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  1. Science

    Why are metals good conductors of heat and electricity? Does it have to do with their valence electrons or the atomic packing factor?
  2. Calculus

    Which of the following functions grows the fastest as x goes to infinity? (2 points) f(x) = ex f(x) = 2x f(x) = 4x f(x) = e-2x
  3. Calculus

    Which of the following functions grows the fastest as x goes to infinity? (2 points) f(x) = ln(x) f(x) = log2(x) f(x) = x2 f(x) = 2x
  4. marketing

    Before a data collection form is completed, researchers sometimes set up a mock document that shows the way data will be presented and how the results of an analysis may correlate. This document is called a A. cross-sectional study. B. statistical test. C.
  5. Algebra

    Steve is making bags of mixed nuts. Almonds are $5 per pound & Cashews are $12 per pound. Steve charges $56 per 7 pound bag. 1. Write a system of equations that can be used to determine how many pounds of almonds & how many pounds of cashews Steve uses. 2.
  6. soc 203

    Which of the following social structures is NOT reflected in the act of a wife adopting her husband’s name and foregoing her father’s (her maiden) name?
  7. Science

    This is just a general question.. Why do you think it is beneficial to average class data instead of drawing conclusions from only data that your group collected?
  8. Vectors

    A plane is steering east at a speed of 240km/h. What is the ground speed of the plane if the wind is from the northwest at 65km/h. What is the plane's actual direction?
  9. Vectors

    A plane is steering east at a speed of 240km/h. What is the ground speed of the plane if the wind is from the northwest at 65km/h. What is the plane's actual direction?
  10. calculus

    If 'a' and 'b' are unit vectors that make an angle of 60 degrees with each other, calculate l 3a - 5b l and l 8a + 3b l the 'a' and 'b' have a carat of top of them
  11. Statistics

    Episodes of dehydration are common at outdoors music festivals. At a particular large annual event, a first aid team has recorded over the years 85 cases on average per day. In 2018, during a weekend they observe 78, 86, 79, and 81 cases. Assuming the
  12. calculus

    Suppose the revenue (in thousands of dollars) for the sales of 'x' hundred units of an electronic item is given by the function R(x)= 40x^2e^ -0.4x +30. where the maximum capacity of the plant is 800 units. Determine the number of units to produce in order
  13. calculus

    The net monthly profit, in dollars, from the sale of a certain item is given by the formula P(x) = 10^6[1 + (x-1)e^0.001x], where x is the number of items sold. a) Find the number of items that yield the maximum profit. At full capacity, the factory can
  14. Statistic

    Consumers own laptops of brand X for a certain amount of time before buying a new model. This time duration has a distribution with unknown mean and standard deviation 1.5. The company X expects that consumers will keep their laptop or 3.5 years. After
  15. Statistics

    Consumers own laptops of brand X for a certain amount of time before buying a new model. This time duration has a distribution with unknown mean and standard deviation 1.5. The company X expects that consumers will keep their laptop or 3.5 years. After
  16. calculus

    a) For the function y= e^-3x, determine dy/dx, d^2/dx^2 and d^3y/dx^3. b) From the pattern in part a, state the value for ((d^n)y)/(d(x^n)).
  17. Math

    If the third of 6 consecutive numbers is 12, what is their sum?
  18. math

    Order from least to greatest. A.1/4,0.2,1/2 B.1/2,1/4,0.2 C.0.2,1/4,1/2 D.0.2,1/2,1/4
  19. math

    Kyle divided a drink with a volume of 2 1/2 cups into 1/4 portions. How many portions did he he have?
  20. Algebra

    What's the the right order from least to greatest for 1/14, 7/9, 4/5, thank you very much. Kim
  21. Pre Algebra

    “A pre-algebra book is 8 1 half Click for more options inches by 9 1 fourth Click for more options inches. Determine the perimeter of the textbook. Describe the steps you took to solve this problem.
  22. Consumer math

    Which is not a part of your budget? Primary job gross income Second job realized income Fixed expenses Discretionary expenses**** my answer Am I correct?
  23. algebra

    Solve the system of equations using the linear combination method. {9x+5y=35 2x+5y=0
  24. Seattle central college

    Which of the following is author’s opinion a. Olmsted - was appoint superintendent and worker began cleaning the land for construction. b. After a vote by park commissioner, Vaux and Olmsted become the officer design of Central Park. c. Calvert Vaux, a
  25. Math

    Explain how you can use mental math to solve the equation 8^(x-4)=1.
  26. math

    Use the formula S equals 2 left-parenthesis l w right-parenthesis plus 2 left-parenthesis l h right-parenthesis plus 2 left-parenthesis w h right-parenthesisto find the surface area of a rectangular prism with the following dimensions: length = 2 cm width
  27. math

