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  1. physics

    Water flows at 0.830 m/s from a hot water heater, through a 450-kPa pressure regulator. The pressure in the pipe supplying an upstairs bathtub 3.70 m above the heater is 414-kPa. 1. What's the flow speed in this pipe?
  2. Math

    Determine the answer to the following: 9.70 x 108 x 9.6 x 101 = ?? Select one: a. 9.3 e10 b. 9.3 e8.0 c. 0.93 e10 d. 9.3 e8.0
  3. History

    What natural resources have remained significant to Washington economic activity from the time of European colonization to today? 3 choice A. airplanes B. Factories C. Farmland D. Forests E. Genetics F. Railroads G. Research facilities H. Waterways My
  4. Math

    Christopher mixes the letters s, e, l, e, c, t, e, and d thoroughly. without looking, allen draws one letter. expressed as a fraction, decimal, and percentage, what is the probability that allen will not select a consonant? A. 3/8 , 0.375, 37.5% B. 3/5 ,
  5. History

    Section 1 political power. all political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights. ... section 33 recall of elective officers


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  1. Math ASAP please

    Guys, just gonna say this now this is the test with worst answers ever. It is better to find calculators or look up the answers one at a time and go with the majority answer. Otherwise you will most likely get a bad grade if you use any of these answers
  2. Math

    i have 2 more questions: Stephen has a counter that is orange on one side and brown on the other. The counter is shown below: A circular counter is shown. The top surface of the counter is shaded in a lighter shade of gray and Orange is written across this
  3. Math

    thank you so much
  4. Science

    Newton's first law of motion states that an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless an opposing force stops it. since you are in motion while riding your car,  If you suddenly run into some kind of obstruction, your body will continue to move in
  5. Economics (39)

    D= 1.34