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  1. Math

    Rational numbers are fractions and their opposites. All of these numbers are rational numbers. Show that they are rational by writing them in the form a/b or -a/b. 0.2-1/5 -√4 0.333-333/1000 √100 -1.000001 √1/9 All rational numbers have decimal
  2. math

    Shannon can paint a room in 16 hours. Emily can paint the same room in 20 hours. How long does it take for both Shannon and Emily to paint the room it they are working together?
  3. Math

    I am three years younger than my brother, and i am 2 years older than my sister. My mom's age is one less than three times my brother's age. When you add all our ages, you get 87. What are our ages?
  4. mental arithmetic

    if p=3 and q=8 find the value of 3p+2-q how do I find out the value of 3p? can you please explain?
  5. Algebra

    Karrie is moving from Washington D.C. to Denver, CO. She has plotted her 1,670 mile trip on the following graph. (x-min = 0, x-max = 30, x-scale: 3; y-min = 0, y-max = 1800, y-scale = 200) How far is Karrie’s destination after she has traveled 6 hours?
  6. math

    how do I find the possibilities here: x^2 blank 24 x^2 +2x blank It is confusing
  7. Math

    If (a) varies directly as (b) and b= 20 when a= 4, find (b) when a=60 I don't understand this question at all
  8. Math

    Cathy wakes up at 7:00 am each morning. She spends 1/10 hour making her bed, 1/5 hour eating breakfast, and 1/2 hour getting ready for school. How long does Cathy spend doing these things each morning?
  9. Physics

    A squash ball typically rebounds from a surface with 25% of the speed with which it initially struck the surface. Suppose a squash ball is served in a shallow trajectory, from a height above the floor of 39 cm, at a launch angle of 6.0° above the
  10. Physics

    The roof of a two-story house makes an angle of 29° with the horizontal. A ball rolling down the roof rolls off the edge at a speed of 4.5 m/s. The distance to the ground from that point is 8.2 m. (a) How long is the ball in the air? (b) How far from the
  11. Physics

    Part A of this question asks for the sum of vector A = 3x+5y and vector B = 1x-3y. I did this and got the vector A + vector B = 4x+2y. Part B then asks what the magnitude and direction of vector A + vector B? The answer in the back of the textbook says
  12. Chemistry

    Determine the mass of PbSO4 produced when 10mL of 0.2M CuSO4 reacts with 10mL of 0.2M Pb(NO3)2? Balance the equation CuSO4 + Pb(NO3)2 → PbSO4 + Cu(NO3)2 Find the number of moles for CuSO4 c=n/v n=c × v n=0.2 × 0.01 n=0.002 mol Since it is a 1:1 ratio,
  13. Chemistry

    What are some errors that can be made in colorimetry?
  14. chemistry

    is gravimetric analysis or colourimetry more accurate when it comes to precipitation reactions where only around 6g and 100ml of the products are used?
  15. chemistry

    Ammonia is often produced by reacting nitrogen gas with hydrogen gas. How many liters of ammonia gas can be formed from 12.9 L of hydrogen gas at 93.0°C and a pressure of 43.5 kPa? (Assume an excess amount of nitrogen gas.) I have absolutely no idea how
  16. science

    sound travels in theses from its source
  17. mixture problems

    A chemist has two solutions of sulfuric acid. One is a 25% solution, and the other is a 50% solution. How many liters of each does the chemist mix to get 10 liters of a 40% solution? 25% solution L: 50% solution L:
  18. mixture problems

    How many gallons of 45% butterfat cream must be mixed with 500 gallons of 3% butterfat milk to obtain a 5% butterfat milk?
  19. math

    A manufacturer of lapel buttons test marketed a new item at a university. It was found that 1,000 items could be sold if they were priced at $4, but only 600 items could be sold if the price were raised to $8. On the other hand, the manufacturer finds that
  20. Physics

    Bats are extremely adept at catching insects in midair. If a 62-g bat flying in one direction at 9 m/s catches a 6-g insect flying in the opposite direction at 4 m/s, what is the speed of the bat immediately after catching the insect?
  21. Physics

