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  1. algebra......

    Given f(x)=(x−1)(x−2)+(x−2)(x−5)+(x−3)(x−8), what are the sum of the roots of f(x)?
  2. Product of Roots of Sums of Products of Difference

    What is the product of all roots to the equation ++(x−1)(x−2)(x−3)+(x−2)(x−3)(x−4)(x−3)(x−4)(x−5)+(x−4)(x−5)(x−6)(x−5)(x−6)(x−7)+(x−6)(x−7)(x−8)=0?
  3. physics....need help!

    An 80 kg man is riding in an elevator from the first floor to the 34th floor. The elevator and man are moving at a constant speed. What is the net force on the man in Newtons.
  4. SIMPLE pHYsics....

    Two positive point charges are placed on the x-axis. One, of magnitude 4Q, is placed at the origin. The other, of magnitude Q is placed at x=3 m. Neither charge is able to move. Where on the x-axis in meters can I place a third positive point charge such
  5. PHYsics......

    A race car is on a straight track. The race car accelerates from rest, covering 100 m in 5 seconds. What is the acceleration of the race car in m/s^2?
  6. simple MATHS!!!

    What is the x-intercept of the line y=2x−38?

    Three circles with different radii have their centers on a line. The two smaller circles are inside the largest circle, and each circle is tangent to the other two. The radius of the largest circle is 10 meters. Together the area of the two smaller circles

    ABC is an isosceles triangle where AB=AC and BC=60. D is a point on BC such that the perpendicular distance from D to AB and AC is 16 and 32, respectively. What is the length of AB?
  9. GEOmetry!!.....

    ABCD is a trapezoid with AB
  10. algebra!...

    f(x) is a polynomial with degree equal to 5, and one of its roots equal to 15. Let g(x)=f(x)+25. What is the remainder when g(x) is divided by x−15?