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  1. English

    what norms does society value and reinforce,and what have i internalized
  2. Physics- refraction

    Hi, We had a lab on refraction. They gave us a print out of the word carbon dioxide and placed it under a test tube. The letter a and r in the word carbon flipped in the experiment. I wanted why is it that only these 2 letters flipped and not the others?
  3. Art help with checking plzzzzzz

    Could someone please help me check these??? When using a green screen for filming, the 3d element Is: A) The green screen B) The actor or actress*** C) The specialized software D) The Image on the green screen How did the city of Venice Beach decide to
  4. Hey guys, Could you help me check some art questio

    Here are a few answers I need to be checked, I hope thats Okay :) Most street artists make commercial art Yes No*** Video footage Is now a standard part of the news True False*** All of the following would be part of a franchise branding Except Creating a
  5. English

    What does "present day culture" refer to? Is it just things that go on today, such as drugs and new technologies?
  6. Eng Lit

    Why did Shakespeare make Juliet so young when compared to Arthur Brooke's and Matteo Bandello's original version of Romeo and Juliet?
  7. tech

    do catapults use an overhand or underhand motion? what about pendulums?
  8. Chemistry

    "What volume of water must be added to 100ml of 15 M of H2SO4 to dilute to 5.0M?" I've tried using lots of different methods but keep having the same answer and don't know if the answer book is wrong or if it's me. Thanks!
  9. hypothesis

    Why is it important to test the results of a hypothesis?
  10. Math

    The revenue obtained from the sale of q units of a product is given by : R= 30q-(0.3q^2) A) How fast does R change with respect to q when: q=10 B) Find the relative rate of change of R, and to the nearest percent, find the percentage rate of change of R.
  11. Math

    Purchased 297 square feet of carpet at $18.50 a square yard, what is the cost? 297 / 9 = 33 yards X $18.50 =$610.50 Do I divide by 3 again to get $203.50?
  12. Math

    (4 to the second power divided by two)subtract 2 to the second power plus five
  13. geometry

    ray EC bisects angle BED, The measure of angle AEB equals 11x minus 12.and The measure of angle CED equals 4x plus 1.. Find measure of angle AEC.
  14. Math

    There are 41 students in group 2. Twice as many students play the trumpet as play the trombone, but 8 students play the saxophone. How many students in Group 2 play each instrument? Endless thanks
  15. Math

    Simplify this expression. -12÷3•(-8+(-4^2)-6)+2. I'm confused on how to solve this. Thank you for the help.
  16. Algebra-VERY IMPORTANT

    Given the polynomial x^2+10x+k Find all the values of k so that this given polynomial is factorable
  17. College Physics

    Two cars collide at an icy intersection and stick together afterward. The first car has a mass of 1050Kg and was approaching at 8.00m/s due south. The second car has a mass of 700Kg and was approaching at 20.0m/s due west. A) Calculate the final velocity
  18. Math

    a baseball team played a total of 138 games last season. They had 26 fewer wins than losses. How many games did the team win?
  19. physics

    A ball is thrown directly downward with an initial speed of 3.08 m/s from a height of 14.6 m. After what interval does the ball strike the ground? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2
  20. chemistry

    Why is respiration an exothermic reaction?
  21. Chemistry

    What type of reaction is photosynthesis, the process where carbon dioxide combines with water to form glucose in the presence of sunlight?
  22. chemistry

    In an experiment, Ann mixes concentrated sulfuric acid with water in a reaction test tube. The walls of the test tube turn hot. What type of reaction has occurred?
  23. Algebra

    Total revenue is the total amount of money taken in by a business. An appliance firm determines that when it sells X washing machines, the total revenue, R, in dollars, is given by the polynomial R=232.94x-0.1x^2. What is the total revenue from the sale of
  24. Algebra

    Total revenue is the total amount of money taken in by a business. An appliance firm determines that when it sells X washing machines, the total revenue, R, in dollars, is given by the polynomial R=232.94x-0.1x^2. What is the total revenue from the sale of
  25. Algebra

    Solve using the appropriate method. 0.05x+0.25y=66 0.15x+0.05y=72 I came up with the answer (420,180) Is this correct? a)The solution is___?(simplify your answer. Use integers or fractions for any numbers in the expression. Type an ordered pair)
  26. Physics

    You are pulling a crate across the floor. The crate has a mass of 75.0 kg. You exert a horizontal force of 120. N to the left. Friction exerts a force of 82.0 N to the right. What is the magnitude (fill in box) and direction of the acceleration of the
  27. AP Calculus AB

