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  1. Algebra

    Lisa brought half of her savings to the bakery and bought 12 croissants for $14.20. The amount of money she brings home with her is more than $2. Use an inequality to find how much money she had in her savings before going to the bakery. (Write the
  2. Algebra

    (-16) - 6 + (-5) If the -16 is in ( )'s does that make it a positive 16? How would I solve this step by step?
  3. Algebra

    -5/4 × 1/3 How can I solve this step by step? I'm confused
  4. English/writing

    Can someone tell me if this sentence is ok? Or give suggestions on how I can make it better? The students not only raised money during the walk-a-thon but continued to collect pledges three weeks afterward.
  5. CHEMISTRY 122

    The spectrophotometer was used to measure the abosrbance of each of a series of [FeSal]+ solutions. A standard curve was constructed by plotting the absorbance vs. concentration (M). The slope and y-intercept were found to be 1517 M-1 and 0.001,
  6. Science

    How are the respiratory and circulatory and respiratory systems similar? A) Both systems provide glucose and other substances to cells. B) Both systems regulate blood flow throughout the body. C) Both systems help remove carbon dioxide from the body. D)
  7. CHEMISTRY 122

    The spectrophotometer was used to measure the abosrbance of each of a series of [FeSal]+ solutions. A standard curve was constructed by plotting the absorbance vs. concentration (M). The slope and y-intercept were found to be 1517 M-1 and 0.001,
  8. Math 6th Grade

    A deep-sea diver must descend and ascend in short steps to equalize pressure on his body. If the diver rises toward the surface too fast, he may suffer from a physical condition called "the bends". Suppose the diver started at 82 feet below the surface and
  9. History

    "A leader is best when people barely know he exists; when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves." What does this mean? What is the belief system?
  10. Chemistry

    What is the slope of the standard curve? Absorbance Concentration (M) 0.330 6.00 x 10-4 0.264 4.80 x 10-4 0.198 3.60 x 10-4 0.132 2.40 x 10-4 0.0660 1.2 x 10-4 What is the slope of the standard curve?
  11. chemistry

    Calculate the concentration of a solution prepared by adding 15.00 mL of 1.92E−3M KMnO4 from a buret into a 50.00 mL volumetric flask, which is then filled to the 50.00 mL graduation mark with distilled water.
  12. math

    A nurse must give 1 12 milligram of a drug for each kilogram of patient weight. If Mr. Krisanda weighs​ (or has a mass​ of) 60 ​kilograms, find the amount of the drug Mr. Krisanda should be given.
  13. Math

    What are 5 mixed numbers that all add up to ten using only (1/3)s and (1/4)s? I can come close and go over and under but I NEVER hit exactly ten. I'd love if someone can help me please. Thanks!
  14. Math

    A company has 100,000 subscribers. There are 3 types of subscription: a $99 version, a $350 version and a $1000 version. The first group gives 50% of the customers, the second gives 30%, and the third gives 20%. The average subscription expectancy is 1
  15. physics

    A monoatomic ideal gas has Cp= 5R/2 a) four moles of the gas undergoes a process in which the temperature of the gas increases from 300 K to 500 K while the pressure is kept constant at 2.00 x 105 Pa. What is the change in the internal energy of the gas?
  16. Maths

    Susanna owns 10 shops and 5 restaurants. She is going to visit three of her businesses and writes her list in order. The order will be: Shop, restaurant, shop OR Restaurant, shop, restaurant. How many different lists can Bethany write? Thank you.
  17. Maths

    The sketch shows a curve with equation y=ab^x where a and b are constants and b>0. The curve passes through the points (0,3) and (2,12). Calculate the value of a and b. Thank you.
  18. English

    7. After he is wounded in Act III, Scene 1, Mercutio says to Romeo, "Why the devil came you between us? I was hurt your arm." Which of the following is the best paraphrase of Mercutio's words? a. I am so badly wounded that I feel I will die. b. Why did you
  19. Math

    There is a population of 6.848 billion people. There are roughly 57.9 million square miles of land on Earth, of which about 22% are favorbale for agriculture. Round answer to the nearest person. There are ___ people/ mile^2 of farmable land. I DIVIDED
  20. Algebra

    A department store is offering a coupon for 21 off for any purchases over $100. Construct a piecewise function for the actual cost, C, of the purchase as a function of the original purchase price, P. C= ? ,if 0
  21. Math

    A salad dressing is 25% vinegar.Sue wants to make 2 cups of dressing.How much vinegar does she need?
  22. culture

    Beliefs about child rearing practices are influenced by: A. ethnicity, intuition, occupation. B. ethnicity, religion, and occupation. C. religion, education, destiny. D. education, occupation, serendipity
  23. Math

    a student answered 86 problems on a test and got a 98%. How many problems were on the test?
  24. Math

