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  1. Social Studies

    1.the aztecs adapted to their environment mainly by a.using terracing and irrigation to farm b. living a nomadic hunter gatherer lifestyle peacefully with neighbors
  2. Science

    You are sitting in a rowboat on a lake, watching waves created by a passing motorboat. If you count 4 crest pass every second, and the crests are 5 feet apart, what is the speed of the water waves?
  3. Maths (Proof)

    An octagon is formed by joining the points (7,0), (5,5), (0,7), (-5,5), (-7,0), (-5,-5), (0,-7), (5,-5) and (7,0). The octagon is regular. I have used proof by exhaustion and got that all sides are square root of 29. Then sketched it, and all sides were
  4. chemistry

    The total phosphate concentration in a blood sample is determined by spectrophotometry to be 3.0×10−3 M. The pH of the blood sample is 7.45, What are the concentrations of H2PO4− and HPO42- in the blood? Pka for the phosphate system is 7.198
  5. science

    _______ describes all the processes associated with the discharge of magma, hot fluids, ash, and gases.


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  1. Science

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  2. Math

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  3. social studies (CHECK ASNWERS)

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  4. social studies(check answers)

  5. social studies (CHECK ANSWERS)

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