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  1. algebra

    the length of a rectangular field is 24 meters. this is 3 meters less than twice the width. find the width.
  2. math

    the mass of a certain grain of rice is about 3 x 10^-2 grams. The mass of a certain grain of salt is about 6 x 10^-5 grams. 1) which has a greater mass? 2) how many times greater is the mass of the larger grain than the smaller grain?
  3. history

    which describes a major obstacle nations encounter when dealing with rogue state such s north korea 1. the leaders of rogue states recognize no outside authority 2 a rogue states leadership may change without warning 3.a rogues state government secrets are
  4. Physics

    A guitar string vibrates at 82.4 Hz when its full length is allowed to vibrate. If it is now held so that four-fifths of it is allowed to vibrate in the same harmonic, what frequency will it produce?
  5. Maths (money and finance)

    The cash price for the Teledex Component System with a dvd is 1999.95 .If you buy the system on hire purchase you must pay a deposit of 200.00 and an instalment of 91.00 per month for 24 months Calculate: (a)The total amount you would pay for the system on
  6. Maths (money and finance)

    Roy invests 2500 in a building society .at an annual rate 9% compound interest.He wants to know how much his money will be worth in 3 years time.??
  7. Maths

    The cash price for a Tedelex Component system with a DVD is 1999.95.If you buy the system on hire purchase you must pay a deposit of 200.00 and an instalment of 91.00 per month for 24 months. (A)The total amount you would pay for the system on hire
  8. Chemistry

    For the following reaction, the partial pressures are listed in the table: Substance Equlibrium H2S 5.4 I2 1.2 HI 0.43 S 7 If the Kp of the reaction is 0.134, which direction would the reaction need to go to establish equilibrium? H2S(g) + I2(s) <-->
  9. Math

    Greg is buying a bike on a payment plan. the equation y=20x+600 models the amount he has left to pay, where x is the number of weeks and y is the amount of money owed in dollars. Lin is also buying a bike on a payment plan. The bike costs $500. She will
  10. math

    Greg is buying a bike on a payment plan. the equation y=20x+600 models the amount he has left to pay, where x is the number of weeks and y is the amount of money owed in dollars. Lin is also buying a bike on a payment plan. The bike costs $500. She will
  11. Math

    Greg is buying a bike on a payment plan. the equation y=20x+600 models the amount he has left to pay, where x is the number of weeks and y is the amount of money owed in dollars. Lin is also buying a bike on a payment plan. The bike costs $500. She will
  12. U.S History

    Why do you think freedom and independence were so important to the colonists?
  13. Chemistry

    What mass of ammonia (NH3), is necessary to react with 2.1 x 1024 molecules of O2? 4 NH3 + 7 O2 = 6 H2O + 4 NO2?
  14. math

    Determine whether the given measure can be the lengths of the sides of a triangle. Write yes or no. 1. 8, 9, 17 2. 23, 26, 50 3. 12.3, 13.9, 25.2
  15. English

    Compare and contrast essay for mother and father. You can include physical or personality perspectives. Just needs to be a compare and contrast essay
  16. Ocean

    how do island chains form in middle of plate tectonic
  17. math

    A Dish TV satellite dish is the shape of a paraboloid. The dish is 36 inches wide, and 8 inches deep. How many inches should the receiver be located from the vertex for optimal reception? (round to the nearest thousandth)
  18. Math

    What is 3/4 divided by 2/9
  19. Math

    What is 3/4 divided by 2/9
  20. Math

    What is 3/4 divided by 2/9
  21. 1 grade math

    if i have 9 cows and 10 more cows come in how many cows do i have. 9+10=?
  22. Physics

    A tank contains 10.5 g of chlorine gas (Cl2) at a temperature of 87 °C and an absolute pressure of 5.50 × 105 Pa. The mass per mole of Cl2 is 70.9 g/mol. (a) Determine the volume of the tank. (b) Later, the temperature of the tank has dropped to 30 °C
  23. Math

    I have a question. Is it possible to calculate the length of a road between two towns. If we know when two vehicles travelling back and forth between the towns pass each other ? Also one vehicle is faster than the other one. Just need a hint or idea how to
  24. math

    160 days after borrowing money, Ms. garcia pays an interest of P 370.00. How much did she borrow if the simple interest rate is 8 1/2?
  25. Math

    using a certain garden hose, liza can fill her fancy new bucket with water in 45 seconds. Unfortunately, Henry accidently makes a hole in the bucket, so if initially full, the bucket will now become empty in 1 minute. How long will it take to fill the
  26. Chemistry

    Assume that lemon Juice os 0.05M, the mass of the 5.0ml should be about 5 grams. So the Mass of acid in your sample is about 0.25 grams. Using this and the moles of acid calculate the gfm of the acid in the lemon juice. I was able to calculate moles, but
  27. Geometry

    To the nearest degree, what angle does a hill with a grade of 11% make with a horizontal line? A. 6* B. 11* C. 79* D.84*
  28. Science