    Omar's current annual salary is $75,000. How much will he need to earn 15 years from now to retain his present purchasing power if the rate of inflation over that period is 2%/year? Assume that inflation is continuously compounded.
  25. Trigonometry

    Outside temperature over a day can be modeled as a sinusoidal function. Suppose you know the high temperature of 95 degrees occurs at 3 PM and the average temperature for the day is 80 degrees. Find the temperature, to the nearest degree, at 8 AM
  26. algebra

    In an experiment, the population P of bacteria is given by P=1000e^kt,where k is constant.If the size of population bacteria is found to be 3000 after 10 hours, what is the size of the population after 5 hours?Show me the solution please.
  27. English

    What symbols are present in the poem, Salt Water Moon, by David French?

    Find the electric field on the axis of a uniformly charged solid cylinder, at a  distance z from the center of the cylinder. The length of the cylinder is H, its  radius is “a”, and the charge density is ρ. (Assume that z > H/2).
  29. Pre-Calc 20

    **EDIT** A rectangle has a diagonal of 18cm. The diagonal creates a 60 degree angle at the base of the triangle. Write an exact expression for the base and the height of the triangle. My teacher wants the base and height answered in roots so do you think
  30. Pre-Calc 20

    A rectangle has a diagonal of 18cm. The diagonal creates a 60 degree angle at the base of the triangle. Write an exact expression for the base and the height of the triangle.
  31. Math

    My car gets 24 miles per gallon I put 15.1 gallons of gas in my tank how many miles can I drive on 15.1 gallons of gas?
  32. Sciene Degree

    Pressure, P, is directly proportional to temperature,T, and P is 28 lb per square inch when T is 112 degress Kelvin. What is the pressure when the temperature is 124 degrees Kelvin? If required, round answer to three decimal places. _____lbs per square
  33. Math

    Hello, I need help solving two systems of equations. I'm not sure how to solve them. They are: 7w+e=8 e+5=9 And the second one is: 7e=107-6d 7e+8d=117 Thanks!
  34. Physics

    a ship is headed towards east at a thrust speed of 7.00 knots. A strong wind pressure causes the ship to deviate to the north at 1.00 knots. The sea current is flowing to the southwest at 4.00 knots. Determine the velocity of the ship relative to the
  35. English Grammar

    My English question asked if a topic sentence should be short or long.(true or false) I don't know how to answer this question. is this question false.
  36. English

    A topic sentence should be very long. 1. True 2. False Please recheck my answer. I say True
  37. English

    All sentences in a paragraph must relate to the idea that the topic sentence in the paragraph introduces. 1.True 2. False I say true. Please recheck my answer.
  38. Algebra

    coffee shop sells small and large coffee. Each day they sell 510 cups of coffee. If the shop sells 3 times as many large cups as small cups of coffee, How many cups of each size do they sell daily?
  39. English

    In academic writing, introductions must include a thesis statement. 1.True 2.False I think it true, please recheck my work
  40. English

    A brief, concise introduction can be effective. 1.True 2.False I think its true, please recheck my answer.
  41. English

    Which of the following is unimportant for an introduction in formal or academic writing? 1.Entertaining the audience 2.Establishing the key point the piece of writing will make. 3.Discussing your opinion on the topic for at least three sentences.
  42. chemistry 12u

    how do i calculate this.. a solution of nitrous acid has a pH of 2.73 what is the [H3O+] ?
  43. math

    Suppose the daily high temperature in a town is 3 degrees above average one day, then 5 degrees below average the next day, then 2 degrees above average, then 1 degree below average, then 6 degrees above average, then equal to the average the next day.
  44. Math

    Isaac throws an apple straight up (in the positive direction) from 1.0 m above the ground, reaching a maximum height of 35 meters. Neglecting air resistance, what is the ball’s velocity when it hits the ground?
  45. interest

    Find the balance on an account if you invest $100 at 5% for 10 years compounded monthly.
  46. interest

    Find the balance on an account if you invest $100 at 5% for 10 years compounded annually.
  47. math

    The student to teacher ratio is 19:1 at a local school and there is a total of 500 students and teachers. How many teachers and how many students are there. I'm not sure how to begin to set this up since I have two unknowns and not only one.
  48. Math

    If pasta sells for $3.55 for a 20-ounce box a. What is the price per ounce? Round to the nearest cent. $3.55/20 = $.18 per ounce b. How many ounces do you get per dollar? Round to the nearest tenth of an ounce. I'm not sure how to solve this answer. Thank
  49. Physics

