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  1. science

    Which of the following explains why objects in our solar system are in a spinning motion? A.The gravitational pull of the sun pushed objects into a spinning motion.
  2. Math

    NEED HELP NOW!! Which of the following ratios is equivalent to 12/15 a 4:5** B10:20 C 60 to 80 D 60/45
  3. Math

    What is 12%of 50 A.6 B.7 C.5 D.24 I NEED HELP NOW PLZ
  4. Algebra 2

    Solve the system by substitution 2x-y+z=-4 z=5 -2x+3y-z=-10 I think the answer is (-8,-7,5) But can someone tel me the right one and explain I’m so lost
  5. Math

    What are 2 dimensions for the prism with a volume of thirtysix
  6. Math

    Can any body please explain A dejuicer was able to squeeze 1/5 of a pint of juice from a bag of oranges. This amount of juice filled up 1/8 of a jug. At this rate, how many bags will it take to fill the entire jug?
  7. science discussion

    What evidence is there that the human species has been successful so far? Explain. What environmental pressures in the past do you think were most important in shaping the human species as it exists today? What environmental pressures exist now that you
  8. Math

    The original Ferris wheel introduced at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago had a diameter of 250 feet. What is the closest distance a person who rode this wheel travelled in one complete revoulution
  9. Math

    9. Calculate the area of the composite figure, which is not drawn to scale. (Workpad needs to be worked out, correctly). 17 cm (rectangle part) top, 22 cm height (one side, rectangle), 10 cm height (other side, rectangle), 19 cm bottom (some, triangle
  10. Social Studies

    1.)Which of the following were actions that motivated Radical Republicans to seek the impeachment of President Johnson? Choose all that apply. A.)President Johnson encouraged former Confederate states to reject the Fourteenth Amendment. B.)President
  11. math 4th grade

    At the end of their study of the kinds of electricity, mrs.clark class compleated quiz, there were 26 students , 6 of them scored 100, 4 scored 90, 3 scored 80 and rest of them 80. What was the average quiz score for the quiz Can anybody please explain
  12. algebra

    find the slope of a line that is parallel to the line containing the points (3,4) and (2,6) A.) m=1 B.) m=2 C.)-2 D.) m=1/2 I think the answer is d
  13. Phsics

    HOW MUCH WORK IS DONE With a HORIZONTAL FORCE OF 50.0 N AT AN ANGLE OF 24 degrees over a level distance of 5.0 m. What net work is done on the box?
  14. Math

    A tennis racket is marked up 50% to $36.75 what is the original price?
  15. Social Studies

    1)What was John James Audubon famous for? A)painting and cataloguing American animals, especially birds. B)painting the new living conditions in urbanized areas. C)representing new immigrants through drawings and paintings. D)surveying and creating maps of
  16. American History

    monroe's message stated that american foreign policy regarding european conflicts would be A) neutral B)de facto C)nationalist D)firm but freindly i think d
  17. American History

    Join or Die political cartoon by Benjamin Franklin what do the segments of the snke represent
  18. American History

    referring to the Declaration of Independence: what references do you say in American? What attitudes toward Native Americans does this Express
  19. English

    How many stanzas are in the poem lines composed a few miles above tintern abbey. By William Woodsworth I think 120 but i am not sure.
  20. American History

    As Section 3 of this chapter explains the Declaration was divided into four parts right down the first phrase of each of those four parts. That is the question and I read section three and I looked it up several time phrased several different ways so can
  21. Engineering Mathematics-I

    Find the area bounded by y=2x^2 and y^2=4x
  22. English

    I always have trouble writing the first sentence of a paragraph and was wondering if i could get some tips :)
  23. American History

    what was the colonial empire of Spain, France and England's political control like? I cant find this i my book and thought i could before and I googled it but could not find what i needed could some one help with this?
  24. American history

    Compare the colonial empires of Spain, France and England in terms of their economic structure. I cant find anything about their economic structure and would like some sites to help me if i could get them. :) thanks
  25. ELA

