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  1. World History

    What was the historic name of the Southeast Asian region that lies east of India and south or southwest of China? Indochina Mongolia Tibet Philippines B?
  2. electronic

    A 1mm cross section of copper wire is isolated. The charge that flows through the cross section is Q t = 4t^2 + 5 How much current flows through the wire in 6 seconds?
  3. math

    Find the distance from the origin to the line x-2y=4
  4. math

    During a training exercise, a submarine travels 16 km/h on the surface and 10 km/h underwater. if the submarine traveled a distance of 160km in 12.5h, how long was it underwater?
  5. algebra 2

    what is the quotient in simplified form? State any restrictions on the variable. (6-x)/x^2+3x-28 divided x^2-36/x^2+5x-36


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  1. World History

    Thank you
  2. Persuasive Technique

  3. Calculus

    Did you end up solving this question?
  4. Algebra

    Reiny I don't even recall learning interest as I moved schools in the middle of the year when we started studying them.
  5. Algebra

    MsPi, No, I do not know how to use logarithms. thanks :)