    How could I solve c) and d) without the use of derivatives for the following question? It is estimated that, t years from now, the amount of waste accumulated, Q, in tonnes, will be Q(t)= 10^4(t^2+15t+70) tonnes, t is greater than or equal to 0, t is also
  28. Algebra2

    g(x)=5x-1 solve g(x)=17
  29. Algebra

    -5+i/2i I’m lost on this question and don’t know how to finish here is what I got -5+i/2i*-3 on both sides?
  30. Trig

    Show that the following statement is an identity by transforming the left side into the right side. sinθ(cscθ − sinθ)= cos^2 θ
  31. accounting

    The ABC Company has a policy to capitalize an asset with a threshold of $5,000 per item or a project/program. The ABC Company has an ongoing rolling replacement project/program to replace 20% of all computers annually. In addition, the ABC Company uses
  32. Math

    I received an D+ for a final grade what did I get on the final
  33. Math

    Use synthetic division to find the zeroes of the function f(x) = x^3 + x^2 +4x+4 Need help on this we have a test when i go back to school please help this was an example given and i dont understand it.
  34. Criminal justice

    As interpreted by the US Supreme Court which of the following individual rights is not guaranteed by the bill of rights? A right to have an attorney A right to an appeal A right to a trial by jury*** A right to due process I believe it is a right to a
  35. Statistics

    According to a recent survey, 65% of all customers will return to the same grocery store. Suppose 11 customers are selected at random,what is the probability that A) exactly 5 will return? B) all 11 will return? C) at least 6 will return D) at least one
  36. statistics

    The Middlecreek Branch of the National Bank of Virginia has 10 real estate loans over $1,000,000. Of these 10 loans, 4 are "underwater." A loan is underwater if the amount of the loan is greater than the value of the property. The chief loan officer
  37. Physics

    An acrobat of mass 53.2 kg is going to hang by her teeth from a steel wire and she does not want the wire to stretch beyond its elastic limit. The elastic limit for the wire is 2.37 × 108 Pa. What is the minimum diameter the wire should have to support
  38. Physics

    In an aviation test lab, pilots are subjected to vertical oscillations on a shaking rig to see how well they can recognize objects in times of severe airplane vibration. The frequency can be varied from 0.0190 to 38.3 Hz and the amplitude can be set as
  39. Science

    How many atoms are in 0.64 moles of strontium
  40. Computer

    Write a C++ program that uses 2 functions the first is to read an array of students’ grades and return the sum of the all grades to the main program. And the second function will receive the sum of all grades from the main program and calculate and print
  41. Computer

    Pseudocode that gets 2 numbers from user and prints them in order until the user enters the first value of the trio as negative.
  42. geometry

    I don't want the answer I want to be taught how to solve it. Okay so the question is diameter=25in. A=(3.14)(12)^2 Then there is a circle with a line through it and it says 14yd. Okay so I am assuming I solve the area first A=(3.14)(12)^2=452.16 But after
  43. Math

    Finally, Kevin has a client who would like to invest into an account that earns 3.2% interest, which is compounded annually. The client opens the account with an initial deposit of $4,000, and deposits an additional $4,000 into the account each year
  44. Math

    The client wants to know how long it will take for an initial deposit of $30000 to double at an annually compounded interest rate of 2.0% What is the doubling time (assuming no withdrawals or additional deposits are made)?
  45. Math

    Tracy became interested in the maximal height for throwing a ball. On the internet, she finds that the maximum pitching speed of professional baseball players is 150 feet per second (about 105 miles per hour). The equation for the height y (in feet) after
  46. Math/ help please

    In another calculation, Rachel needs to evaluate the expression -5fifth root square (- 400^2). What is the value of this expression?
  47. Math

    Betty has worked out the financing of her coffee shop. She plans to use the money in a savings account for her start-up costs. The savings account was opened by her grandmother five years ago. To figure out the annual interest rate, Betty needs to evaluate
  48. Adding and subtracting positive and negative numb

    Betty is in the process of opening her own business – a coffee shop in downtown Fargo, North Dakota. With the Grand Opening a month away, she runs the numbers involved in her upfront expenses: $5,400 for local advertising, $2,700 for the security deposit
  49. Math/ compound interest

    The next morning, Kevin meets with a client who would like to invest $20,000 into an account that pays 3.2% interest, which is compounded annually. How much money is in the account after 5 years if no withdrawals or additional deposits are made?
  50. Math/multi step equation