    A box slides down a frictionless, 10-meter, 30o incline. Calculate the gravitational potential energy at both the beginning and end of the motion. Calculate the work done by GRAVITY as the box slides down the incline. Compare this to the overall change in
  50. Science

    Name each compound by ionic, hydrogen, or molecular compound and name the following? Im stuck on these! help please!! 1- Al2S3 2- SrI2 3 - CL2O5 4 - FeCl2 5 - BeH2
  51. Chemistry

    Name each compound by ionic, hydrogen, or molecular compound. And name the following? 1- P2O3 2 - MnO2 3 - Al2S3 4 - SO3 5 - NH3 6- SrI2 7 - CL2O5 8 - FeCl2 9 - BeH2
  52. Business

    Price auction on ebay are an exampke of a. e-business B. Information C. Entertainment D. Communication my answer is a. e-business Please help me
  53. Calc

    A ball is launched straight up from the edge of a cliff that is 250 m high. The ball's motion is given by s = 35t - 4.9t^2 where s is the ball's height in meters above the cliff top at time t seconds. With what velocity does the ball strike the ground at
  54. Math

    What is the final price of a $24 sweatshirt if there is a 20% discount applied and then a 7% sales tax added?
  55. Statistics

    If a teacher is grading on a curve, the median is 78 and the standard deviation is 9.6, how do i find out the ranges for grades? ex, an A is the top 15% of the curve. I know it has to do with the z score and that is the # of standard deviations the score
  56. Birthday

    Today is my daughters birthday .Thank you for helping her with her homework.Thank you Ms.Sue aslo she really like you, her name is Kaylah.
  57. Math

    The length of a rectangle is 8 cm longer than its width , if the perimeter is 84 cm , what is its area
  58. Math

    The length of a rectangle is 8 cm longer than its width , if the perimeter is 84 cm , what is its width
  59. Math

    A student got 70% on the first test She got 77% on the second test What is the percent increase ? This was all that was given in question
  60. math

    Marisa invests $1650 for 3 years, at which time her investment is worth $2262.7. What interest rate , compounded annually, would yield the same results? Found your answer to 2 decimal places.
  61. geography

    All of the following are a kind of government EXCEPT a(n).... (a)direct monarchy (b)oligarchy (c)city-state (d)absolute monarchy I am not sure but I think it is absolute monarchy.....
  62. Math

    Find the total area between y=x+12 and Y=3x+1 between x=0 and x=2.
  63. history

    were Helen Keller and John Reed more or less patriotic than United States soldiers who fought in the military during the war? Explain.
  64. chemistry

    Given two liters of 0.496M KCl describe how you would use this solution to prepare 250.0 ml of 0.175M KCl.
  65. Math

    how many times do the graphs of y=3sinx and y=3sin3x intersect for x in the interval [0, 2012]
  66. algebra

    you are buying orange juice for $4.50 per container and have a gift card worth $7. TheFunction f(x)=4.50x-7 represents your total cost f(x) if you buy x containers of orange juice and use the gift card. How much do you pay to buy 4 containers of orange
  67. Math

    Sarah starts at a point 26 miles from school and runs toward school at 6 miles per hour. Ryan starts from school 1.3 hours later and runs towards Sarah at 8 miles per hour. Let x be the number of hours Sarah has been running Write an expression in terms of
  68. Math

    My professor gave our class a study guide for our midterm. On that study guide, there were 10 prompts he wanted us to know. Out of the 10, there were 3 prompts that I wasn't confident in. For the midterm, he picked 5 prompts out of the 10. Out of those 5
  69. Calculus

    Estimate the relative rate of change of f(t)=5t^2 at t=4. Use change of 0.01.
  70. Algebra

    Suppose that you deposit $1735.50 in a savings account that pays 9.25% annual interest with interest created to the account at the end of each year. Assuming no withdrawals are made, find the balance in the account after 4 years
  71. Math

    A number is chosen at random from among all 5-digit numbers containing only the digits 1,2,3,4, and/or 5. Find the probability that the digits are all different.
  72. logarithm

    If log base 2 of x and log base 2 of y are distinct positive integers and log base x of 2 plus log base y of 2 equal to 0.5. xy=?
  73. Calculus

  74. Calc

  75. Math

    A round silo is 55 feet tall and has a 18 foot radius. How high would a load of 31000 cubic feet of grain fill the silo?
  76. Math

    A country's Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a measure of the cost of living. The inflation rate is the annual relative rate of change of the CPI. Use the data in the following table to estimate the inflation rate for each of years 2007–2012. Year 2007 CPI
  77. Math

