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  1. BIO PLease help

    Which of the below are mechanisms cells can use to control activity of a gene? A) Regulating mRNA stability B)Regulating protein stability c)Positively regulate gene expression D)Regulating enzyme activity of a protein E)Regulating protein stability
  2. Bio

    . which stament is true( more then one can be true) 1) EF-Tu moves the mRNA by one codon 2)EF-G delivers aa-tRNAs to the ribosome 3)Translation initiation occurs by 70S riboosomes binding to mRNAs with fMet-tRNA 4)Translocation refers to the chemical step
  3. chem

    The radius of a single atom of generic element X is 197 picometer(pm) and crystal of X has a unit cell that is face centered cubic calc the volume of the unit cell. Please help and show all work
  4. math

    1. The 5th, 9thand16th terms of a linear sequence are consecutive terms of an exponential sequence GP. Find the common difference in terms of the first term
  5. science

    5. Suppose a skydiver (mass = 75 kg) is falling toward the Earth. When the skydiver is 100 m above the Earth he is moving at 60 m/s. At this point calculate the skydiver’s…….


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  1. Math PIZZAZZ

    What are the answers with Algebra with pizzazz objective 5-b:What happened to the guy who lost his left side
  2. Science

    Helper is 100% correct, i got 100% on my science unit test for connections academy 7th grade science
  3. Math

    why doesnt an elephant smoke?
  4. Language

    It’s D
  5. Math help plz!!

    Minus 676 by 1,092