    The following formula relates the distance s (in feet) traveled by a vehicle during an emergency stop to the time t (in seconds) it takes to arrive at a complete stop: s=16t^2 At the scene of an accident, Bill uses skid marks to determine the braking
  51. Math

    Bill is concerned about the frostbite risk for workers clearing snow. The weather report predicts the air temperature will be -15 degrees Fahrenheit. Joe comes up with an equation relating air temperatures caused by the wind and wind speed: y =- 5/ 3
  52. Math

    Intrigued by this formula, Anne applies it to determine the size of her own dog’s head. Anne again uses the formula relating the estimated shoulder height H (in centimeters) of a dog to the internal dimension of the skull D (in cubic centimeters):
  53. Math

    Betty decides to support local artists by hanging their artwork in her shop. When decorating the coffee shop, Betty comes across the following formula for placing pictures on her walls: 1 third open vertical bar A-12 close vertical bar plus 2 over 3 open
  54. Math

    Betty decides to compare the diagonals of both the square and rectangular tables customers will use in the coffee shop. Her measurements show that the square tables have a side length of 34 inches and the rectangular tables are 29 1/ 3 inches wide and 35
  55. Math

    Betty has the option of using three types of tables in her coffee shop: square tables with a side length of 42 inches; rectangular tables 26 inches wide and 73 2/3 inches long; and round tables with a diameter of 36 inches. Which of the tables has the
  56. Math

    Joe is the owner and CEO of Pinecrest Enterprises, a real estate development company in Boise, Idaho. The company has taken on a new development project outside of town, and Joe wants to drive out to survey the proposed development site. The site is 30
  57. biology

    how many copies of genome are present in a diploid cell in G1 phase?
  58. science

    Woman weighs= 55 kg cup of coffee = 94 mg of caffeine LDL = 400 mg/ kg Cup of coffee ( 8 oz) How many cups would it take to reach the LDL?
  59. Math

    How did you get this answer ?
  60. Chemistry

    A 8.07g sample of impure Ag2O decomposes into solid silver and O2(g). If 395mL of O2(g) is collected over water at 25 degrees Celsius and 749.2 mmHg barometric pressure, then what is the percent by mass of Ag2O in the sample? The vapor pressure of water at
  61. english

    how does the men's final choice lead to the end of the story two friends
  62. world history

    what parts of europe still has an agricultural economy in the early twentieth century
  63. College Paper

    How do I critique an article using 2 journal articles in a paper. What outline can I follow in writing my paper.
  64. English

    1.What is the correct way to punctuate the end of this sentence? Did the baseball player say, “I can do the splits” Did the baseball player say, “I can do the splits?” Did the baseball player say, “I can do the splits”? xx 2. Which sentence
  65. social studies

    why was solon important? A. he was the macedonian king who united Greece B. he set up salaries for officials so poor people could serve C. he was the general who defeated the persian invaders D.he ended slavery for people who fell in debt i think its A
  66. English

    Parents want their children to go to college however they do not always have the funds to send them
  67. geometry

    square 1 has a side length of x, and square 2 has a side length of y. Square 2 is formed by joining the midpoints of the sides of square 1 in order. If x=2, find the ratio of the are of square 1 to the area of square 2
  68. math

    License plates consist of letters and/ or digits. Calculate the number of licence plates that could be formed in each province or territory. Assume all numbers and letters are possible. a) Ontario, with 4 letters followed by 3 digits b)Québec, with 3
  69. math

    Caleb needs to create an 8-digit password using only numbers. How many different passwords are there if he wants to use 00 exactly once?
  70. math

    A salesperson needs to visit 15 different offices during the week. In how many ways could she visit 3 different offices each day from Monday to Friday?
  71. Algebra

    I am supposed to be learning how to divide polynomials by monomials but im stuck please help. (4x³ + 10x² + 3a) ÷ 2x²
  72. Chemistry

    A sample of 2.50 g LiI is added to 75.0 mL of water initially at 21.0°C. After stirring and dissolving, the temperature of the solution is 24.3°C. Assume that the specific heat of the solution is 4.184 J/g°C, the density is 1.00 g/mL, and the
  73. calculus

    from a cardboard box 12 in by 8 inches are cut out so the sides can be folded up to make a box . What dimentions will yield a maximum volume? What is maximum volume? we got our V = 4x^3--40x^2+96x V'=12x^2-80x +96 then we know to use quadratic equation I
  74. Economic part 2

    Two countries shown in the chart ranked higher in overall development than the United States did. The United States had a higher per capita GDP than these countries. What factors accounted for the higher rankings of these countries? A. Iceland had the
  75. Trig

