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  1. math

    Using only​ algebra, find a cubic function with the given zeros. -2, 3, -7 the polynomial function is: f(x)=x^3+ (BLANK) x^2-13x-42 i can't figure out what BLANK is Thank you!
  2. Chemistry/math

    Convert 2.4 atm to kPa. Does this represent standard pressure? Show all of the work please Thank you!!
  3. Chemistry

    How could you separate a mixture of water, rock salt, sawdust, and iron filings? Would this require physical means, chemical means, or both?
  4. math

    Confirm that f and g are inverses by showing the Composition of Inverses Rule for both f(g(x)) and g(f(x)) algebraically: f(x)=9x+3 g(x)= (x-3)/9 thank you!
  5. math

    Find the algebraic relationship between x and y: x = 5 – 4t^2 and y = 2t - 2 Thank you!!
  6. Economics

    Give and example in which one person has an absolute advantage in doing something but another person has a comparative advantage.
  7. math

    Describe how the graph of y = ((2x + 12)^2) + 3 can be obtained from the graph of y = x^2 Thank you!
  8. math

    How much 10​% solution and how much 65​% solution should be mixed together to make 100 gal of 35​% ​solution? Thank you!!
  9. math

    A graph G is obtained from a graph of y by the following sequence of transformations. Write an equation whose graph is G. y=|x|: a shift left 9 ​units, then a vertical stretch by a factor of 7​, and finally a shift down 6 units Thank you so much!!!
  10. Math

    The smallest figurine in a gift shop is 2 inches tall. The height of each figurine is twice the height of the previous figurine. Write a power to represent the height of the tallest figurine. Then find the height.
  11. math

    Find​ f(g(x)) and​ g(f(x)). State the domain and formula for each. f(x)=7x+8; g(x)=x-3 Thank you!!
  12. math

    Identify the function that fits the description given below. The six functions that are bounded below. A. y=(x-1)^2 B.y=int(x+1) C. y= -sqrt(x) D. y=x^3+1 E. y=2- (4/(1+e^-x)) F. y=-x G. y = -sin x H. y= |x|-2 I. y= cos x+1 J. y=(x+2)^3 K. y= -1/x L. y=
  13. mathematics

    A school has enough food to last 90 pupils for 7 days .If 10 more pupils come ,how long would the food last?
  14. Math

    Mr. Brown owned a house which he rented for $60 a month. The house was assessed at $9000. In 1975 the rate of taxation was increased from $25 to $28 per $1000 assessed valuation. By what amount should the monthly rent have been raised to absorb the
  15. Pharmacy calculations

    Based on the formula below, what quantities of each are needed to make 180 ml of this lotion? Benzyl Benzoate 250 ml Triethanolamine 5 ml Oleic Acid 20 ml Purified water to make 1000 ml
  16. math

    Division question John pays 45 dollars months (30 days) for a membership. what is the cost in one day? I don't know if you 45/30 or 30/45 can someone explain it to me
  17. English

    I have a few questions about grammar 1, Does a sentence that starts of with "if" an independent sentence or a dependant? 2, Does a sentence that starts of with "in order to" an independent sentence or a dependant? 2, is there a comma before “instead
  18. Math

    A conveyor belt carries supplies from the first floor to the second floor which is 30ft higher. The belt makes a 60 degree angle with the ground. How far do the supplies travel from one end of the conveyor belt to the other to the nearest foot? If the belt
  19. science/math

    Jane runs a track race at 7.0m/s for 40 seconds using a force of 140N. How much work has she done? (remember s=d/t)
  20. Socials

    To what extent does nationalism bring people together or drive them apart? What factors influence nationalism and national identity?
  21. math

    Find the volume of the oblique cylinder. Round to the nearest tenth. Radius-13.8in Height - 20.5in Thank you!!
  22. science

    An element's atomic number is 52. How many electrons would an atom of this element have?
  23. science

    Electromagnetic and mechanical waves have different characteristics that make them advantageous for certain applications. Select the reasons that mechanical waves, such as ultrasound, are used for soft tissue imaging and to identify fractures in metals. I)
  24. Math/Algebra

    The graph of f(x)=sin(x) is transformed into a new function, g(x) , by compressing it vertically by a factor of 1/2 and shifting it 3 units down. What is the equation of the new function g(x) ?
  25. Math/Algebra

    Let p(x)=90/9+50e ^ −x . What is p(5) ?
  26. Math/Algebra

    On Dolphin Beach, the high tide is 2.2 meters and only occurs at 12 a.m. and 12 p.m. The low tide is 1 meter and only occurs at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Which function models the height of the tide t hours after 12 a.m.? a. h(t)=0.6cos(πt/6)+1.6* b.
  27. Math/Algebra

