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  1. Maths

    3x-4y=24 and 5x+3y=11
  2. maths

    solve the equation using cramer's rule. 3x+2y=12 and 2x+3y=7
  3. Maths

    A certain number of children shared 42 sweets,each child got 8 sweet how many children shared the sweet?
  4. Chemistry

    At 25oC, the equilibrium pressure of ammonia vapour above a 0.500 M aqueous ammonia solution is 0.84 kPa. Calculate the Henry's law constant for ammonia in M/bar. Do not include units. Include 4 significant figures.
  5. Science

    Why do meteors start to burn in atmosphere?


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  1. Social Impact of Technology

    The correct answer is C. It is ineffective since it is the default position when trust is absent.
  2. Algebra 1

  3. Physics

  4. Physics

  5. 7th Math

    ming rolls a number cube tosses a coin and chooses a card from two cards marked a and b