7.0. Br2(g) + Cl2(g) equilibrium reaction arrow 2 BrCl(g) If 0.85 mol of Br2 and 0.85 mol Cl2 are introduced into a 2.0 L-container at 400. K, what will be the equilibrium concentrations of Br2, Cl2 and BrCl? I
  83. Math

    Three consecutive integers are such that the sum of the largest number and 2 times the middle number is 27 more than twice the smaller number
  84. idk

    Silver is composed of a single type of atom and cannot be broken down into different substances. Silver is an example of a(n) _____.
  85. Algebra

    Simplify this expression (DO NOT solve for x) 5x+6(x+2)-8(x-3) I have no clue, can someone tell me how to solve it? Please don't tell me the answer, only how to solve it. Thanks :D
  86. Algebra

    Simplify this equation: -9-6(w+5) I think it is -15w+30. Please reply ASAP
  87. Civics

    If one judge interperets a law in a manner that pardons a person in 2011, a different judge ruling on the same type of case in 2020: A)must absolutely abide by the 2011 interpretation B)can site the 211 case as a model for the 2020 ruling C)can disregard
  88. Civics Still

    mena placed an order to purchase 12 soccer uniforms for her sons team. she paid for the uniforms, and they should have been delivered within 2 weeks. The uniforms were never delivered, and the company refuses to refund her money. Mena contacts a lawyer to
  89. Civics

    The author of the Federalist Paper Number 11 wrote: "A navy of the United States, as it would embrace the resources of all, is an object far less remote than an army of any single state or partial confederacy." The author would most likely agree that
  90. Civics

    In Article I, the United States Constitution says, “No State shall…coin money.” Instead, the Constitution grants authority to coin money to the national government. This means that coining money is an example of what kind of power? Reserved Shared
  91. Civics

    Both state and national governments have the power to...?
  92. geography

    What types and forms of caulking are available for insulating homes? please help i tried searching them up but each website had different info.
  93. Language arts-Johnny Tremain

    how has the political climate of Boston changed since the beginning of the book?
  94. physics

    A child pulls a 13 kg sled across the snow at a constant 1.6 m/s [N] applying a force of 51 N [N 25 deg U]. How much work have they done after pulling for 44 m? Round answers to the nearest whole number. m=13kg Vcon=1.6m/s F=51N d=44 cos theta=25
  95. physics

    Ten , one rupees coin are put on the top at of each other on a table. Each coin has a mass 'm'. Give the magnitude and direction of - (1)- The force of 7th coin (counted from bottom) due to all coins on its top. (2)- The force of 7th coin by 8th coin. (3)-
  96. Chemistry

    How many moles of solid Mg(OH)2 should you add to 200mL of 0.15M lactic acid solution to produce pH 4.0 buffer? -I don't know how to do this w/0 knowing pKa, but I don't think the point is to look up pKa. Is there some other way to solve this?
  97. Chemistry II

    Dr.Bob222 please help given the following table of thermodynamic data substance delta HofF S PCl3 -288.07 kJ/mol 311.7 J/mol-k PCl3 -319.6 kJ/mol 217 J/mol- k determine the normal boiling point (C)of PCl3
  98. Math

    the lcm of two numbers is 60 and one of the numbers is 7 less than the other number, what are the numbers?
  99. Chemistry

    How many chemical reactions are possible regarding the formation of carbonic acid and the dissolving of calcite? A. 23 B. 10 C. 2 [D.] 3 ?
  100. geo

    A line contains the points (8, 9) and (–12, –7). Using point-slope form, write the equation of the line that is parallel to the given line and that passes through (–5, –15).


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