    Morana is trolling for salmon in Lak Ontario. She sets the fishing rod so its tip is 1 m above the water and the line enters the water at an angle of 45 degrees. Fish have been tracked at a depth of 45km. What length of line must she let out?
  76. Statistics

    Suppose x is a uniform random variable with values ranging from 20 to 70. Find the probability that a randomly selected observation is between 23 and 65.
  77. Statistics

    Suppose x is a uniform random variable with values ranging from 40 to 60. Find the probability that a randomly selected observation exceeds 54. *** Im not sure how to do this. I thought I needed a standard deviation.
  78. Math-fractions

    A receipt requires 1/2 cup of flour for every batch of cookies. How many full batches of cookies can be made with 5 1/2 flour?
  79. physics

    A 75.0 kg person bends his knees and then jumps straight up. After his feet leave the floor, his motion is unaffected by air resistance and his center of mass rises by a maximum of 13.5 cm. Model the floor as completely solid and motionless. With what
  80. physics

    A 75.0 kg person bends his knees and then jumps straight up. After his feet leave the floor, his motion is unaffected by air resistance and his center of mass rises by a maximum of 13.5 cm. Model the floor as completely solid and motionless.
  81. Chemistry

    An electron initially in the n = 2 energy level in a hydrogen atom absorbs a photon of light with a frequency of 6.167 x 1014 s-1. Calculate the new energy level the electron will occupy. I am not sure how to being.
  82. Chemistry

    A solution is labeled 0.450m hcl. What is the h+ for the solution?
  83. Mathhhhh

    There are 260 skittles but only 133 were eaten. How do I find the percentage of what was eaten?
  84. math

    Four men, Eddie Jake, Deon, and Fred are watchmen in a small factory in Lorain. Their job consists of two daily shifts of six hours each, interrupted by a rest of several hours. At any hour of the day or night there must always be two men on duty. However,
  85. statistics

    A school club consists of 22 male students and 15 female students. If 3 students are selected to represent the club in the student government, what is the probability 2 will be male and 1 will be female?
  86. Physics

    The lenses used in a compound microscope have powers of + 110 D and + 60 D . If a total magnification of -150 × is desired, what should be the distance between the two lenses?
  87. Math

    Sade found that 75% of 60 is the same as 30% of another number n.what is the value of n?
  88. Math

    Which of the following is a factor of both x2- x-6 and x2 - 5x + 6
  89. Chemistry

    Calculate the number of moles of ZnCl, in 100mL of 3.00M solution.
  90. Math

    An electron weighs about 10^(-27) grams, and a raindrop weighs about 10^(-3). a raindrop is 24 times heavier than an electron. an electron is 24 times lighter than a raindrop. but idk what is the order of multitude difference.. or how to calculate it... i
  91. math

    In the 1870's, on a farm along the Ohio River, a girl was presented with three gifts: a rooster, a goose, and a duck. The duck had cost 20 cents. The rooster and the goose together cost twice as much as the duck. The goose and the duck together cost three
  92. calculus

    The voltage in a electric current is 100 volts then with Ohm's law how do you find the instantaneous rate of change of I with respect to R ta a resistance of 20 ohms if R is increasing I know how to use the instantaneous formula but what is f(a)
  93. math

    Mike's age right now is exactly 3 times his age 3 years hence minus 3 times his age 3 years ago. How old is Mike right now?
  94. Algebra (answer check)

    Where is the vertex of the graph of y equals negative x squared plus 2 x plus 5 located? (1,5) < it's not this one (1,6) (-1,3) <-- (-1,2) Which values best approximate the solutions of -4x^2+7x+5=0? 0.9 and 2.3 0.9 and 5 -0.5 and 2.3 <-- -0.5 and
  95. FSCJ

    please help!! A storage tank 32 m high is filled with pure water. (Assume the tank is open and exposed to the atmosphere at the top.) (a) Find the gauge pressure at the bottom of the tank. (b) Calculate the magnitude of the net force that acts on a square
  96. English

    For a project I have to come up with some allusions in a couplet format and I am iffy on how to write my own. I was wondering if these were ok. 1) Their death by disease Was not what they pleased. (I was going for a historical allusion to the Native
  97. Math@@

    How do I solve v + 17 -11= 65
  98. Math

    The length of a rectangle is 1 m more than twice its width. What is the length of the rectangle if its perimeter is 110m?
  99. algebra

    identify the initial amount a and the growth factor b in the exponential function g(x)=4X2
  100. calculus

    find the limit x-->inf (x^2+x)^1/2-(x^2-x)^1/2 so I know I multiply by the conjugate 2x/(x^2+x)^1/2+(x^2-x)^1/2 then I don't know where to finish problem


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