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  1. social studies

    what was the purpose of the freedmen's bureau?
  2. Statistics

    A common blood test performed on pregnant women to screen for chromosome abnormalities in the fetus measures the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone. Suppose that in a given population, 6% of fetuses have a chromosome abnormality. The test correctly
  3. Statistics

    A common blood test performed on pregnant women to screen for chromosome abnormalities in the fetus measures the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone. Suppose that in a given population, 6% of fetuses have a chromosome abnormality. The test correctly
  4. Statistics

    A genetic trait is inherited in such a way that for a father with the trait, his male offspring have a 25% chance of inheriting it but his female offspring cannot inherit it. Suppose that in a certain population, 40% of offspring are male and offspring
  5. Physics

    An airplane flies at airspeed (relative to the air) of 250 km/h . The pilot wishes to fly due North (relative to the ground) but there is a 65 km/h wind blowing Southwest (direction 225◦ ). In what direction should the pilot head the plane (measured
  6. Statistics

    3. A researcher wanted to study the effect of low light environments on the growth of alfalfa plants, so she grew six plants and measured their heights after two weeks. She calculated a sample mean of 5.2 cm with a standard deviation of 1.1 cm. If the
  7. Chemistry

    Describe in detail how you would make 1.25 of 0.125 M potassium permanganate solution. I think you have to set up an equation for molarity but I'm not sure. Please help.
  8. Math

    1. Two of the risers are shown at the right. Find the length of the longest side of these triangular risers. cong1 2. Rope lighting is to be placed around the outer edge of these risers. Find the number of feet of rope lighting needed for both risers. tri4
  9. Math

    1. As the geese are sitting in a row on their feeder, the first goose eats m kernels of cracked corn. Each goose in the row then eats 1 less than twice the number of kernels eaten by the previous goose. Which of the numbered choices expresses the total
  10. Math

    I am not sure which questions I got wrong but I am not getting the link correct to the next box. The website is mathbits(dot)com/caching/holiday/H30976.html I got these answers 1.) Choice 3 2.) Choice 2 3.) a.) Choice 2 b.) 63 4.) 8 To move on I need to
  11. Math

    4. The CGJ girls plan to string a set of lights diagonally from two vertical poles for overhead lighting for dancing on the right side of the deck (see the diagram). The string of lights is sold in foot increments only. How many feet of diagonal lighting
  12. chemistry

    Observe the diagram of the electrolytic cell (A aqueous solution of molten salt with a power supply). The molten salt is lithium flouride. Write the half reaction occuring at the cathode, following the usual style guide and making sure to balance
  13. Math

    If you eat 1/6 of one pizza 1/4 of another pizza 5/12 of another pizza and 1/3 of another pizza have you eaten the equivalent of a whole pizza
  14. physics

    A tennis ball has a mass of 58 g and a diameter of 8 cm. Find the moment of inertia about its diameter. Assume that the ball is a thin spherical shell.
  15. physics

    The system shown in the figure below consists of a mass M = 3.5-kg block resting on a frictionless horizontal ledge. This block is attached to a string that passes over a pulley, and the other end of the string is attached to a hanging m = 2.2-kg block.
  16. physics

    A 2.1-kg 12-cm-radius cylinder, initially at rest, is free to rotate about the axis of the cylinder. A rope of negligible mass is wrapped around it and pulled with a force of 18 N. (a) Find the magnitude of the torque exerted by the rope. N · m (b) Find
  17. physics

    A string that passes over a pulley has a 0.375 kg mass attached to one end and a 0.630 kg mass attached to the other end. The pulley, which is a disk of radius 9.50 cm, has friction in its axle. What is the magnitude of the frictional torque that must be
  18. physics

    A cat walks along a uniform plank that is 4.00 m long and has a mass of 7.00 kg. The plank is supported by two sawhorses, one 0.44 m from the left end of the board and the other 1.60 m from its right end. When the cat nears the right end, the plank just
  19. physics

    A swimmer heads directly across a river, swimming at 1.2 m/s relative to the water. She arrives at a point 48 m downstream from the point directly across the river, which is 77 m wide. (a) What is the speed of the river current? (b) What is the swimmer's
  20. physics

    Two people take identical jet skis across a river, traveling at the same speed relative to the water. Jet ski A heads directly across the river and is carried downstream by the current before reaching the opposite shore. Jet ski B travels in a direction
  21. algebra 2