    The equation ​ yˆ=−6.2x2+41.5x−5.6 ​ approximates the average number of cars that pass through an intersection x hours after 3:00 p.m. What is the best estimate for the average number of cars that pass through the intersection at 5:30 p.m.? a. 35
  28. Chemistry

    What is the net ionic equation for the neutralization of CHOOH with NaOH?
  29. math

    1)what is the smallest integer greater than 1 that leaves a remainder of 1 when divided by any of the integers 8,9, and 10? 2) The square root of the difference of (B^2 /16) and (b^2/25) 3) Mr. Baker is 30 years old when his son is 4 years old. In how many
  30. math

    1) the average of four positive numbers is 15. The second number is 2 times the first number. The third number is twice the second. The last number is the last square of the first number. what is the largest number? 2) suppose that 4x^2 + 8xy +4xy^2=576.
  31. Geometry

    Please help! I can’t figure this out, I’ve got the equation but that’s about as far as I can get. I have to find C sin24/77=sinC/162
  32. law

    'Administrative law involves decision making within the bases of a government organisation and deals with powers and functions of the administrative authorities, and the manner in which they form legislations to enforce legal obligations upon individuals.'
  33. Law

    Can someone please explain to me what is administrative law. (country: Australia)
  34. Math

    Which is an irrational number? A:0.12*** B:0.1257486 C:0.12121212 D: 0.11111 Please help ;-; Also it would be appreciated if someone gave all the answers to the quiz
  35. math

    In triangle XYZ, the length of side XY is 29 mm and the length of side YZ is 43 mm. Which of the following could be the length of side XZ?
  36. math

    Simplify logx(x/4)+3logx(2/5)-log21(2/25)
  37. Math

    List 12pt 3gal and 16c from least to greatest
  38. math

    The table below shows the average diameter of a pupil in a person's eye as he or she gets older. age (years). Average Pupil Diameter (mm) 20 4.7 30 4.3 40 3.9 50 3.5 60 3.1 70 2.7 80 2.3 What is the average rate of change, in millimeters per year, of a
  39. Math

    A parking garage charges a base rate of 3.50 for up to 2 hours, and an hourly rate for each additional hours. The sign below gives the prices for up to 5 hours of parking. Parking rates: 2hrs. $3.50 3hrs. $9.00 4hrs. $14.50 5hrs. $20 Which linear equations
  40. General Chemistry II

    At a pressure of 1ATM, _____ KJ of heat is needed to vaporize a 32.3 g sample of liquid ethanol at its normal boiling point of 78.4 C. Boiling point (78.4 C), specific heat (2.46 J/g C), and Hvap(78.4 C)=38.6 KJ/mol are provided. Please include how to
  41. Math

    Evaluate 2/3 x for x=3/4 Hi, I don't know what they are asking me, can anyone help?
  42. math

    Evaluate (2.1 x 10^4) + (5.68 x 10^-2)Express the result in standard form. Can you explain your steps? I don't understand how to solve this with the negative 2
  43. Math

    1) Maria is 6 times as old as Tina. In twenty years, Maria will be only twice as old as Tina. How old is Maria now? Please explain how you got your answer. Thanks! 2) Rating. Relative speed of flow 10W. Half as fast as 5W 15W. Half as fast as 10W 20W. Half
  44. Math

    Savings-5% Others-25% Food- 10% Housing- 25% All taxes- 35% The pie chart above shows the Carson family's expenses for 1994. The Carsons had an income of $40,000 in 1994. In 1995 the Carsons income was $10,000 greater than in 1994. The family spent the
  45. Algebra2A

    I am confused with this question: Find teh value of y for a given value of x, if y varies directly with x. If y = 6 when x = 2, what is y when x = 5?
  46. Algebra2A

    This is one of the questions on the semester exam, which is: Which algebraic expression represents the following phrase? 'The square of the sum of t and 6.' A. t^2 + 6 B. t + 6^2 C. (t + 6)^2 D. 2(t + 6) I do believe it is C, but I am not sure.
  47. Math

    The number of bonds an atom can form is represented by A pair of dots*** Unpaired dots Total number of dots One dot
  48. Science

    Which element is most stable? Chlorine Helium*** Silver Oxygen
  49. spanish

    change the verbs from the present tense to the present progressive Nosotros salimos de la escuela Answer: estamos saliendo
  50. Math

    A certain college had 5,000 applicants and 3/8 of thes applicants were female. The college admitted 40 percent of all applicants and an equal number of male and female applicants. What is the percentage of female applicants admitted to the college? What is
  51. Math