    Distribution of exam 2 scores is unimodal and symmetric with a mean of 78 and a standard deviation of 4.6 points. What exam score corresponds to z- score of -2.46
  78. Algebra

    Using two lawnmowers and working together Tom and Anne can mow the lawn in 36 minutes. It takes Anne 90 minutes if she mows the lawn herself. How long would it take Tom to do the job working alone?
  79. Math

    If you deposit 10,000 every year into an account paying 5% interest compounded annually, how long will it take to accumulate 1,000,000?
  80. Math

    Find the effective rate of interest for 5% compounded monthly.
  81. Math

    Carletta has 23000 dollars to invest. As her financial consultant, you recommend that she invest in Treasury Bills that yield 7%, Treasury Bonds that yield 8%, and corporate bonds that yield 9%. Carletta wants to have an annual income of 1800 dollars, and
  82. math

    How do I work 2s^3-4r^2 if s=5 and r=1?
  83. Physics

    A 60-kg soccer player kicks a stationary 0.4 kg ball giving it a speed of 14 m/s. The player's foot is in contact with the ball for 0.08 second. What is the average force on the ball?
  84. Physics

    A 60 kg soccer player kicks a stationary 0.4 kg ball giving it a speed of 14 m/s. The player's foot is in contact with the ball for 0.08 second. What is the average force on the ball? P.S What formula/s should I use?
  85. math

    if about 32,680 kilobytes of memory is still available how many more pictures can they take
  86. Math 10

    EXPONENTIAL EQUATION Find the X 3^x - 82/9 = -3^-x
  87. Physics

    A newly discovered particle, the SPARTYON, has a mass 895 times that of an electron. If a SPARTYON at rest absorbs an anti-SPARTYON, what is the frequency of each of the emitted photons (in 1020 Hz)? The mass of an electron is 9.11×10-31 kg.
  88. Physics

    Take element Z = 24 from the periodic table. Ionize it 23 times so that there is only one electron left orbiting around the nucleus. What is the ground state energy of the electron?
  89. Physics

    An atom is ionized so that it has only one electron. When the electron drops from the n = 6 shell to the n = 1 shell, an X-ray of wavelength 193.76 pm is emitted. What is the atomic number?

    The temperature of the cosmic background radiation is measured to be 2.7 K. What is the wavelength of the peak in the spectral distribution at this temperature? What frequency corresponds to this wavelength?

    Suppose that at least 13.0 eV is needed to free an electron from a particular element, i.e., to ionize the atom. What is the lowest frequency photon which can accomplish this? And, what is the corresponding wavelength for that photon? Give frequency for
  92. Physics

    Monochromatic light of wavelength, λ is traveling in air. The light then strikes a thin film having an index of refraction n1 that is coating a material having an index of refraction n2. If n2 is larger than n1, what minimum film thickness will result in
  93. Physic

    A positive charge of 4.90 μC is fixed in place. From a distance of 3.20 cm a from the fixed positive charge, a particle of mass 5.00 g and charge +3.20 μC is released from rest. What is the speed of the +3.20 μC when it is 7.50 cm away from the fixed
  94. science: chemistry

    How many moles of NaOH must be added to 1.0 L of 2.6 M HC3H5O3 to produce a solution buffered at each pH? 1)pH= 4.28 2)pH=pKa
  95. science: chemistry

    A buffered solution is made by adding 47.4 g C2H5NH3Cl to 1.00 L of a 0.68 M solution of C2H5NH2. Calculate the pH of the final solution. (Assume no volume change. Assume that all solutions are at 25°C.)
  96. Physics

    A bridge is 200 m long. A car weighing 2.5 metric tons is 50 m from one end of the bridge and a trucj weighing 6 metric tons is 80 m from the other end. The bridge is uniformly paved and weighs 20 metric tons. How much force does the vertical support at
  97. Physics

    A 30-N non-uniform pole, 5m long, was used to carry a load of 400 N by two men. The load was hung at the middle of the pole. Find the center of gravity of the pole if the force exerted by each man on each end were 220 N and 210 N respectively.
  98. Physics

    The ends of a rope are tied to two hooks on a ceiling. A set of books weighing 36.0 N is tied and hung on the rope so that the segments of the rope make angles of 35 degrees and 50 degrees respectively with the horizontal. Compute for the tension on each
  99. Physics

    A borad, 3m long, is hinged at point a and is supported by a vertical rope at point b, 2m from a. A boy weighing 200 N stands at the end of the board at point c. Neglecting the weight of the board, calculate the force on the rope.
  100. Physics

    A uniform rod 1.2 m long has weight of 1000 dynes and 2000 dynes at its ends. At what point on the rod can it be balanced horizontally if the rod weighs 2500 dynes?


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