    You have $16 to spend at a movie theatre. You spend $10 for admission. You want to buy soft drinks that cost $2.50 each, how many can you buy? Show your equation & work. Help!
  22. Physic II

    A flat 1.0 m2 surface is vertical at x = 2.0 m and parallel to the yz-plane. What is the flux through the surface if it is located in a uniform electric field given by E = 25.0i + 42.0j + 62.0k N/C? Please show explanation
  23. Physic II

    A small glass bead that has been charged to 4.4 nC? What is the strength of the electric field 2.0 cm from the center of the bead? Please show all work
  24. functions Steve and Reiny

    I want to thank you both for your help and no sir I have never dealt with functions before as I am 44 years old and going back to school, I am taking an online class my textbooks are not scheduled to arrive until Nov 1, so I am a little lost but hey thank
  25. functions

    For each problem, construct two composite functions, . Evaluate each composite function for x=2 ok i have not dealt with composite functions can I please get some help with this as I have 20 questions to do can someone show me step by step on how to
  26. math

    1.)simplified 2x^4y/6xy^2 I got 1x4y? 2.)(8x^2)(-3x^y) 18x^4y right? I ddnt know what to do with the y
  27. math

    solve (-2y)^2(3x^3) I totally don't get this problem. Does my answer come out with x and y ? how do I eliminate?
  28. Math

    Alicia went on a steamboat ride up the Mississippi River. The boat travels 20 miles per hour in still water. How long will it take her to travel 60 miles upstream if the current of the river is 8 miles per hour?
  29. math

    susie writes the division fact 20/5=. write the remaining fact in this fact family.
  30. 3rd grade math

    Draw a model to show 84/12=7
  31. physics

    A circular coil (980 turns, radius = 0.078 m) is rotating in a uniform magnetic field. At t = 0 s, the normal to the coil is perpendicular to the magnetic field. At t = 0.027 s, the normal makes an angle of 45o with the field because the coil has made
  32. physics

    can anyone please help me on this one? A circular coil (980 turns, radius = 0.078 m) is rotating in a uniform magnetic field. At t = 0 s, the normal to the coil is perpendicular to the magnetic field. At t = 0.027 s, the normal makes an angle of 45 degrees
  33. physics

    The radius of curvature of a convex mirror is 1.60 x 102 cm. An object that is 11.0 cm high is placed 40.0 cm in front of this mirror. Determine (a) the location and (b) the height of the image.
  34. College Physics

    In 1986, the distance of closest approach of Halley’s comet to the Sun is 0.57AU. (1 AU is the mean Earth-Sun distance = 150 million kilometers.) The comet’s speed at closest approach is 54.97 km/s. (a) – By 1989, Halley’s comet had traveled to a
  35. Math

    Prove that: P(A n B^c) = P(A U B) - P(B) and P(A n B^c) = P(A) - P(A n B)
  36. Calculus

    find f'(x) if f(x)=x^2*e^x*(3x-1)^3
  37. Calculus

    find f'(x) if f(x)=x^2e^(x(3x-1)^3
  38. Calculus

    find all points at the curve x^2y^2+2xy=3 with the slope of the tsngent is -1
  39. Calculus

    find y'' if x^4+y^4=16
  40. Calculus

    Could really use a lot of help here what is the slope of the tangent line to cos(x-y)=xe^x at point (0,3pi/2)
  41. geometry

    you are standing 12ft from a cylindrical corn syrup tank the distance from you to a point of tangency on the tank 35ft what is the radius of the tank
  42. ross

    Find dy/dx for y=e^x/x^2
  43. Math

    The grocery store employs 35 cashiers and grocery baggers altogether. There are 5 cashiers for every 2 grocery baggers. How many of each are employed?
  44. 5th grade Math

    How do I solve this problem: At Carver Elementary, there are 355 students altogether. The School has 25 more female students than males. How many males and females does Carver have?
  45. us history

    What was the role of Social Darwinism in American imperialism? Are there implications of race underneath a belief in Social Darwinism?
  46. Precalculus