    Find the derivative of: y=(cosx)^3-(sinx)^3

    If a boy(500N) wishes to slide down a rope that has a breaking stand of 350N, then: (a) with what acceleration must it move downward in order to not break the rope. (b) if he slide 30m, how long will it take? (c) how fast will he be going before he hits

    The tension in the cable supporting a 4900N elevator is 3800N. What is the acceleration of the elevator?
  30. English

    We plant two bean seeds in different pots. What's the subject?
  31. Physics

    A cook puts 7.20 g of water in a 2.00-L pressure cooker that is then warmed to 530°C. What is the pressure inside the container? (Assume room temperature is 20°C.)
  32. Physics

    A 2.60-mol sample of oxygen gas is confined to a 5.03-L vessel at a pressure of 7.95 atm. Find the average translational kinetic energy of the oxygen molecules under these conditions.
  33. Physics

    Three uniform spheres of masses m1 = 3.50 kg, m2 = 4.00 kg, and m3 = 6.50 kg are placed at the corners of a right triangle (see figure below). Calculate the resultant gravitational force on the object of mass m2, assuming the spheres are isolated from the
  34. physics

    The free-fall acceleration on the surface of Jupiter is about two and one half times that on the surface of the Earth. The radius of Jupiter is about 11.0 RE (RE = Earth's radius = 6.4 106 m). Find the ratio of their average densities, ρJupiter/ρEarth.
  35. Physics

    A crate of eggs is located in the middle of the flat bed of a pickup truck as the truck negotiates a curve in the flat road. The curve may be regarded as an arc of a circle of radius 37.9 m. If the coefficient of static friction between crate and truck is
  36. algebra

    A boat can travel 16 km/h against the current.The same boat can travel 30 km/h with the current.find the rate of the boat in still water and the rate of the current. Could someone help seams like an easy problem, but I am not getting there.Thank YU
  37. Physics

    You are standing on top of a building that is 75-m high and you throw a 3-kg stone horizontally at a speed of 5.4-m/s. How far from the base of the building will the stone land? (the ground is flat)
  38. algebra

    A shipment of 18 cars, some weighting 3000lbs a piece, and the others weighing 5000 lbs each, has a total weight of 30 tons. Find the number of each kind of car. I start of saying X+Y = 18. THen I turn that into X=18-Y. whats next?? thank you for helping
  39. algebra

    Solve the following system of equation using the graphing method. Y = negative X Y = X + 9 Don't know what to do. Thank u if u can helpme.
  40. algebra

    what number minus 25% equals 6000?
  41. algebra

    a minus the fraction a^2-a-6 over 2(a-3) thank you
  42. algebra

    please help because am missing something.thankyou factor completely given that x+2 is a factor. 2x^3 + 7x^2 - 3x - 18
  43. Algebra

    Didnt write my question too good last time so here is what I meant. This is a mixed ezpression written as fraction and then to be put in simplest form. 3/1 minus 2x-2/x^2-1 thank you
  44. Algebra

    Didnt write my question too good last time so here is what I meant. This is a mixed ezpression written as fraction and then to be put in simplest form. 3/1 minus 2x-2/x^2-1 thank you
  45. algebra

    Please help THANKS write as a fraction in simplest form (a/b +1)(b/a-1)
  46. algebra

    3 - __2X-2______ X^2-1 Write the expression as a fraction in simplest form. 3 minus 2x-2 over xsquared minus 1 Can anyone help?
  47. Algebra

    What is 2a^2 over 4b times b^2 over a^2 or what is 2a squared over 4b, times b squared over a squared ? Thankyou
  48. Algebra

    Help Please! 2n(x-n)=x-5n+2 Solve for X
  49. pre-calc

    F(x)= x^2+x-12/ x^2-4 find the x and y intercepts and find x when f(x)=1
  50. algebra

    For the statement that says: b + (-a) = b - a What property would that be? Is it the addition property of equality? or something else.
  51. Algebra

    The total amount of water in 2 containers is 35quarts. If 7 quarts gets poured from the container with less water into the continer with more water, the container with more water will have 4times as much water as the other container. How many quarts are in
  52. University of Phoenix

    target marketing in contrast to mass marketing
  53. HCA 270

    What is the relationship between inventory and cost of goods sold by a pharmacy or medical supply business? Explain the depreciation concept. What items in a physician practice can be depreciated? What is the purpose?
  54. Chemistry

    1. What mass of carbon is required to produce 100kj of heat, when burned in air? Enthalpy change = -392kj. 2. What mass of methanol is required to produce 1000kj of heat, when burned in air?
  55. algebra

    Kayla Wants To write an Expression that will always produce an odd integer. Which of the Following will always produce an odd integer for any given integer ?
  56. science

    An object is traveling in a straight line in space.No forces are affecting it. What will happen to the object's motion?
  57. science

    A book is on top of a table. Earth's gravity exerts a constant force of 15N on the book. Why does the book not move as a result of this force?
  58. Physics

    A JFET has a specified pinch-off voltage of -5V. When VGS = 0, what is VDS at the point where ID becomes constant?

