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  1. Math

    What is 0.4 ten times as much as
  2. math

    Peanut butter cookies. 1 3/8 cup of butter and 5/8 cup of peanut butter. How much more butter is needed than peanut butter?
  3. Language arts

    what is the defiance between theses to dependent clause independent clause
  4. help whit math

    I need a website to study off of I have a times and fractions test help. I really need help if I don't turn it in I get an f help.
  5. Chemistry

    hydrogen gas is collected over water at a total pressure of 744 mm Hg at 20.0 C. If the volume of the wet hydrogen is 495 mL, what will the dry volume be at standard conditions? I know that you need to subtract the water vapor pressure from the total and I


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  1. Language Arts

    1: a clear thesis statement, evidence and support to address counterarguments, and a clear organization
  2. Math

    the answer is PENGAS
  3. math

  4. algebra

    gnawing you
  5. Math

    does anybody have the answers to this test