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  1. geometry

    Constructing Perpendicular Lines same as last time, i need an exact example of these instructions, if someone could share it with me, it would be greatly appreciated Draw a line and a point on the line. Label the point K. With the point end of the compass
  2. geometry

    "We use different formulas to find the distance of a segment on a number line, d=|a−b|" role="presentation" style="display: inline; font-size: 16px; position: relative;">d=|a−b|, and the distance of a segment in the coordinate plane,
  3. Math

    A class has 5 girls 7 boys in seventh grade. 2 girls and 2 boys in eight. Randomly selects a seventh and eight grader. What is probability that the students picked are girls
  4. math/science

    a car starts from rest and move at a speed of 30 kph after half an hour.what is the car's acceleration
  5. Social studies help quick

    Why do United States citizens have civic responsibilities? A in a republic the president can order any citizen to help. B in a democracy every citizen must earn their rights C in a democracy the country is run by all citizens working together. D in a
  6. Quick social studies help

    Why dis the great comprise establish a two-house legislature? A to fairly represent all states B to allow population growth C to provide checks and balances D to prevent unconstitutional laws
  7. Math

    3x-4y=8 5x+3y=23 Based on the above system of 2-equations, which of the following values (x+y) equal? 10, 8, 7, or 5
  8. geometry

    Do you use the formula: (n-2)180 / n to find the measure of each arc that corresponds to a side of a polygon? Example: a hexagon (6-2))180/6 = 120 ?
  9. geometry

    when do you use the following formula: (n-2)180 divided by n
  10. geometry

    what is the measure of the arc of a regular octagon inscribed in a circle? i think it is 45. am i correct
  11. math

    Claire jogs around an oval track and is able to complete one lap in 5 minutes. If she jogs at the same pace for 42 minutes, how many laps would she be able to jog? Write an inequality and find the number of whole laps Claire completes.
  12. English

    What is the linking verb in the sentence: I am fond of both kinds of comics.
  13. statistics

    10th grade New York public school students taking a standardized English test produced test scores that were normally distributed with a mean of 85 and a standard deviation of 4. Let x be a random variable that represents the test score of a student.
  14. geometry

    once you find the voume in cubic inches, how do you convert to cubic feet?
  15. geometry

    what are the step to find the volume of an aquarium in cubic feet when its height is 25 1/2 inches and its radius 21 inches?
  16. geometry

    a rectangular prism has a total surface area of 166mm^2, a height of 4mm, a width of 5mm. what is the length of the prism?
  17. Physics

    Calculate the speed a spherical rain drop would achieve falling from 5.00 km (a) in the absence of air drag (b) with air drag. Take the size across of the drop to be 4 mm, the density to be 1.00×103 kg/m3 , and the surface area to be πr2
  18. geometry

    using the slope y-intercert equation, how do you write an equation that passes through point p and is parallel to the line. P(2,4), y = -3x. Is it y = -3x + 10? Thanks
  19. geometry

    the area of a triangle is 27 square feet. its height is three times the length of its base. find the height and base of the triangle. i am unsure of how to set it up, please help
  20. Algebra

    You are playing with a pile of beads and notice if you put them in groups of 4 you have 3 beads left over, in groups of 5 you have 4 beads left over and in groups of nine you do not have any left over. What is the smallest number of beads. Left over
  21. Math

    A rotating water sprinkler can spray water a distance of 15m. What area of grass can the sprinkler cover?
  22. Math

    When two-fifths of a number is increased by 15 the result is 27. What is the number?

    i do know three caitlyns, and my brother know at least three kaylas. i do know three caitlyns is underlined and i need to know if it is independenr adverbial adjectival or noun clause? THanks
  24. algebra

    Problem reads: y^a multiplied by y^a+2
  25. algebra

    simplify: y^a x y^a+2
  26. algebra

    how do you add: a^2(ab^3)^2 + b^2(a^2b^2)^2
  27. Math

    Find the volume of a sphere with radius 9 yd. A. 3,829.7 yd3 B. 3,052.1 yd3 C. 381.5 yd3 D. 339.1 yd3 the answer is B=3052.1
  28. Math