    1. What is the implied main idea of the passage? (1 point) Harriet and the fugitives only survived because of the kindness of others.Harriet worked hard to ensure the fugitives survived the harsh winter.Harriet and the fugitives wished they could go back
  26. ELA

    What is the implied main idea of the passage>
  27. US history

    what is the term used to describe nazi germany's systematic annihilation of european jews A)blitzkrieg B)the holocast C)kristallnacht D)the manhattan project A?
  28. math

    The results of a survey of students favorite candy is shown. If 100 students were surveyed. 30% students would prefer which candy? Gummi bears 23% Skittles 30% Jolly Ranchers 32% starburst 15%
  29. Chemistry

    Each increase in pressure of 100 atm decreases the melting point of ice by about 1.0¡ÆC. Q. One possible explanation of why a skate moves smoothly over ice is that the pressure exerted by the skater on the ice lowers its freezing point and causes it to
  30. science

    calculate weight by volume for 0.8molal urea,density of solution is 1.14gram per ml
  31. physics

    a body is thrown a point with speed 50m/s at an angle 37 degree with horizontal. when it has moved a horizontal distance of 80 m then it's distance from point of projection
  32. 4th grade math fractions

    can anyone please answer and explain this A little monkey had 75 peaches. Each day, he kept a fraction of his peaches, gave the rest away, and then ate one. These are the fractions he decided to keep: 1/2,1/4,3/4,3/5,5/6,11/15 In which order did he use the
  33. algebra

    Scott starts with $10 and earns $5 and hour. Jill starts with $40 and earns $3 and hour. when will the two have the same amount of money in the same hours?
  34. simple interest rate

    Suppose you borrow RM 5000 today and are required to pay interest of RM 200 for a one year period. What is the simple interest rate?
  35. math 4th grade

    Anna has 32 red beads, 16 blue beads, and 8 green beads. She wants to put an equal number of each kind of bead on necklaces she is making. How many of each kind of beads can Anna put on each necklace? Can anyone explain this clearly.
  36. Algebra

    Solve. -11(5-b)= 3b/6
  37. Math

    Hello I need some help with these questions. A survey of 115 children found that 39 liked The Little Mermaid 43 liked 101 Dalmatians 56 liked Mickey Mouse 7 liked The Little Mermaid and 101 Dalmatians 10 liked The Little Mermaid and Mickey Mouse 16 liked
  38. Math

    1. When their child was born, Elaine and Mike Porter deposited $5,000 in a savings account. The money ears interest at 6 percent compounded quarterly. How much will the account be worth when their child celebrates her second birthday? My answer= $5,632.46
  39. Math

    1. Rishi ram obtained an installment loan for $3,000.00. He agreed to repay the loan in 6 monthly payments. His monthly payments is $516.50. What is the APR? MY ANSWER=0.33% 2. Tim Newman took out a simple interest loan of $1500 at a 10 percent interest
  40. Math

    Hi. I have a few math questions I need some help with. Hamid Husain took out a $50,000, 5-year term policy at age 50. The premium per $1,000 was $4.80. He will be 55 years old this year. The premium per $1,000 will be $6.58. What is the percent increase?
  41. algebra

    A farmer has 25 yards of fencing to make a pig pen. He is going to use the side of the barn as one of the sides of the fence, so he only needs to fence 3 sides. What should be the dimensions of the fence in order to maximize the area?
  42. science

    an animal that basks on a warm rack during the morning hours but retreats to the sade of the rocks during the middle day is most likely a(n) A)ectotherm B) endotherm C)vertebrate D) chordate
  43. science

    most bacteria are A) unicellular eukaryotes B) unicellular prokaryotes C) multicellular eukaryotes D) multicellular prokaryotes
  44. science

    what is active transport
  45. science

    passive transport involves movement of substances...... A) from areas of lower concentration areas of higher concentrations. B)from areas of higher concentrations to areas of lower concentration C) from areas which the concentration has reached a balance
  46. science

    how is osmosis different from diffusion?
  47. science

    which of the following correctly identifies active transport
  48. health

    two key components to keeping your heart healthy that are within your control are exercise and....... A) diet B) rest C) heredity D) enviroment
  49. HEALTH

    which component of blood is used to help create a scab after you cut your finger
  50. Chemistry