    A skateboarder of mass 38.0 kg is riding her 3.90-kg skateboard at a speed of 5.40 m/s. She jumps backward off her skateboard, sending the skateboard forward at a speed of 8.5 m/s. At what speed is the skateboarder moving when her feet hit the ground?
  22. Algebra

    Fiona invested $1000 at 8% compounded continuously. At the same time Maria invested $1100 at 8% compounded daily. How long will it take for their investments to be equal in value? Assume there are 365 days in every year. Please help I have tried everything
  23. science

    On average, froghopper insects have a mass of 12.3 mg and jump to a height of 428 mm. The takeoff velocity is achieved as the little critter flexes its leg over a distance of approximately 2.0 mm. Assume a vertical jump with constant acceleration. How long
  24. science

    On average, froghopper insects have a mass of 12.3 mg and jump to a height of 428 mm. The takeoff velocity is achieved as the little critter flexes its leg over a distance of approximately 2.0 mm. Assume a vertical jump with constant acceleration. How long
  25. Math

    16. Alison uses a total of 94.5 cups of dog food each week to feed her three dogs. Each dog eats the same amount. How much does each dog eat in one day? 19. | x - 2 | = 2 Choose from -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. Find all of the numbers that are solutions
  26. Algebra

    When writing an equation in slope-intercept form, does be have to be a positive number or can it be negative? For example, y=-3x-5.
  27. Algebra

    Use properties of logarithms to find the exact value of each expression. Do not use a calculator. 8^log 8^5
  28. math

    What do you get when you double 1/8?
  29. math

    Erica had 7/8 of a pizza left. Her friend ate 1/6 f the pizza that was left. What fraction of the whole pizza did her friend eat? PLEASE HELP!
  30. Pre-Cal Trig

    Two lookout towers are situated on mountain tops A and B, 4 mi from each other. A helicopter firefighting team is located in a valley at point C, 3 mi from A and 2 mi from B. Using the line between A and B as a reference, a lookout spots a fire at an angle
  31. Pre-Cal

    Angles of elevation to an airplane are measured from the top and the base of a building that is 40 m tall. The angle from the top of the building is 37°, and the angle from the base of the building is 40°. Find the altitude of the airplane. (Round your
  32. Physics

    A 21.3-g bullet is fired from a rifle. It takes 3.77 × 10-3 s for the bullet to travel the length of the barrel, and it exits the barrel with a speed of 779 m/s. Assuming that the acceleration of the bullet is constant, find the average net force exerted
  33. physics

    Over a time interval of 1.72 years, the velocity of a planet orbiting a distant star reverses direction, changing from +18.2 km/s to -18.8 km/s. Find (a) the total change in the planet's velocity (in m/s) and (b) its average acceleration (in m/s2) during
  34. physics

    A motorcycle has a constant acceleration of 4.33 m/s2. Both the velocity and acceleration of the motorcycle point in the same direction. How much time is required for the motorcycle to change its speed from (a) 40.0 to 50.0 m/s, and (b) 70.0 to 80.0 m/s?
  35. physics

    Two motorcycles are traveling due east with different velocities. However, 5.81 seconds later, they have the same velocity. During this 5.81 -second interval, motorcycle A has an average acceleration of 4.07 m/s2 due east, while motorcycle B has an average
  36. physic

    The initial velocity and acceleration of four moving objects at a given instant in time are given in the following table. Determine the final speed of each of the objects, assuming that the time elapsed since t = 0 s is 2.2 s.
  37. physics

    A sprinter explodes out of the starting block with an acceleration of + 2.29 m/s2, which she sustains for 1.13 s. Then, her acceleration drops to zero for the rest of the race.
  38. finance

    Templeton Extended Care Facilities, INC. is considering the acquisition of a chain of cemeteries for $370 million. Since the primary asset of this business is real estate, Templeton’s management has determined that they will be able to borrow the
  39. Math

    This is the error message I see, how do I fix this: listarray:argument must be an array;found:b--anerror.2 debug this try: debugmode(true)
  40. chemistry

    Aluminum reacts with hydrochloric acid to produce aluminum chloride and hydrogen gas. What mass of hydrochloric acid reacts when 87.7 grams of aluminum dissolves? The equation is 2Al+6HCl=2AlCl3+3H2
  41. Physics