    A rectangular picture frame measures 4.0 inches by 5.5 inches. To cover the picture inside the frame with glass costs $0.99 per square inch. What will be the cost of the glass to cover the picture? My answer is $21.78 is this right
  29. math

    Nancy drove 110 km using 13.5 liters of gas. What was her gas mileage in miles per gallon? A. 3.47 B. 68.2 C. 19.14 D. 20 The answer is D=20 gallons
  30. algebra

    is this problem NO SOLUTION. Im unable to solve. x(3-x)=x-(x^2-2x+4)
  31. Pre algabra

    Looking for help on this. Can you help
  32. chemistry

    Predict how the compound Calcium Chloride would react to calcium nitrate, silver nitrate, Silver Nitrate + Ammonium Hydroxide,Silver Nitrate + Sodium Thiosulfate?
  33. biology

    which occurs during the krebs cycle? 1) breaking down pyruviate 2) capturing light energy 3) creating glucose molecules 4) producing ethyl alcohol ?
  34. MATHS (sets)

    A survey was made about two daily newspapers, LOS ANGELES TIMES and THE NEW YORK TIMES, 105 people bought Los Angeles Times, 25 did not buy Los Angeles Times, 95 did not buy New York Times, while 83 bought Los Angeles times but not New York Times. How many
  35. algebra

    how do you solve q(x) = 6 - 5x ; 21
  36. finance

    The beginning of January 2006, a couple bought a $120,000 house with 10% down and a 30 year mortgage with an annual rate of 6.2%. What are the monthly payments?
  37. MATHS HELP URGENT.pleasee

    The area of a triangle ABC is 126 sq.cm. AC=13 cm , BC = 21 cm, what is the length of AB? where, triangle ABC is a scalene triangle
  38. computer programming

    write a program to print fibonaaci series like 2,1,3,4,7,11,18 up to 10th term using function...end function I did it using SUB..end sub in this way : declare sub series cls call series end sub series a=2 b=1 for p =1 to 5 print a; b a=a + b b=b + a next p
  39. Chemistry

    A solution containing 22.18 mL of a .1212 M H2CO3 solution is mixed with 17.22 mL of a .1234 M Na2CO3 solution. What is the pH of the final mixture? Ka1 = 6.2x10-7 Ka2 = 4.4x10-11. If you diluted the mixture up to 100 mL, would the pH change? If it does
  40. Chemistry

    Citric acid is a tri-protic acid with a Ka1 =8.4x10-4 Ka2=1.8x10-5 and Ka3=4.0x10-6. calculate the pH at the 2nd equivalence point in the titration of 85.5 mL of a .21 M citric acid solution with .25 M NaOH. Calculate the pH, after 25.8 mL of NaOH have
  41. math

    find the slope of the line and a point on the line y-4= x+5 I got that the slope is 9 correct? then how do I find a point on the line?
  42. MATH

  43. Middle ga state

    Rank these bonds from most ionic to Most covalent in character Br-F Ca-F F-F Cl-F K-F
  44. math

    How can I show a bar model for this problem? Naomi Macy and Sebastian have 234 stamps in all. Naomi gives 16 stamps to Macy and 24 stamps to Sebastian. Naomi then has 3 times as many stamps as Macy, and Macy has twice as many stamps as Sebastian. how many
  45. Physics

    2 students ride a slingshot. The slingshot catapults 2 students at a time vertically 365 feet in an amount of time proportional to their mass. If 2 small students, each with a mass of 150 pounds were to ride, what would be their respective accelerations,
  46. algebra

    previous question R=ab/a+b. Need to isolate the a. Question reads R equals to: a times b (on top) divided by a plus b Thanks
  47. algebra

    solve the given formula for the variable a. r=ab/a+b
  48. english

    how do i change this to active voice: The diagrams were left in the classroom for them to study the vocabulary throughout the week.
  49. english

    how do i change these three sentences to active voice: 1) the two lessons were the only ones planned so far... would it be: these two lessons are the only ones planned so far 2) although some found the lesson to be hard... 3) this was taught during the
  50. math