    A golfer hits a 0.05 kg golf ball with an impulse of +3 N-s. What is the change in velocity of the ball?
  29. Math

    Aleka has a box for keepsakes that has a volume of 576 cubic inches. The length of the box is 12 inches and the width is 8 inches. What is the height of the box?
  30. MATH

    Determine which state is more poorly represented. State A with a population of 277,200 and 11 representatives or state B with a population of 576,000 and 16 representatives. State A is more poorly represented because it has the smaller average
  31. Government

    How does redistricting target women? How does media coverage affect the lack of women in politics
  32. Math

  33. Math

  34. Math

    2(-3x+3)+3x= The answer are A -3x+3 B -3x+6 C -3x+9 D 6
  35. Science ms sue please help

    Must new substances be formed when you observe a chemical property? My answer is no because you are just observing. There is no reaction taking place. I don't know if my answer is correct.
  36. Math

    A sandwich shop gives a free sandwich after 8 sandwiches are bought in the formula t=s/8+s,t represents the total number of sandwiches received if s sandwiches where bought. Last year julie bought 48 sandwiches. How many sandwiches did she receive last
  37. Math

    Which Phrase means the same as 4p-6 A 4 less then the product of 6 and a number p B 4 less than the quotient of 6 and a number p C the quotient of 6 and 4 time a number p D 6 less than the product of 4 times a number p
  38. Math

    Need help
  39. Chemistry

    What is an alcohol? Give a short definition. My answer: An organic compound in which one or more groups of hydroxyl is bonded to a chain of hydrocarbons. Do I need to change something of my answer to make it easier to understand? Thanks.
  40. science

    Describe how the kinetic energy of the molecules affects an object's total thermal energy.
  41. Math

    Jason earns &10.59 per hour. He works 5.75 hours Saturday how much money does he earn Saturday? I know the answer is $60.89 but there's two answer so I don't know if you round 60.89
  42. Math

    Simplify cos(x+y)-cos(x-y)
  43. Accounting

    7. If the net present value of a project equals zero _______________. (Points : 1) the project should be considered the project should not be considered then someone made an error in the calculation then a balanced scorecard should be adopted to compensate
  44. acounnting

    9. The materials price variance reveals the difference between ____________________. (Points : 1) the price paid for materials and the quantity of materials used the quantity of materials used and the quantity of materials allowed for good output none of
  45. accounting

    3. Managers would prefer a budget prepared______________________________. (Points : 1) by the budget committee utilizing the top-down approach utilizing the bottom-up approach utilizing none of the methods listed here
  46. Math

    A ribbon 63 meters long must be cut into pieces that are each 2 1/4 meters long how many pieces of ribbon will there be after it cut ? I think you do 63 divide 2 1/4 and you get 28 pieces I just want to know if that's right
  47. Math

    I need help
  48. Math

    Find the the sum of the second multiple of 7 the fifth multiple of 100 and the ninth multiple of 10
  49. Math

    On Sunday Mrs Scott drove for 10 hours at an average speed of 60 miles per hour on Sunday she drove for 10 hours at an average speed of 55 miles per hour her car can travel 25 miles for each gallon of gas how may gallons of gas did Mrs Scott use on both
  50. Math

    A man drives 40 3/8 miles to work each day he stops for coffee at a shop that is 1/2 of the way to his job how far does the man drive before he stops for coffee
  51. Math

    A furniture maker is building a bookshelf she needs to cut rectangular pieces of wood to a length of 5/12 foot and a width of 2/3 foot what is the area of a piece of wood that size
  52. Math

    A construction worker bought 21 7/8 Pounds of nails when those nails were all used she bought 2 1/2 times as many nails as she had bought the first time how many pounds of nails did she buy the second time
  53. Math

    When Alexa works overtime any hours over 40 hours a week she is paid 1.5 times her regular hourly rate in the week she worked 52 hours if her regular hourly rate is 6.80 what did she earn that week
  54. Math

    For each of the bookcases a woodworker is building she charges $65 for materials she also charges $35 for each hour she works to build the bookcases how much does the woodworker charge for working 90 hours to build 12 bookcases
  55. Math

    On Friday Alexis bought 7 T shirt for 18 each she also bought 4 sports caps for 14 each and a pair of shoes for 26. How much money did Alexis spend on Friday?
  56. Math

    At a street market a farmer sold small apples for 30 cents each small pears for 40 cents each and small orange for 15 cents each at the end of the day the farmer had made the same amount of money from each type of fruit what is the least amount of money
  57. Math

    A mechanic bought bolts in three sizes the smallest bolts cost 15 cents each the next larger sized bolts cost 20 cents each and the largest sized bolts cost 30 cents each the mechanic spent as little money as possible but spent the same amount on each bolt
  58. Math

    Two sizes of concrete blocks are being used to build a raised garden bed for strawberries the first kind of block is 8 inches long and the second is 12 inches long a row of the shorter block is laid on the top of row of the longer blocks using only whole
  59. Math