    A deorbit burn has been performed. During this deorbit burn a pre-calculated Delta V (change in velocity) of 290 ft/s (or 88.4 m/s) will be used to decrease the Shuttle’s altitude from 205 miles to 60 miles at perigee. The Shuttle’s Orbital Maneuvering
  42. Chemistry

    The heads of matches are made with P4S3. this material is made by heating a mixture of red phosphorus and sulfur: 8P4 + 3S8----> 8P4S3 If a match company uses 5435 grams of phosphorous (p4) with an excess of sulfure, how many grams of P4S3 can be made? Can
  43. Chemistry

    Please help. Calculate the pH at the following points during the titration of 100.0 mL of 0.20 M acetic acid (Ka for acetic acid = 1.8 x 10-5) with 0.10M sodium hydroxide 1. before addition of any base 2. after addition of 30.0mL of base 3. after addition
  44. Chemistry

    Calculate [OH-] and pH for the following strong base solution: 10.0 mL of 0.0105 M Ca(OH)2 diluted to 500.0 mL
  45. physics

    There is a box attached to a spring. The spring has a spring constant of 39 N/m. The ì between the box and the surface is 0.3. The box has a mass of 1 kg. What is the maximum distance that the spring can be stretched from equilibrium before the box begins
  46. math

    -18 > x/6-10 let "x" be the unknown number solve the inequality.
  47. Math

    I am having a hard time with this word problem: A road crew has 3/4 ton of stone to divide evenly among 4 sidewalks. How much stone does the crew need for each sidewalk. a. 3/8t b. 3/16t c. 5/16t d. 5/24t This is what I did: 4 divided by 3/4 is 4/1 x 4/3
  48. 7th grade science

    What kind of inheritance governs foot length?
  49. 7th grade science

    Write a pedigree in which there are parents and 4 children, 1 girl and 1 boy are color blind and the other girl and boy are not. I HAVE A FEW QUESTIONS- ?- For a girl to be colorblind does her mother have to be colorblind too or just a carrier?her father?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH are a great help to me, i kind of already knew that but it reassured me that i was doing the right thing, i was confused on what side to put my variable on but now i see that i can put it on either side
  51. 7th grade math

    "x" is the variable 11x=8x-6
  52. 7th grade math

    "x" is the variable 11x=8x-6
  53. 8th grade math

    Light travels approximately 5.87 X 10^12 miles in one year. This distance is called a light year. Suppose a star is 2 X 10^4 light years away. How many miles away is that star? Please help with detailed steps to solve problem. Thanks.
  54. 8th grade math

    Light travels approximately 5.87 X 10^12 miles in one year. This distance is called a light year. Suppose a star is 2 X 10^4 light years away. How many miles away is that star? Please help with detailed steps to solve problem. Thanks.
  55. 8th Grade Math

    How do you solve this equations? (xy^-3)^-5 (3x^4)(4x^12) ab^-6 ______ c^0d^-4 x^3y^0(z^-4) Can you please show it step by step? Thanks.
  56. social studies - geography

    How did texas geography affect the native american in the gulf coast?
  57. 4th grade

    What was the Geography and Climate in 1600-1700 Colonial America?
  58. 6th grade math

    How do I find a unit rate?
  59. Math

    Find the indicated outputs for f(x)= 5x^2-2x The 2 after the ^ is an exponent. f(0)=0 f(-1)= f(2)=
  60. Math

    Find the indicated outputs for f(x)=5x^2-2x. f(0)= f(-1)= f(2)=
  61. Math Geometry

    the area of a triangle is 1/2 bh find the area of the given triangle: when b=50 inches h= 15 inches
  62. Integers

    9 - -9 =
  63. math

    40 35 - 2+i 2-i How do I solve this? there is a division sign between the 40 and 2=i and another one between 35 and 2-i
  64. math

    Help! I am gettting a C in math and I am so cofussed! How do I study better but have fun while I do it? I love math, I take it as a game, I take the #'s and use their equations. I know you might not like problem solving q?, but try to get a tutor & I know
  65. help

    hi i just need help with what the greatest common factor of 51 and 34 is 4+0