    An investment of $1400 earns $80 each year how much must be invested to earn $120 year? $1400/$80=$m/$120 did I set this up correctly? Thank You
  51. math

    the ratio of boys to girls is 7:8 How many boys are there in school if there are 968 girls? My answer is 581 boys is this correct??
  52. math

    3r+b/a +y =w solve for r would the answer be r=wa-y-b/3
  53. algerbra

    1/4(x-h)=p+c solve for x
  54. Biology

    what is the scientific meaning to the word foundation?
  55. Chemistry

    A technician mixes a solution containing silver nitrate with a solution containing sodium chromate. 2.89 g of precipitate is produced (assume silver chromate). Calculate the mass of silver nitrate present in the first solution. Make sure you have the
  56. Chemistry

    Why aren't the properties of sodium chloride the same as the elements that compose it?
  57. Math

    What is the absolute extrema of f(x)=sin^2(2x). Intervals [0,pi]
  58. wrighting

    now that you're aware of the information at your disposal, describe how it will helpful to you as a you pursue your college degree ? plz help me
  59. math

    Find the product of (2a + 3b)(2a − 3b). A. 4a2 − 6b2 B. 2a2 − 3b2 C. 4a2 + 12ab − 9b2 D. 4a2 − 9b2 plz help
  60. writing or computer

    What is the appropriate citation method for your major or course of study? What have you learned about that citation methodology from Lesson Three of this course? Do you think you'll be able to use this citation method effectively to avoid plagiarism?
  61. Art History

    What were some propaganda works of art in Baroque and Rococo periods?
  62. acting

    Hi i was wonder how to become in actor any idea ? will be helpful
  63. math 8th grade

    Face cards are removed from a standard deck of cards and the rest are set aside. two cards are drawn at random from the face cards. once a card is selected, it is not replaced. Find each possibility. P(jack and then king)? P(two black cards) answer 1/2 ?
  64. math

    Suppose h(x)=1/\sqrt x for x>0. Does h have an inverse? If so, find h^-1(4).
  65. algebra

    Suppose g(x)=4x^2+8x+13. Does g have an inverse? If so, find g^{-1}(25)
  66. geometry

    In quadrilateral QRTS, we have QR = 11, QS = 9, and ST=2. Sides line RQ and line ST are extended past Q and S, respectively, to meet at point P. If PS = 8 and PQ = 5, then what is RT?
  67. Chemistry CP

    Water has a much higher specific heat capacity than most liquids. Explain in terms of the attractive forces between water molecules.
  68. math

    what is set-up for three dollars less than half of $128. ?
  69. math

    Aisha invests twice the amount invested the previous month. If she invested $26.25 during the 1st month, how much did she invest during the 6th month?
  70. math

    Option A $5.75 for each visit Option B Yearly membership for $99, plus $.50 for each visit write an inequality that can be used to determine the minimum number of times a person would need to visit the gym in a year in order for option B to be less
  71. math

    a traffic sign casts a shadow 6ft long while a mailbox next to it casts a shadow 3ft long. if the traffic sin is 7 ft high how tall is the mailbox
  72. geometry

    Given five segments of length 2,3,5,8, and 13, what is the number of distinct triangles that can be formed using any three of the segments?
  73. math

    When looking at a quilt pattern, how do you describe the minimum number of translation of a square A. There is 16 total squares.
  74. geometry

    When looking at a quilt pattern, How do you describe the minimum number of translations of the original pattern A
  75. science

    a box weighs 200 N. If you push on the box with a force of 15 N and the box does not move, how much work did you do? A) 0 J B) 15 J C) 15 N or D) 3000J
  76. physics

    An ambulance is going away from me @ 40mph with a siren @ 1000Hz.Will I heat a higher or lower frequency
  77. math

    Together Marc and Paul have $32 Marc has $4 less than twice the amount Paul has. How much does each man have? How do I set this up -4+2x=32 ??
  78. I did it.. Check Plz?

    It saw with lucid eyes inhuman, divine Line 12 has an example of a stylistic device. What is that device called? A)allusion B)inversion
  79. Check Answers?