    Two sizes of packing boxes are being stacked next to each other in a warehouse one type of the box is 12 inches high and the other is 16 inches high the heights of the stacks are to be equal what is the shortest possible height of a stack?
  60. Math

    A car rental agency charges $44.12 per day plus mile for a certain type of car How much is the rental charge for a 3 days trip of 605 miles?
  61. Math

    A customer's bill for maintenance and repair at a service station showed 6 quarts of oil at $1.15 each an air filter at $3.75 an oil filter at $7.45 13 gallons of gasoline at $1.15 a gallon and 3 hours labor at $37.00 an hour What was the total bill?
  62. Math

    Joshua went on shopping spree. He bought a backpack,7 notebooks,4 games and a clock. The backpack cost $16.00, the notebooks cost $9.40 each the games cost $15 each and the clock cost $24.00. How much money did he spend?
  63. Math

    What is 105/2.1
  64. English

    The word phosphorescence and gelatinous would be categorized under the label The answer are A. Marine animals B. Fishing terms C. boat terms D. Marine images I hope somebody can help me
  65. Math

    An energy saver heater uses 24% less energy than the older heater model. The older heater uses $350 worth of energy per year. A homeowner replaces his older heater with the new, energy saving heater. Each year how much will he save?
  66. Math

    At franklin middle school there are 360 students graduating this year after graduation 198 of the students will go to Wilson high school what percent of the graduating students will go to Wilson high school
  67. Math

    Science is the favorite subject of 73% of student at a school. There are 700 students at the school. How many of them like science best?
  68. Math

    80% of what number is 40 ?
  69. Math

    Ron wants to buy a used car and needs to have a down payment of 10% if the car Ron wants to buy costs $5,300 how much down payment will he need
  70. Math

    What percent of 7,450 is 1,192
  71. Math

    I need help
  72. Math

    From left to right the first three digits of a 4 digits number add up to 8 which digits could be in the ones place if the 4 digit number is divisible by 6
  73. Math

    The two leading digits of each 5 digit number are not shown which number is divisible by 4
  74. Math

    877.498+374.202 what the answer be 1251.700
  75. Math

    877.498+374.202 what the answer be 1251.700
  76. Math

    6 is 20% of what number?
  77. Math

    What percent of 16 is 8
  78. Math

    A baker made 434 dinner rolls for a banquet the rolls are served in baskets that can hold 16 rolls each what is the fewest number of baskets needed to hold all the rolls?
  79. Math

    The American flag is customarily made in the ratio of 10 to 19 which of the following dimensions are not in the correct ratio for the flag ?
  80. Math

    Laura bought a pair of shoes priced at $20.00 if the sales tax rate in Laura's state is 6% what is the total price of the shoes ?
  81. Math

    Mrs.Lam has made 300 ounces of jam. She has jars that each hold 16 ounces. What is the fewest number of jars needed to hold all the jam made?
  82. Math

    What is the least common multiple of 9,5 and 51
  83. Math

    What is the least common multiple of 7 77 and 8
  84. Physics

    A simple Atwood’s machine uses a massless pulley and two masses m1 and m2. Starting from rest, the speed of the two masses is 8.2 m/s at the end of 2.2 s. At that time, the kinetic energy of the system is 30 J and each mass has moved a distance of 9.02
  85. Math

    Ryan wants to make a dog run in his backyard using the end of the garage as one side of the run. If he has 133 5/6 feet of fencing and the garage is 21 1/6 feet wide how much will the run be?
  86. Math

    A new custodiam Cleaned 1/7 of a classroom in ten minutes this was only 8/9 of what an experienced custodian could do what part of the room could an experienced custodian clean in ten minutes?
  87. Math

    Marty wants to make a dog run in his backyard using the end of the garage as one side of the run if he has 113 1/3 Feet of fencing and the garage is 19 2/3 feet wide how long will the run be?
  88. Math

    A writer was paid $27,000 for a 3,000-word article. Find the rate per word
  89. Math

    Mei is at the store buying cheese. The cost of the cheese is $0.28 per ounce. She buys 11 ounce of the cheese how many much money does mei spend on the cheese?
  90. Math

    Find the unit rate 396 km in 6 hr
  91. Math

    How do you know which relation is NOT a function? (How do you determine or figure that out) 1.) y=2x+4 2.) y=x^2-4x+3 3.) x=3y-2 4.) x=y^2+2x-3
  92. Math

    Divide 2 ____ 9 ____ 2
  93. Math

    160 is 4000% of what number
  94. Physics

    A 5 N ball is connected to two identical springs with spring constants k = 1.0 × 10^1 N/cm that push/pull in opposite directions and slides on a friction less surface. The ball is initially stationary and is then moved a distance x= 7 cm to the right and
  95. Math

    24 is 33 1/3% of what number?
  96. Math

    what percent of 2 is 6.4
  97. Math

    What percent of 70 is 7
  98. Math

    what percent of 45 is 9
  99. Math

    Convert 1.584 feet per hour to miles per hour (mph)
  100. Math

    Convert 4.5 feet per second to inches per second


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