    Solve the triangle ABC under the given conditions. a = 19, b = 8.2, c = 12 A= B= C=
  47. 5th grade

    compkete the pattern 25____61____97
  48. Gilgamesh

    How Does Gilgamesh respond to the death of Enkidu? a) He flees the city of Uruk to seek immortality b) He builds up the city of Uruk with monuments and massive walls to honor Enkidu c) He blames the harlot lass for brining this pain and suffering on Enkidu
  49. earth science

    If an atom has 17 electrons and its mass number is 35, calculate the following: number of protons, atomic number, and number of neutrons.
  50. math sci

    how can 36 stand for 1 square yard
  51. science/math

    sandy made a drawing of a rec tangle to show the area of the library. what is the area ,in square yards of the library? what stands for (1) square yard
  52. Chemistry

    In a lab we did potentiometric titrations with a mixture of NaCl/KI and AgNO3. We plotted a titration curve and found the 2 endpoints which indicate where I is and where Cl is. We are looking to find the concentration of both of the halides present, and we
  53. Chemistry

    Determine the concentration of Mg2+ (in mmol/L) in the unknown solution (Note: details and additional information to solve the problem are provided in your lab manual): Mass of EDTA: 0.606 g Volume of EDTA used in titration (step 1): 10.48 mL Volume of
  54. social studies

    how did the citystate have an impact on mesopotamia?
  55. Physics

    Does using (Fcos(theta))d work for this problem or should cos be replaced with sin? A cheerleader lifts his 66.4 kg partner straight up off the ground a distance of 0.718 m before releasing her.If he does this 27 times, how much work has he done?
  56. science

    i need information about the hydrogen molicule
  57. chemistry

    sorry Ksp of PbCl2 is 1.6 x 10-5
  58. chemistry

    Taking note of the equilibrium 4HCl(g) + O2(g) ----> 2H2(g) + 2Cl2(g). What would be the the equilibrium law expression for the balanced chemical equation?
  59. chemistry

    What mass of NaCl should be found in 0.51 L of a saturated solution of sodium chloride if the Ksp of NaCl is assumed to be 1.5 x 10-5?
  60. Math Help Please

    I got this problem today in school, and I don't know how to go about soving it. Can someone show me. Thanks. Here it is. The distance s(t) between an object and its starting point is given by the antiderivative of velocity function v(t). Find the distance
  61. trig

    Evaluate without using a calculator or tables sin(pi/3 - 3pi/4) The answer is - 1+ square root of 3 / 2 square root of 2 How do I get this answer?
  62. trig

    If 0 is less than or equal to 2theta less than or equal to pi and P(2theta)= (-7/25, 24/25), find P(theta)
  63. trig

    Use the half angle formula to find cos(pi/12)
  64. chemistry

    Where can I find the reaction that produces ethyl formate, which is Methanol and Methanoic acid?
  65. chemistry

    Can I get weblinks that show the esterification reaction which produces ethyl formate and the estirificaiton process which produces Ethyl Butyrate?
  66. chemistry

    Using molecular polarities, discuss the solubility of the carboxylic acids in water.
  67. physics

    A 0.21 kg ball on a string is whirled on a vertical circle at a constant speed. When the ball is at the three o'clock position, the tension is 18 N. (c) Is the tension in the string greater when the ball is at the twelve o'clock position or when it is at
  68. physics

    A 0.21 kg ball on a string is whirled on a vertical circle at a constant speed. When the ball is at the three o'clock position, the tension is 18 N. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (a) How does the magnitude
  69. physics

    radius = Infinitely large velocity 30 m/s Hoe would you compute the centripetal acceleration of with the radius being infintely large?
  70. math

    how do you find percents and degrees when there are 50 people and not 100
  71. inglish

    can you show me pictures that start with the leter A?
  72. English

    Help! I can't find any information on the origin of the idiom/expression: Put your foot in your mouth. Please help me! "put one`s foot in one`s mouth - get into trouble by saying something embarassing or rude My colleague put his foot in his mouth when he
  73. last problem

    State the domain restriction for y = 5/(x+16)
  74. another one i need help with

    If f(x) = 3x, g(x) = x^2 -1, then find f(g(3))(HINT:The answer to this question should be a number not another function.) g(3) = 9 - 1 = 8, and f(g(3)) = f(8) = 24
  75. can somebody help me with this

    College enrollments in the United States are projected to increase from 1995 to 2005 for public and private schools. The models below give the total projected college enrollments in thousands, where x=0 represents the first year 1995. Public College: f(x)