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  1. Riddle

    I am trapped in a room no doors or windows. The only 2 items in the room are a mirror and table. How do I escape ??
  2. Riddle

    Help. Solve You are in a room with no windows, doors or any exit. Your only 2 items in the room are a mirror and table. How do you escape ??
  3. Vector

    Determine the value of a+b if |3a| = 24 cm, |2b| = 10 cm and |3a-2b| = 20
  4. Math

    The fifth term of an exponential sequence is greater than the fourth term by 27/2 and the fourth term is greater than the third term by 9. Find the first term and the common ratio
  5. physics

    The objects listed below are placed at the top of a ramp, and roll down to the bottom without slipping. Assuming that there is no air resistance, rank them in order from fastest average rolling speed to slowest. Penny, large marble, basketball, and hula


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  1. Math

    Some one help I'm trying to cheat on my homework but there are to many answers PLZ HELP
  2. Math

  3. Chemistry

    How did you calculate the energy for a. what formulas did you use
  4. Vector

    This question was given to the class for a test and I have no idea how to do it. We were given a similar question imgur(dot)com/a/1P9wGFK
  5. chemistry

    yeah shut up lex lol