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  1. Math

    There are 15 bits and 12 girls in ms.smiths class.What is the ratio of girls to boys written as a fraction in simplest form
  2. english: language arts IV

    Capitalation:Please identify which answer has ALL words properly capitilization. The houston zoo is a wonderful place for Children.
  3. Bmcc

    A rectangular air mattress is 200 cm long, 50 cm wide and 8 cm thick. If it has a mass of M=2 kg, what additional mass X can it support in water? Hint: Volume=L x W x H; Archimedes Forces B= (density of water) x V x g; M+X=B
  4. math

    a minute is 0.00000019 of year .calculate the part of a year a second represents ? express your answer in scientific notation.
  5. 8th grade math

    -7x+7y=7 2x-2=-18 how many solutions does this system have ?
  6. science

    a student stands at the edge of a diving board that is 3 m high. the student's weight is 350 N. what is the student's gravitational potential energy relative to the surface of the water?
  7. chemistry

    give 2 commercial or practical uses of this flame color phenomena.
  8. Pre-algebra

    How do you simplifyan algebraic equation?
  9. business

    How do I suggest the need for affirmative action to a company for a homework assignment?
  10. poetry

    what are some possible nature poems with a rhyme scheme of AAAA or AABB or ABAB or ABCB WITH alliteration,metaphor,onomatopoeia,personification,and simile
  11. Math

    If you have 2coins to make 30cents but you can not use a nickel? That's impossible without a nickel. Unless, if you are allowed to make more than 30 cents, then you could use 2 quarters, but if you mean 2 coins=30 cents that can't be done. That's
  12. math!

    george entered a function into his calculator andfound the following partail sums s1=0.0016 s2= 0.0096 s3= 0.0496 s4= 0.2496 s5= 1.2496 determine the genral term of the corresponding sequence how would I approach this question? If this is a series then sn