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  1. Math

    If loga+ logb=logab show that (a+b)²-(a-b)²=4ab
  2. Maths

    What is the degree covered by the minute hand if the clock from 5pm to 5:20pm....
  3. trigonometry

    If A + B + C = π, prove that: ( sin2A + sin2B + sin2C ) / ( sinA + sinB + sinC ) = 8 sin(A/2) sin(B/2) sin(C/2)
  4. Math

    If sin (theta+24)=costheta where theta is acute angle .find theta
  5. maths

    OPQR is a rhombus , three of whose vertices lie on a circle with centre O.If the area of the rhombus is 32 root 3cm square ,find the radius of the circle


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  1. Math

  2. physics helppp!

    Nice question
  3. trig

  4. trig

  5. math

    If lines 7x-2y+10=0 and 7x+2y-10=0 forms an isoceles triangle with the line y=2. Then what is the area of the triangle. Pls help