    (k + 1/k) ^2 =36 what is k^2 + (1/k)^2 34?
  52. Math

    There is a picture of a square - BCAD, and then there is a triangle EAD. B. E C A. D FIGURE NOT DRAWN TO SCALE In the figure above, the perimeter of the equilateral triangle AED IS 6. What is the area of the rectangle ABCD? A) 6 B) 4 C) 4 radical 3 D) 3
  53. Math

    If x^2 - x - 6 = 0 and x^2 + 5x+6=0, what is the value of x? A) -3 B) -2 C) 2 D) 3 E) it can't be determined from the information given. I got B. By plugging in the answers. Is there an another way to solve this?
  54. Math

    Which ordered pair could be removed to make a function? {(1,3) (2,4) (3,4) (3,6) (5,10) (6,3)} A) (2,4) B) (3,4) C (1,3) D) (6,3)
  55. Math

    The planet Mercury is approximately 6 x 10^7 miles from the Sun. The distance between the Sun and Mars is approximately 2 x 10^8 miles. ABOUT how many times farther from the Sun is Mars than Mercury? 2 3 20 30 I got B? Can you please check? Thank you!!
  56. Math

    Due to the plate tectonics, the summit of Mount Everest moves about 4.5 X 10 ^-3 meter northeastwar in one year. About how many meters does the summit of Mount Everest move in 11 years? 4.09 x 10 ^-3 4.95 x 10 ^-3 4.09 x 10 ^-2 4.95 x 10 ^-2 Can you please
  57. Math

    A camper attaches a rope from the top of her tent, 4 feet above the ground, to give it more support. If the rope is 8 feet long, about how far will the stake need to be from the middle of her tent?
  58. Geometry

    8. The lateral area of a cone is 555πcm^2. The radius is 15.1 cm. What is the slant height to the nearest tenth of a centimeter? A. 36.8 cm B. 11.7 cm C. 83.8 cm*** D. 25.5 cm 10. What is the volume of the given prism? Round the answer to the nearest
  59. Geometry

    I have a few questions I am confused on. #4. Use formulas to find the lateral area and surface area of the given prism. Round your answer to the nearest whole number. The figure is not drawn to scale. A. 795 m^2; 809 m^2 B. 758 m^2; 849 m^2 C. 795 m^2;
  60. Precal

    solve for x 7^x/2=5^1-x what i have so far is: (x/2)ln7=(1-x)ln5 im not sure where to go from there
  61. Algebra2

    I am doing the Factoring Quadratic Expressions Quiz, has anyone done it? I am really stuck on it.
  62. History

    1.Which event took place soon before The United States annexed Texas. A Sam Houston became president B Texas became a u.s. territory C James Polk became president D Texas wrote a new constitution 2.Which of the following images would be the best symbol of
  63. Chemistry

    How many copper atoms are in a pure copper statue with a mass of 200 kg ?
  64. biochemistry

    ) If the loss of each electron represents the liberation of 1.875 x 10-19 J, calculate the number of kJ and Cal (kcal), of fructose and oleate in a 1.00 g sample. (Significant digits count.) Fructose kJ = _____________ Cal = _____________ oleate kJ =
  65. biochemistry

    Calculate the total number of electrons that are lost in 1.00 g samples of fructose and oleate. (Note: the number of electrons lost per carbon atom is equivalent to its increase in oxidation state.) No. e- lost in 1.00 g fructose = _______________ No. e-
  66. Math/calculus

    Prove Sin 8theta -sin 10theta= cot 9theta (cos 10theta - cos 8 theta)
  67. Math/calculus

    Tan 165° Use appropriate identity and evaluate
  68. Math/calculus

    Cos^2x-sin^2x/sin^4x-cos^4x Simplify
  69. Math helppp

    Graph f (x) = 3cos (4pix -pi/2) -2
  70. Math/calculus

    Graph f (x) = 3cos (4pix -pi/2) -2
  71. Math/calculus

    Earth orbits the sun at an average distance of about 150 million kilometres every 365.2564 mean solar days, or one sidereal year. What is the linear velocity of th3 Earth in kilometres per hour?
  72. Math/calculus

    A small plane leaves Victoria airport and flies at a compass heading of 330°. If the plane cruises at 125km/he for 90mins, how far north and how far west will the plane gave flown
  73. Math

    2a+b=11 and 4a^2 +b^2=101, what is the value of ab? A 4 B5 C12 D6 E20
  74. Math

    Erica has 8 squares of felt, each with area 16. For a certain craft project she cuts the largest circle possible from each square felt. What is the combined area of the excess felt left over after cutting out all the circles? A) 4(4-pi) B) 8(4-pi) C)
  75. Math