    Identify the Bronsted-Lowry acid in the following reaction. H2O (l) + HCO31- (aq) → H3O+ (aq) + CO32- (aq)
  51. chemistry

    write the specific heat water and liquid and gas
  52. 3rd grade math

    Where did i find word problems specially for number rounding, I also need the methods and answers, because teacher marked compleatly wrong, for what i taught to kid. Can any body help please
  53. Vocabulary

    Though my dog River is huge and fierce looking, children are fond of him because he doesnt have a(n) _______ disposition. barren? interrogate? humdrum? sullen? trickle? truce? vicious?
  54. Math

    Write each integer for each exercise. (4) -|-5| |-7|
  55. cogat

    i want teach my little who is 3rd grader about cogat where did i find proper material. Can anybody please help to find about figure matrices and also figure classification
  56. Spanish 1

    Cual es tu apellido? (Smith)
  57. Spanish 1

    mis amigos ______ muy ocupados hoy.
  58. english

    A French girl found them
  59. general

    In which site i will get free cogat download printables questions for 3rd and 4th grades
  60. math

    write about a composite shape? a coposite shpe is a shape made up of 2 or more geometric shapes?
  61. math

    What make a cube a cube?
  62. math

    using your van de waals shapes sort at least 5 shapes in a circle. Explain the rule for how the shapes are sorted. Are you up for a challenge? sort at least using a venn diagram. Explain the rules for how the shapes are sorted
  63. Precalculus 12

    P(t)=t^4-20t^3-20t^2+1500t+15000 when P is 24000 find t
  64. Math

    The first modern electronic computer, called ENIAC, was introduced in 1946. Personal home computers were not available until 28 years later. In what year were personal home computers introduced.
  65. Materials Science

    A long 0.6 m OD ANSI 347 stainless steel (use k=15.8 W/mK) cylindrical billet at 290 degrees C is placed into cooling chamber where the temperature is 30 degrees C. If the average heat transfer coefficient is 170 W/m^2K, estimate the time in minutes
  66. math

    I need the answers to the why did the banana go out with the prune worksheet. I already have the answer to the riddle, but I need the numeral answers please.
  67. Maths

    What is the smallest possible positive integer x>5 , that leaves a remainder of 5 whenever it is divided by 14 , 8 or 77 ?
  68. Maths

    A polynomial ax^3+bx^2+cx+d leaves a remainder 10x+11 upon division by x^2-1 and also leaves a remainder -6 upon division by x^2+x+1. What are the values of a,b,c,d?
  69. finance mang

    if there is $48,000 in earnings available to common stock holders and the firm’s stock has a P/E of 20 times earnings per share, what is the current price of the stock?
  70. Maths

    If the minimum value of f(x)=x^2+18x+a is the same as the minimum value of f(f(x)), what is the max value of a?

    A thin ring with resistance R=10 Ω and self inductance L=0.2 H rotates with constant angular speed ω=100 rad/s in an external uniform magnetic field perpendicular to the rotation axis. As a result, the magnetic flux created by the external field varies
  72. math

    A composition of the number n is an ordered set of integers a1,a2,…,ak such that a1+a2+⋯+ak=n. The numbers a1,a2,…,ak are called the parts of the composition. Determine the number of compositions of 23 where each part is at least 4.
  73. maths

    A composition of the number n is an ordered set of integers a1,a2,…,ak such that a1+a2+⋯+ak=n. The numbers a1,a2,…,ak are called the parts of the composition. Determine the number of compositions of 23 where each part is at least 4.
  74. Physics

    A typical model rocket has a mass of 50 g. Similarly, a typical "class C" model rocket engine can produce a total impulse of 10 Newton-seconds. We usually launch model rockets vertically, but if I instead launched this rocket horizontally, how fast would
  75. math

