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  1. Social Studies

    Which statement best describes the framework of government established by the Constitution? A. The three branches of government defer the majority of power to the states B. A system of checks and balances keeps each of the three branches from having too
  2. English

    I struggle with understanding when to use an apostrophe with singular words ending with S.. Like for example, Class or Hughes.. Would it be Class's or Class'.... Hughes's or Hughes'?
  3. Agriculture

    are those who produce seeds for farmers considered farmers themselves?
  4. Math

    By direct use of the definition of a derivative, the derivative of f(x) = 1/x ?
  5. Trignometry

    Find the missing parts of the triangle. C = 124.2° a = 6.90 km b = 11.60 km
  6. hydrodynamics

    a kite weighs 2.50 lb and has an area of 8 square-ft. The tension in the kite is 6.6 lb when the string makes an angle of 45degrees with the horizontal. For a wind of 20 mph, assume an angle of 8 degrees with the horizontal. Consider the kite essentially
  7. algebra

    can someone help me with this question it is very hard the question is 4j - 3 = 5 the solutions are a)j=1/2 b)j=2 c)j=8 d)j=32 someone please help me on this pretty pretty please