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  1. math

    4m=cotA(1+SinA), 4n=cotA(1-SinA) Proved that (m2-n2)=mn
  2. chemistry

    the youngs modulus for the steel is 20.7*10^10 N/m2,how much will a 2.5 mm diameter wire 12 cm long, be strained when it support a load of 450 N? express strain as decimal not a %
  3. chemistry

    the energy of vacancy formation in palladium is 1.5 eV.at 888 C there is one vacancy formation for every million (10^6) atoms sites. what temperature would be achieved a vacancy fraction of one for every thousand (10^3)atoms sites?
  4. chemistry

    a chemical analysis that silicon crystal weighing 100 gm containing 16.5 mg of aluminium which is substitutionally incorporated (the aluminium atoms replaced some of the silicon atom) what is the number of extrinsic charge carriers in this crystals? answer
  5. chemistry

    calculate density of atoms in(001) in Lithium answer in units of atoms/cm2
  6. math

    a metal bar weighs 9 grams .93% of of the bar is silver.how many grams of silver is in the bar?
  7. organic chemistry

    what happens to so3 when placedat high temp?
  8. Math

    What is the formula of trapezium of altitude.answer this question pleas.e