    What are the coordinates of the center of the circle and the length of the radius with the equation (x+3)^2+(y-2)^2=16? Show your work.
  76. Math

    A bicycle lock has a 4-digit combination. Each of the digits is a number from 0 to 9. Find the probability that the lock has a combination in which 3 of the 4 digits are 3s
  77. math

    Maribel's city imposes a tax that is 40% of the state tax she pays. Her taxable income is $198.50 per week. Her state imposes tax at a rate of 5%. How much state and local tax is withheld from her weekly pay?
  78. math

    Consider the sequence t0 = 3, t1 = 3^3, t2 = 3^3^3 , t3 = 3^3^3^3,….. , defined by t0 = 3 and tn+1 = 3tn for n ≥ 0. What are the last 2 digits of t3 = 3^3^3^3 ? Show that the last 10 digits of tk are the same for all k ≥ 10
  79. Math

    My book says that I need to give another name for /_A , What does that mean?
  80. math

    which list all the factors of a composite number? a.1,7,21 b.1,11 c.1,5 d.1,5,25
  81. 3rd grade math

    25 cents __?__ 3/10 of a dollar
  82. Physics

    A 607-kg elevator starts from rest and moves upward for 4.40 s with constant acceleration until it reaches its cruising speed, 1.73 m/s. (a) What is the average power of the elevator motor during this period? . (b) How does this amount of power compare
  83. Math

    You have 300 meters of fencing with which to build two enclosures. One will be a square, and the other will be a rectangle where the length of the base is exactly twice the length of the height. Give the dimensions of the square and rectangle that minimize
  84. Chemistry

    what elements are found in the following substances? C6H12O6, NaCl, NaHCO3
  85. chemistry

    how many molecules of chlorine gas must be reated with excess sodium iodide if 32.2*10^22 formula units of sodium chloride are needed?
  86. trig

    2cos^2 22.5-1 (find exact value)
  87. math

    1.Transform the graph of f(x) = 3^x to sketch g(x) = 3^-(x+1) -2. Show table of values and each transformation clearly. 2.Write two equations to represent the same exponential function with a y-intercept of 5 and an asymptote at y = 3. Investigate whether
  88. math

    1.Transform the graph of f(x) = 3^x to sketch g(x) = 3^-(x+1) -2. Show table of values and each transformation clearly. 2.Write two equations to represent the same exponential function with a y-intercept of 5 and an asymptote at y = 3. Investigate whether
  89. english

    do you know any poems by robert frost? if so what is your opinion on fire and ice?
  90. english

    what is a good quote, if you chose what would be your quote of the day??
  91. english

    what is “Brother” from I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, about?
  92. science

    a molecule that contains all the information a cell needs to make protein: ATP, carbohydrate, lipid, protein, phospholipid, or nucleic acid?
  93. science

    one characteristic used to place organisms into kingdoms is: a) how they move b) where they live c) their ability to make food d) their ability to reproduce
  94. science

    what does cladistics?
  95. statistics

    you are asked to estimate the average weight of an adult male passenger for a study to maximize the number of seats in a certain airplane. you collect random weights of 1000 men passengers from a population of 100,000. you find that the average man in the
  96. help

    conversions: 3.0 cups/lb to L/Kg how do i go from cups to liters ? i know that 1pt=2 cups but i still cannot figure it out?? help
  97. help

    conversion problems: $3.98/lb to cents per gram 3.0 cups/lb to L/Kg (please show me the work) thank u

  99. math

    use a scatter plot to determine the relationship between the x values and the y values. x 7 2 4 5 1 6 3 7 5 26 20 15 30 12 25 possible answers: negative linear relationship nonlinear relationship no relationship positive linear relationship thanks for your
  100. math

    if john had an unpaid balance of $1,854.80 on his credit card statement at the beginning of the month and he made a payment of $45.00. If the interest rate of john's card wasw 2.5% on the unpaid balance per month. find the finance charge and the new


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