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  1. Math

    AB = 8 cm, AC = 6 cm, AD = 7 cm, CD = 2.82 and CAB=50°. The size of angle ABC, area of triangle ACD
  2. phy

    5. A boat capable of making 9.0 km/hr in still water is travelling upstream in a river flowing at 4 km/h. An object lost overboard is not missed for 30 minutes. (a) If the boat is then turned around, how long will it take to overtake the floating lost
  3. maths

    several friends each had 2/5 of peanuts left over from the baseball game.they realized that they could have bought 2 fewer bags of peanuts between them .how many friends went to the game?
  4. Business Law

    International Online is an internet service provider. One of it's subscribers posted a defamatory comment regarding another subscriber on its site and as a result defamed subscriber filed suit against the other subscriber and IO. The Court had to determine
  5. Chemiry 11

    A 120.0-gram sample of Cr2(SO4) contains how many sulfur atoms


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  1. Physics

  2. 9th Grade Biology

    You eventually run out of sucrose to act as the substrate. You must have both substrate and enzyme for the reaction to continue.
  3. Math help please

    Get a life! @Delilah
  4. Reading

    swift things are beautiful swallows and deer and lighting that falls bright veined and clear rivers and meteors wind in the wheat the strong footed horse the runners sure feet and slow things are beautiful
  5. Physics

    good waaaannnn