    Use implicit differentiation to find the equation of the tangent line to the curve xy^3+xy=5 at the point (4,1) . The equation of this tangent line can be written in the form y = mx+b where m is:? and where b is:?
  60. Chemistry

    Perform the following calculations to the correct number of significant figures. (89.6-23.981)/0.0047
  61. math

    at the beginning of the week a particular stock sold for 29 3/8 per share. at the end of the same week it sold for 31 2/8. what was the amount of inctrease per share?
  62. Calculus

    For f(x)=lnx, construct tables, rounded to four decimals, near x=1, x=2, x=5, and x=10. Use tables to estimate f'(1), f'(2), f'(5) and f'(10). Then guess a general formula for f'(x).
  63. Calc

    Use a graph to estimate the limit: lim θ->0 (sin(5θ)/θ) Note: θ is measured in radians. All angles will be in radians in this class unless otherwise specified. I tried graphing it on my calculator but the limit I got is incorrect.
  64. english

    can you answer this one into correct dangling modifier.Having wrapped up the package carefully it should be tied.
  65. Physics

    A 0.400 kg block of wood hangs from the ceiling by a string, and a 0.0700 kg wad of putty is thrown straight upward, striking the bottom of the block with a speed of 5.80 m/s. The wad of putty sticks to the block. Is the mechanical energy of this system
  66. chemistry

    if you have 5 moles of conjugate acid, 2 moles of base, and 2 moles of acid. What is the dissociation constant for his reaction and the temperature is 30 degree celcius?
  67. science

    I am doing a case study on MMR and MMR/Autism. The question I have been given is 'Does MMR cause autism?" Please can you suggest any websites etc. I need to find at least 5 sources to show for and against. Many thanks.
  68. law

    what are laws
  69. law

    what are laws
  70. chemistry

    The vapor pressure of dichloromethane, , at 0 is 134 . The normal boiling point of dichloromethane is 40. . Calculate its molar heat of vaporization
  71. home economics

    explain the term energy balance
  72. English

    How do you change the sentence "Muscle relaxation can help you." to a question?
  73. Algebra

    I need help solving these three problems. 1/4(7 + 3g) + -g/8 Twice the greater of two consecutive odd integers is 13 less than three times the lesser number. Find the integers. About 4.9 million households had one brand of personal computers in 2001. The
  74. Science

    What happens to the volume of a gas inside a piston if the termperatue does not change but the pressure is reduced?
  75. Science

    I have two questions. 1. Describe what would happen if you rubbed a mineral with a Mohrs hardness value of 7 against a mineral with a value of 5? 2. Which mineral identification test would be easy for a person to perform at home. Which would be difficult.
  76. Science

    How many gigameters are in $1,000,000,000,000 micrometers?
  77. 4th grade

    why did californios trade with people from other countries during the Mexican war for independence even though it was against the law?
  78. english

    when the legends die by hal borland when tom reflects that he succeeded in killing the past, what does he mean? why did he need to kill it, and how did he? please please help me .
  79. American Literature

    What is the tone in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?
  80. algebra

    1. How to find the numbers, if there are any, at which f has a realtive minimum. What is the realive minima? The graph that I have looks like W, it has point at -1 on the x axis, 1 on the y axis, and 1 on the x axis. Choices that I have: a. f has a
  81. Algebra

    Write an equation for the translation so the graph has the given vertex. 1. y=-|x| vertex (-5,0) 2. y=2|x| vertex (-4,3) 3. y=-|x| vertex (p,q) I really have no idea how to even begin these, but I do know the answer to # 2 is y=2|x|+11 and #3 is y=-|x-p|+q
  82. Physics

    Note: I am in Algebra-based Physics Two 35.0 N weights are suspended at opposite ends of a rope that passes over a light, frictionless pulley. The pulley is attached to a chain that is fastened to the ceiling. Start solving this problem by making a
  83. Physics

    Note: I am in Alegebra-based Physics. You have landed on an unknown planet, Newtonia, and want to know what objects will weigh there. You find that when a certain tool is pushed on a frictionless horizontal surface by a 12.2 N force, it moves 16.3 m in the