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  1. English

    What type of literacy device is being used here and how ? “Each time I rise to my feet I am knocked to the ground”
  2. science

    Given the list of pKa values, which acid will have the largest amount of conjugate base present in the solution at equilibrium? Acid: Pka: H20 15.7 NH3 38 HCL -8 NH4+ 9.2 H2O NH3 NH4+ HCl <- My answer I believe that the answer to this is HCl. I
  3. Survey of Math

    A math class contains 7 females (three of whom speak French and the rest speak only English),and 12 males (two of whom speak French and the rest speak only English). a) A student in the class is chosen at random. If you're told the student is female, what
  4. Math

    A large pizza has a total diameter of 14 inches and a cross that is 1 inch wide. What is the area of the crust? Round to the nearest tenth.
  5. math

    Mark wants to use a grid to model 2/3 like the grids in questions 1 and 2. Its a 100 box grid . help


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  1. math

    Why? Explain
  2. Math 2

  3. Math 2

  4. chemistry

    Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between elements and compounds?
  5. Chemistry

    To increase the solubility of a gas at constant temperature from 1.20 g/L, at 1.4 atm, to 2.3 g/L, the pressure would have to be increased to _____.