    The average of four possible numbers is 15. The second number is 2 times the first number. The third number is twice the second. What is the largest number? Would these be consecutive integers? And then you find the median??
  76. Math

    While driving on a 500-mile trip, Mr. Smith averages 60 miles per hour for the first t hours. In terms of t, where t<8, how many miles remained to be traveled? A) 60t-500 B) 500-60t C) 300,000 D) 500-60/t E) 500/60t
  77. Math

    By 7:00P.M., 1/3 or the junior class has arrived at a school dance. By 8:09PM., 30 more juniors had arrived, raised attendance to 1/2 of the juniors class. How many people are in the juniors class? I don’t understand.. can someone help? A 30 B90 C120
  78. Math

    Hi! I’m practicing for the SHSAT, and I am doing some math problems. I don’t want to take advantage of this website, so I decided to ask you guys first. Am I allowed to ask lots of math questions? But I will answer them(at least the ones I know) could
  79. math

    Write a 2-column proof for each of the following. Given: QR|| TU , S is the midpoint of QT Prove: /\QSR =~ /\TSU /\ Is the triangle sign
  80. math

    Given: measured angle D =~ measured angle F; GE bisects DEF prove: DG =~ FG
  81. math

    Write a 2-column proof for each of the following. Given: QR|| TU , S is the midpoint of QT Prove: /\QSR =~ /\TSU /\ Is the triangle sign
  82. math

    Write a 2-column proof for each of the following Given:RS=~ TS , V is the midpoint of RT Prove: /\RSV=~/\TSV /\ is the sign that looks like a triangle.
  83. math

    Name the congruent angles and sides for the pair of congruent triangles. ΔGKP=~ ΔLMN that is the "congruent" sign
  84. Science

    Which of the following distinguishes living things from nonliving things? A) Living things are made up of cells;nonliving things are not B) Living things are made up of atoms;nonliving things are not. C) Living things are made up of elements;nonliving
  85. Science (PLEASE ANSWER SOON)

    Most bacteria are: A) Unicellular eukaryotes B) Unicellular proaryotes C) Multicellular eukaryotes D) Multicellular proaryotes
  86. Chemistry

    Calculate the solubility of LaF3 in grams per liter in the following solutions. The Ksp of LaF3 is 2.01 e-19. 0.013 M KF Solution
  87. Math

    12,000 is compounded semiannually at a rate of % for 20 yrs
  88. Math help

    How does rationalizing the denominator use the form of 1?
  89. Math helppp

    The area of a playground is 64 square yards. The length of the playground is 4 times longer than its width. How can I solve this?
  90. Advanced Algebra

    The regular price of a chair is $895. If you purchase the chair at a 25% discount and then pay 6% sales tax, what is the final cost of the chair? I don't get how to set up this problem
  91. Algebra

    Jessie needs to rent a truck for two days to move her belongings to college. She can rent a U- Haul for $35 a day plus 25 cents per mile or she can rent a Budget Rental Truck for $25 per day plus 32 cents per mile. Write an equation and solve to find out
  92. physics

    Starting from the constant-acceleration kinematic equations, write a formula that gives xf in terms of t, xi, vf, and a. xf
  93. math

    how do I solve problems like this? 64x1 7/24
  94. chemistry

    If Cl − is the only anion in the solution, what is the Cl − concentration in milliequivalents per liter?
  95. Science

    Describe the process of decomposition
  96. Health

    15. Strong social bonds and a good support system can block the negative effects of stress in your life. Which factor can be a poor choice for blocking the negative influences? (1 point) A.associating with peers who are drug free B.having friends who are
  97. Physics

    The left face of a biconvex lens has a radius of curvature of magnitude 12.8 cm, and the right face has a radius of curvature of magnitude 17.9 cm. The index of refraction of the glass is 1.45 a) Calculate the focal length of the lens for light incident
  98. Science

    Explain why would the debris fan (mound of deposition) be greener than the surrounding areas? Think of the slide mass versus the surrounding in‐place bedrock in terms of porosity and permeability; how would these parameters differ?).

    Describe the major goals of two of the following movements: women, Latinos, Native Americans, people with disabilities, and consumers. Why do you think some of the same people who helped with these movements also helped with the environmental movement? I'm
  100. Math

    There are two regular pentagons- Pentagon A and B. One of the sides of Pentagon A is 4 inches in length. The corresponding side Pentagon B is 6 inches. Are these two pentagons similar?


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