    Question 1 of 5 The yellow fog that rubs its back upon the window-panes, The yellow smoke that rubs its muzzle on the window-panes, Licked its tongue into the corners of the evening, Lingered upon the pools that stand in drains, Let fall upon its back the
  80. Poem

    Question 4 of 5 'Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul, And sings the tune--without the words, And never stops at all, 'And sweetest in the gale is heard; And sore must be the storm That could abash the little bird That kept so many
  81. English Please.

    It had been there when the midwife had announced, ‘You’ve a boy.’ The hat was there when his wife had their second little joy. Why does the author MOST likely choose the words, ‘their second little joy’? A)They had twin boys. B)It expresses that
  82. Algebra

    Points A(3,5) and B(7,10) are the endpoints of a diameter of a circle graphed in a coordinate plane. How many square units are in the area of the circle? Express your answer in terms of pi.
  83. physics

    In the drawing, the weight of the block on the table is 428. N and that of the hanging block is 195. N. Ignore friction, the mass of the rope, and the mass of the pulley. Find the acceleration of the two block system in m/s2.
  84. physics

    A cup of coffee is sitting on a table in an airplane that is flying horizontally. The coefficient of static friction between the cup and the table is 0.258. Suddenly, the plane accelerates horizontally. What is the maximum acceleration (in m/s2) that the
  85. physics

    A student is skateboarding down a ramp that is 6.52 m long and inclined at 19.8 degrees with respect to the horizontal. The initial speed of the skateboarder at the top of the ramp 2.24 m/s. Neglect friction and find the speed at the bottom of the ramp in
  86. math

    find the volume triangular pyramid: triangle base 20mm triangle height 22mm, pyramid height 14mm
  87. math

    what is a fraction for 10.188888888888888?
  88. math

    kade bought 6 cookies for $4.80. At this rate, which equation can be used to find c, the cost of 3 dozen cookies?
  89. Ap History (Stuck on one last question , Please !

    What are some aspects of the modern American political party system that began during the Jackson era? A) beginnings of political action committees and fundraising B) widespread campaigns for the popular vote, including fliers, slogans, and songs C) start
  90. physics

    . A 2.0 kg brick has the dimensions 7.5 cm x 15 cm x 30 cm. Find the pressure exerted by the brick on a table when it is resting on its various faces.
  91. physics (work/nonconservative forces)

    An object moving along a horizontal track collides with and compresses a light spring (which obeys Hooke's Law) located at the end of the track. The spring constant is 47.3 N/m, the mass of the object 0.230 kg and the speed of the object is 1.80 m/s
  92. Chemistry

    If the minimum (threshold) energy for the emission of an electron from the surface of a particular metal is 3.90 X 10-19 J, what is the kinetic energy of an electron emitted from the surface of the metal when it is irradiated by electromagnetic radiation
  93. Chemistry

    What amount of energy is required to melt a 27.4 g piece of ice at 0oC? The heat of fusion of ice = 333 Jg-1 Heat required to melt the ice 9.12e3 = J What amount of energy must be removed from 123 g of water to cool it from 71.6oC to 9.41oC? Specific heat
  94. physics

    A book of mass 7 kg rests on a plank. You tilt one end of the plank and slowly increase the angle of the tilt. The coefficient of static friction between the book and the plank is 0.40. What is the maximum angle of tilt for which the book will remain
  95. physics

    A flatbed truck is supported by its four drive wheels, and is moving with an acceleration of 7.4 m/s2. For what value of the coefficient of static friction between the truck bed and a cabinet will the cabinet slip along the bed surface?
  96. Statistics

    The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) has a combined verbal and quantitative mean of 1000 and a standard deviation of 200. Scores range from 200 to 1600 and are approximately normally distributed. For each of the following problems: 1. Draw a rough sketch,
  97. writing

    Bing (common search engine) iSEEK Education (academic search engine) MetaLib metasearch engine) ( What types of information did each search provide? Discuss what features you like and dislike about each of the search engines.
  98. information literacy

    .Why do we need information? What sources do you already use to obtain personal information
  99. Chemistry

    Name the property that each change depends on. Then classify the property as either chemical or physical. a) You separate a mixture of gravel and road salt by adding water to it b) Carbon dioxide gas freezes at a temperature of -78C
  100. trigonometry

    graph y=-3sec(2x-pi/3)proved the period vertical translation and the phase shift


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